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  • I have a question, instead of going against your morals and eating meat, why dont you consume some whole cooked vegan foods such as grains, legumes etc if your health is really that bad. Your health comes first.
    in Raw Fish? Comment by LilEarthMuffin
  • Another vote for kale chips here, they are delicious! Or you can make raw crackers or wraps.
  • No, they are not considered to be raw because they are heated during the rolling out process. As joannabanana said raw oat groats are the only true type of raw oats. This being said however rolled oats are very good for you because they have tons of…
  • You cannot eat to much fruit. The sugars that are found in fruits are all natural, and your body can assimilate them properly. A diet high in fruits, veggies, whole sprouted grains, nuts and seeds is what mother nature intended. http://lilearthmuffi…
  • Yes. Teas are excellent for you. Teas are not gong to be harsh on your liver or your digestion. Drink up :) http://lilearthmuffin.wordpress.com/
  • I love Ani Phyo's books, the are full of simple recipes that use ingredients that arent too expensive. Its called Ani's Raw Food Kitchen.  
  • I found a site somewhere that said it hab maybe about 100 calories per 8 ounces... i cant remember the site off hand now but im trying to find it.  
  • Drink water whenever you feel thirsty! Do not deny yourself anything if your body is telling you that it wants it. However i have also heard that it is optimal not to drink when you are eating meals because it harms your digestion.  
  • Have you perhaps tried making raw cookies, cakes or bars? They do sell raw granolas and cereals but they can get really pricey. http://lilearthmuffin.wordpress.com/
  • I have dealt with this too! I found that when I ate more vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli etc. raw that I would get gassy. I found that eating fresh fruits alone and earlier in the day works best for me, and eating heaver things such as grai…
  • I would still nibble at it a bit. You dont want to under eat, have you gotten all of your calories? Perhaps in the future stock up on bananas and nuts as they are dense to keep you full and high calorie.  
  • What about making your own raw energy bars? You can buy ingredients in bulk to save money, and then make a bunch at once.  
  • I dont eat all organic. It is way too impossible on my budget. When I can I do, but I dont stress out about it.  
  • I second buckwheat granola its so delicious!  
  • hi flora =) i have found a food diary does really help me. I usually do a fruit veggie smoothie for breakfast, fruit or a salad for lunch and for dinner i will have a raw soup and a salad. my snacks are always fresh fruit and veggies, and i may hav…
  • Hi matt! Congraulations on making the choice to go raw in 2010. Wishing you all the best :)  
  • Hi :) I found for lunches that a couple pieces of fresh fruit, a larabar or maybe a wrap of some sort is good. For breakfast I always have a green smoothie, a couple bananas and some other fresh fruits. It might be a good idea to also pack some snac…
  • Mine do right away, but maybe an hour or so later ill have to eat a piece or two of fruit. http://lilearthmuffin.wordpress.com/
  • I got my knives at target too! Only mine are green :)  
  • Well I dont have any professional knives, but I have a couple knives that I use daily from the kitchen collection. About 10.00 a piece, stainless steel and are super cute colors. Lately ive been thinking of buying a better knife myself so I look for…
  • Ive heard you can finely chop/mix/grate veggies to make a pulp. It might me a little time consuming and a little more piece-y but it could work.  
  • Oh hmm I dont know why. I wish I were better with computers!  
  • This year I made a raw lasagna that turned out amazing. Im working on a post about it now :)  
  • I dont have one using sprouted lentils, but i made a delicious one using carrot pulp, sesame seeds and flax seeds.  
  • Yes I knew this. Though im pretty sure you can get nama shoyu which is a raw soy sauce. Im not sure about miso ive never used it. But i know that a lot of faw foodies include them in their diets even though they arent 100% raw  
  • Looks good to me! My fridge looks smiliar only isnt so organized... i have fruits on the second shelf, greens on the bottom and everything else on the top.  
  • Even though this is goneraw, I still do bake for my family and friends. I like using organic beet or cane sugar. Or ill use agave or maple syrup.  
  • Mon46 well said! Ive noticed a lot of people on here are very judgemental and rightous when it comes to raw foods. Some put down others who are not 100%. We need to remember we are all different, and that what works for one person might not work for…
  • Another vote for the magic bullet! I love how small and handy they are. Plus they are really powerful and good for grinding nuts and seeds, and making homemade nut butters.  
    in Equipment Comment by LilEarthMuffin
  • I love my breville juicer!