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  • When I have a low blood sugar moment,when I need something rich and filling I make one or two of these: 1 or 2 medjool dates,remove pit(s) and then stuff with- a sm. dollap of nut butter,srinkled with a few gogi berries,crushed cacao nibs and seeds-…
  • GregX999, Congrats on eating raw and goodluck with your raw path however i guess what this whole forum is about is,is what we are eating actually raw? I get frustrated by this too,for example “raw almonds”,not any longer oh and the whole chemical la…
  • I agree.Which brings me to a question,lost the post,it’s on here somewhere.Maybe you can help me? Is the rejuvinate brand of “raw” butters,kimchees and such raw?????Someone else here listed it not being raw yet it clearly states it on the label and …
  • Just a thought…if you make any raw cracker you could spoon a touch on before you add your other salad ingredients. I personally add mine to smoothies,eat it on random things(no dehydrator),I always use it as a body/face cream,I love to apply it to m…
  • no worries,thanks for responding:)
    in Veggies Only - Help! Comment by mham
  • Thanks angie,you are probably right about adding the spirulina and chlorella. What brand do you use of these and how do you feel it has helped you? Again hope all works out for you,you seem like a very smart determined lady!
    in Veggies Only - Help! Comment by mham
  • Angie,Good luck to you,I wish I could add something but I am not familiar with diabetes and donot want to give you any wrong info.,however you mentioned in another post that you really do not like green smoothies,maybe you could experiment making ra…
    in Veggies Only - Help! Comment by mham
  • wonderful,so glad you liked the cilantro noodles Luna blu! I am a pretty simple eater but I must say he hummus recipes,pates are lovely…if I had a dehydrator I think I might try some of these more filling fancy treats! Oh I wish to make a raw lasang…
  • just my quiet thoughts to you and your family.You have support here .
    in Shellshocked Comment by mham
  • Keep in mind how much of these veg. you are eating and how fast you eat them.Also if you are not use to these foods you should start out slowly.
  • I would really like to add how I feel,way,way to upsetting for me to talk about.I need no more visuals,however I hope all of the strong people can talk and work on things to make it a better place all around. For me I need to do things quietly,stron…
  • Wow,what a great question. I have so,so much to write but I will make this brief. I have been a veg./vegan for many years. I gave up all meat at the end of 1988 and have not had any fast food since then.(at first I was happy about that now so,so rel…
  • Thanks flybaby! I will now come up with a new salad using grated squash and apple. I agree really enjoyed the beets. Funny always thought beets had to be steamed,2 years high raw and so very lost still.Thanks and Yum!
    in grating veg.. Comment by mham
  • Thank-you ,made me smile.Very funny!
  • thank-you mandelicious,I think I will need to get a new coffee grinder,my boyfriend would never ever let me use it.I have some ground flax that I have now for smoothies,sorry i bought that now-I had flax all along. I remember buying the flax seeds t…
    in Golden Flax seeds... Comment by mham
  • on top,when I put it away in the fridge? Because, many ofmy recipes inlude the lemon juice. Great idea,thanks! I’m eating a lot of seeds lately,really love my pumpkin seeds!
  • I find when I make pate or dips using sunflower seeds that it turns brown quickly,anyone else experience this and if so any way to prevent it? Yes,I sub. sunseeds often for my pates,I usually save nuts for salads.
  • ardesmond2,please,please help ..I do not have a dehydretor and have been high raw for 2-3 years now how can I do that with just my reg. oven,thanks.Wonderful hw you did this with a family oh and raw lasangna,that seems so well gourmet:)!
    in Your first raw meal? Comment by mham
  • so happy for you,sgmom2 what fun!!!! I cannot remember my very,very first raw meal but I do however remember when I went back to raw after some back and forth moments and made mocksalmon pate and marinated mushrooms with a side of my cilantro “noodl…
    in Your first raw meal? Comment by mham
  • I agree kathrynintheraw….there is much more to eating raw than just green “salads”. What are other additions to your diets here that could help,I’m sure it has been mentioned on many other forums… maybe what is the most important addition other tha…
    in essential fatty acids Comment by mham
  • Oh I have heard wonderful things about loving life cafe,never been but missed the last group outing out there. germin8 have you been to zias or the yabba pot?
  • rawclair where are you located? Hopefully these places are close to you.Both places have websites,you should look them up.Hopefully you can go to both of them!
  • I love the Yabba pot,has anyone tried their TUNO salad???They never have it when I go.
  • Zia’s in Towson was or had a raw dinner recently. Yabba pot is great,although a bit salty for me so I take carry out and mix it with other greens.and yes,Liquid Earth is quite good. Where are you located? If you are in Baltimore ,once the Sunday far…
  • has anyone made a raw pizza without a dehydrator?
  • poor earth hugger!Ha:) keep going on your fast,just think how good you will feel when you are finished and how your outlook will look. All the food you crave will be there if you ever want to have it again.Keep going and good luck!Just remember we h…
  • For anyone here that craves the breaded non raw foods,do most of you have a dehydrator and make raw crackers????
  • queenfluff,how I miss soy cheese powerhouse sandwiches with veganaise.
  • I agree sarahj!
  • oh and indian food…powerhose wraps.