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  • Thank-you to all who responded…..I am on a raw pie marathon trying new things to add, been raw for a while now just needed to try out some pies : ). I will try agar and def. the chia seeds…I keep forgetting to see if they have the seeds at my favori…
  • I just think it’s ashame we have to be distracted by this. My boyfriend is right,”just stick to the people and posts you feel are being honest and helpful,ignore the garbage”
    in I'm Sorry :) Comment by mham
  • my mother has worked w/animals for over 30 years .I have seen and know many things,my advice def. Please.please research this before you give this to a tiny creature. I have also heard NOT TO GIVE ANIMALS/CATS TROPICAL FRUITS-TOXIC.let us know what …
  • I googled but not really sure where to look. Adensspell could you direct me ??Thanks!
    in detox foot bath Comment by mham
  • Dryskin brushing and detox baths such as epsom salts,seaweed or the premade detox salts. Also hydrotherapy????? instead? Not familiar with this ionic foot bath but I will look this up.
    in detox foot bath Comment by mham
  • When I eat nuts or sweet thing like dates I try to make sure that during the same day the bulk of my eating has been from greens and green smoothies. I find I can tolerate more things if the bulk I have been eating is from greens. I again have menti…
    in I'm done with nuts. Comment by mham
  • ardesmond, many years ago when I was little i saw how gum was made on Sesame Street,I am sure it is made differently now though,thanks for the info.
    in gum Comment by mham
  • Thanks amysue and Slosh-uh you just really made me laugh!!! Yes,amysue your daughter would make menut’s:) I guess growing up and seeing REALLY bad chewers and now with someone I work with who chews gum terribly and it seriously makes me sick. Thanks…
    in gum Comment by mham
  • I see we have many gum chewers among us. Has anyone seen what I was talking about though,bad chewers, that make you say I think gum chewing looks kind of tacky. I am not trying to upset anyone here but does anyone see my point:)?
    in gum Comment by mham
  • germ8,yes I too have heard that and if you think about it,it totally makes sense. Anything you put in your mouth stimulates digestion. I have had to wear a mouth guard in the past for teeth grinding. I would put it in, and quickly I would have a lot…
    in gum Comment by mham
  • I have never really liked gum in the first place,I think most people chew gum poorly. In my opinion,chewing it is loud,rude and gross. As well as being that way I think it’s overprocessed garbage.
    in gum Comment by mham
  • 123,that sounds pretty much like how my first soup tasted,thick and stringy
    in Raw Kitchen Disasters Comment by mham
  • I cannot imagine whirling carrots in my blender,unless I chopped them before hand! That would create a huge disaster. I find that interesting that you attemted!:) Worst ever raw soup was created/made by me….AWFUL!!!!I wanted to vomit,think of a pile…
    in Raw Kitchen Disasters Comment by mham
  • I think I may say this wrong..? But my mom always says this to me when things are tough…for this which does not kill me makes me stronger. sorry about the kill part but when she says this to me in difficult situations I feel better.Has anyone else h…
    in What's YOUR Mantra? Comment by mham
  • Is it really ok to eat eggplant raw? I always heard it was toxic when raw? Maybe just a SAD myth:)! I really do not eat many fancy raw foods meaning eleborate,I mainly eat simple raw foods. I thought it might be fun to make something other than pate…
    in direct me please.. Comment by mham
  • pianissima,I am not sure if it is raw? I think as you that its just cured.I wasn’t sure if it is in the same catagory as miso???? I do really like them though,paste and whole,it’s such a unique flavor combination. I don’t have them right now but I t…
    in ume plums Comment by mham
  • I use to get these when I first started eating raw foods. It is very salty but I don’t think its raw.I must confess I really like the flavor though.I actually added a bit of the paste to dips for saltiness and I have eaten the whole plums as is. I h…
    in ume plums Comment by mham
  • I guess I do not look at it as coming out,I have had a gluten allergy for years which made it easier for me to graduallychange my eating.However, I never force my views or lifestyle and will occasionally “suffer digestivelly(sp?) in silence. I like …
  • good to hear it,the banana should be fine!
    in Need some help!! Comment by mham
  • I agree green girl,green smoothies or you can stand it maybe just teas if you drink them to give your digestion a rest. I just posted my experience,I am extremely bloated right now on the “I ate a bagel” post. Hope you feel better,I guess sometimes …
    in Need some help!! Comment by mham
  • I agree redhouse sugar is bad. I think I may try to order from the site you suggested. This is silly and I have mentioned this before but I have NEVER purchased on line before,It makes me nervous even though I know so many who do. If I do I get it I…
  • Should I be worried about the cane juice? I don’t eat sugar like that usually,but am curious about it thsanks and more info from all will be much appreciated!
  • Thank-you so very much redhouse foe giving me this info. Although reading the thread made me wonder if I should even bother????Do you take it?
  • mandelicious you are not alone,I was off my raw eating today and yesterday,I cannot believe I ate non raw more than once. I am a huge greens and simple food lady and I have gluten reactions as well as digestive issues which seem to be fine when I am…
  • Yes,please post. I belive that I have candida. I am starting a process with a new natural doctor to find out what is going on with me. This weekend I start with filling out forms and a questionare.Thank for bringing this to our attention,very curiou…
  • Angie,how many green smoothies do you drink a day currently?
  • Give me some time,I will get back to you. I will say though you have a nice start. Hmmm 75 dollars,a good percentage should be reserved for fresh foods and then from there…..What are your beverage choices and where do you like and have access for sh…
  • Good -luck,welcome!
    in Newbie :-) Comment by mham
  • I will read this,but I must say after the last post….I have decided to give them up and am/was(?) very upset about it. I will read and hope I can go back to one of my favorite foods.Thanks for posting this.I hope I will read reassuring info.
  • Thanks I think they are really yummy,wow figs sound wonderfultoo!!!! I end up making just simple food,which I think is good but I really get so envious of all of the people making really fancy or more elaborate snack,desserts etc.I think I may try t…