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  • That country is called HUNGARY!!!!!
    in Raw Foodies in UK Comment by flybaby
  • I was the same at the beginning! It is just from your liver detoxing! so don’t worry it will go away!
    in On Being Orange Comment by flybaby
  • How cool, thanks Carmentina, I just bought grape seed extract yesterday!
  • Mine are spirulina, barely grass powder, cacao, flax and hempseeds, and goji
  • Hazelnuts are usually raw, as well as walnuts, but neither of them sprouts.
  • I know it is hard to live with SAD people,I do that as well, but I don’t crave their junk food IF I eat enough calories and a lot of greens. In my opinion you should allow yourself a bit of cooked food if you can’t do 100% at first. I also agree wit…
  • I’m right handed!
    in Handedness... Comment by flybaby
  • I think Hauschka ingreds are not that bad, most of the ingredients are latin names of plants, some aroma oils and colorants with the Cl… Ultramarines and such are not necesserily better. If Miessence were widely available I would definitely choose t…
    in mascara Comment by flybaby
  • I wear Dr Hauschka maskara too, very good quality product, I really like it. The most nautral thing to use to remove make up is coconut oil, plus the smells lovely!
    in mascara Comment by flybaby
  • I have been to hospital years ago because of my eating disorders, and I kept tons of apples and bananas under my bed, cos I refused to eat many of the food they gave, they were soo unhealthy: chocolate bars, white bread, tons of cheese and salami an…
    in Hospitals...... Comment by flybaby
  • Hi, I live in Germany as well, in a small village in Rheinland Pfalz. I Don’t know how far it is from you, but it is still nice. I think Germany is a wonderful place for a raw foodie. Most organic fruit and veg are so cheap, even cheaper than Hungar…
  • Hi veganlicious, I’m a flight attendant too, but I fly from a base and I return there each day after work. I usually fly 4 sectors a day, so I don’t really have a lot of time to eat. I usually take apples, oranges and bananas or a salad, which I pre…
  • Igen itt vagyok ragyogok :)
    in magyar Comment by flybaby
  • Just a remark: some electric ovens have a 50 degrees celsius setting, which is normally used for defrosting. If I leave the door open and/or put a fan in front of the oven door, it is even less which may be considered raw.
    in quitting the site Comment by flybaby
  • Hi Amysue is right, but i have some other things to add. Regarding the food combining: if you are eating fish or eggs you have to be very careful with food combining othervise you’ll feel very bad, but raw foods are different. Some raw foodies don’t…
  • FLAX SEEDS, they are the most important source of omega3 fatty acid, which is the healthiest type of fat you can eat, and they are dirt cheap!!!
  • I think it is still WAY better than well-known commercial barands like Maybelline, Loreal or whatever!
  • You should NOT use prescriptions at all!!! I also had acne before, but since I use tea tree oil on it I’m ok. It works wonders in even one day. Apply it on your acne without diluting it! I also make my own facial toner from: water, aloe juice, apple…
  • I buy Seeberger organic tomatoes, which are really sundried and raw. I live in Germany and it is a german company, but I’m sure you can get it in most part of Europe. The local supermarket(in the next village) usually carries a small range o organic…
  • I’m sure the thing that you should really care about before the run is carbohydrates, not protein, however more protein is needed after the run for regeneration. Did you know that broccoli and spinach has about 45 percent protein? Also mung beans, w…
  • coffe grinder, food processor and hand mixer (Braun brand), a manual juicer( Healthy juicer), A ton of flaxseeds, 2 packs of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, a ton of seeds for sprouting, spirulina, grape seed and …
  • raw wheat germ is very delicious! (At least I love it) I like it in itself as well soaked in some cold water (just enough for the wheat germ to absorb). I like adding cinnamon and sometimes ginger too to it
  • I have the healthy juicer and I like it! Light, compact, juices well and really easy to assemble and clean
  • I use Dr Hauschka maskara as well and I like it! My lipstick and eyeshadow are Lavera, nail polish from Sante. Another eyeshadow and tinted face cream from Alverde. Pretty much thats it! I think if you are looking for the most natural solution with …
    in Make-up Comment by flybaby
  • Yeah, it is quite difficult to me now as I moved together with a collegue and she eats a lot of processed stuff like chips and chocolates. Before I didn’t touch anything processed for years. But now…. however I feel like just a few bites of somethin…
  • I agree too, I try to eat as much organic as I can afford. I usually travel 4 hours a day on my days off to get my organic produce. A similar study was released in Hungary my home counrty some years ago, and I have been eating as much organic I can …
  • I love every veggie and fruit now. However I didn’t like pineapples, pears, and melons as a child. I think I’m kinda lucky because my mom gave us sliced veggies and fruits to snack on, and they were so colorful that me and my sister ate a lot of the…
  • carrots, spinach, parsley, garlic, apples, oranges, lemons, sprouted buckwheat, avocadoes, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, olive oil, jijiewang, it is possible to gain weight on a raw diet, I was underweight too! Avocadoes, nuts and sprouted grains, lentil…
  • I was just thinking whether to shave or not, cuz I have very light( blond) hair on my legs and arms. However since last summer the ones on my leg got really long, so maybe I should do somethnig.
  • I put the dried leaves (loose tea) into my greeen smoothies and it doesn’t taste bad at all, actually I Don’t feel the taste in it.