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  • You can grow almost anything in your kitchen, or on a balcony in containers =) My doggie pulled up my baby apple tree and chewed it to death. =\ So, I have to go get some more organic apples anyway to begin new seedlings. I usually keep things out o…
  • I use livejournal; free and pretty easy. But I have to admit I love all the journals people have on blogger.com.
    in Blog ? Comment by lapetitemort
  • My husband is not raw, nor veggie – he’s a meat and potatoes guy. (I’m not 100% raw yet either, but vegetarian, and striving for full on vegan). I try to put raw sides or vegan sides for him. He loves cucumbers and salads. My husband does like guaco…
  • You only soak for a certain number of hours. Then, well what I do, is I take a clean cotton towel and dampen it. I rinse my seeds, then put them in the towel and wrap it over. About twice a day I take the seeds out, rinse them, rinse my towel and re…
    in Sprouting Comment by lapetitemort
  • Thank you! I love onion breads =D I see I’ll have to search in the recipes just a little differently, haha. I was just trying some key words, heh.
  • Oooooh! I would like this too =D
  • I have a circular one (Nesco American Harvest with temp dial). It came with some teflex type sheets and some mesh sheets that fit in the trays. They sell them on their site, if they fit yours. If not, you can always use parchment paper with a little…
  • I don’t have much in the way of advice either, but I also am sending as much positive energy as I can your way.
    in Shellshocked Comment by lapetitemort
  • I have to agree. Women & men have a natural glow and beauty about them. =)
  • I would love to buy some in shell pecans! When I was growing up we had two pecan trees and we’d sit for hours shelling pecans =)
    in Pecan mylk? Comment by lapetitemort
  • Very interesting. I’d like more information as well, as we’re thinking about starting a family too.
  • Hmm, I’m not sure. My guess would be that the soil is too wet? You could try repotting in new soil that is fresh and drier? It would be worth a try. =)
  • See, I haven’t tried garlic yet! I plant the white part after I used up the green part. I did plant that outside this time. It lasted pretty well through winter, even in snow! It will multiply over the years. You can even save the white part in a pa…
  • When I dry my seeds, I just place them on a dry towel or a plate, usually near a windowsill. I’ve even made little envelopes and put the seeds in for a year or so. One of my cherry tomato plants is in an 8” pot, so small. But to start seeds, I even …
  • I just tasted it, YUM!! The problem is I never measure things, I cook by site, smell, textures. =( But I can tell you what I used to make the filling. It was about a handful of the dried, soaked tomatoes I made including the olive oil and garlic I h…
  • Oh! And yesterday I soaked some sunflower seeds and blended the dehydrated, soaked tomatoes with some basil and a little more garlic and oil. I layered them between some yellow squash noodles. It’s in the dehydrator and smells heavenly. So, I will l…
  • If I take them from a tomato, I let them dry some first. Right now I have a little apple tree from an organic red apple. I’m trying to get another to grow from a green apple. I was told you have to have two of apple to get them to produce fruit. If …
  • Nope, I don’t wash the seeds. I’m sort of an experimental gardener in most ways. I just sort of see what happens, haha. I’m excited though because my parents just sent me some heirloom seeds from their plants. I cannot wait to plant them! And I also…
  • Plants usually grow according to the container they are in; so the plant stays pretty small. I even grew bell peppers and jalepenos inside =) The fruit is smaller, but the flavors are just as good! Luckily, I get a lot of light, but in my old place…
  • Pianissima Thank you for that! I think a couple of them may be a little too dehydrated, the smaller pieces. Hehe, but I will probably gnaw on them anyway. evildarkvirus, that’s exactly what I was thinking, something rich and flavorful. artzyfartzy…
  • You know, I have recently upped my raw to about 80%-85%. I don’t know for sure, but I have been extremely tired, and I have even been having a little soreness in my muscles. I have never really experienced this feeling before, and I am thinking it m…
  • suzyq, When I lived in New Orleans, all I had was a balcony, so no land. I grew tomatoes, peppers, herbs, even radish in pots. I say go for it! I know someone who even grew a corn stalk in a pot, kind of fun =) This is my first time with a yard, so …
  • The newspaper tip I got from my dad =) He’s good at recycling for gardening and stuff. I cannot take full credit for the avocado tip though, I got that one from Garden Gate magazine, lol. When I was younger, I was so embarrassed that my parents did …
  • I grow all year long, inside – then out in spring. I always have tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and such in my kitchen. You can grow almost anything in a pot, you just get a smaller fruit. One of my favorite things to do is take seeds from whatever I’m e…
  • Those are great ideas! Now, I’ll know what to do with a butternut =)
  • I have the NESCO that came with the sheets & mesh, but if I’m doing large batches and run out – parchment paper! =)
  • 34 for another couple of months =) but I feel like I’m still 22ish!
  • Here’s the discussion Link
    in Potatoes Comment by lapetitemort
  • I make raw potato chips with white potatoes. I’ve heard it’s if they are green that they are toxic? I know there was a discussion not long ago about the ins & outs of the toxicity. Let me see if I can find the thread.
    in Potatoes Comment by lapetitemort
  • Congrats, how exciting! As I’ve never been pregnant, I don’t know what to say, but CONGRATS!!