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  • I was going to point out RAWDORABLE too, Lyn-doe! She also has a recipe for donuts that look just like donuts! She is amazingly creative!
  • My hubby is very supportive, even though he is a meat & potato type guy, while I am trying to transition over to raw. He likes smoothies and a few dessert type things, but he’s hesitant of some things I have made. Though he always says they smel…
  • kathrynintheraw, I was thinking the same thing.
  • One of my favorite things is a simple guac (avocado, garlic, tomato and squirt of lime) spread in a big leaves (romaine, whatever) folded and enjoy. Simple, light, filling!
  • Luckily, I never had a real bad problem with bad body odor, but I have not worn deodorant in about 2 years now. I definitely find the more raw I consume the better I am. I just wish sometimes that I still would not sweat so much, even though I know …
  • I have one (Nesco American Harvest) with a temperature dial, but it is awfully small. It works for my purposes, but I cannot make all the things I would like to at one time. I would take everyone’s advice and get the Excalibur. The trays are big and…
  • I have also been very curious about these. My concern is leakage and the comfort factor. So hearing everyone’s experiences is really helpful.
  • I put them in yesterday around 3:00pm and took them out around 10:30am this morning. =) I just keep checking them to see if they are crispy. =)
  • That is a great idea, northernlights. Another thank you from me too =)
  • I make them quite often too. I use a potato peeler, and they come out thin enough, just not in a usual round shape. I also let them dehydrate a little longer. I also use a little less oil.
  • I too have tattoos. For me it is a connection and spiritual reason. I had not thought of the ink in a bad way before. As someone else said, there have been tribes and ancient cultures doing this in some form or another for centuries. It is a foreign…
  • I grow cucumbers! And tons of other plants too!! Corn is great and easy too! I am more of an experimental gardener. I try to grow EVERYTHING, even if it is not for my “zone”. I even take seeds from my fruits and veggies I buy and stick them in pots…
  • Excellent! Thank you for inquiring =)
  • This year, I am going to grow my own – tons of sunflowers (the variety with edible seeds). I may dehydrate some, freeze some for later use, etc. Until then Living Tree Community has true raw nuts and raw products.
  • Marichiesa, I would love you to post how you made that!
  • I do everything in a regular blender. The trick is to put in the greens first with some water and blend them until the little pieces disappear and you basically have a green water. Then, I begin adding the other ingredients one, by one. I haven’t be…
  • Great book! I have green smoothies everyday!! You are going to love them everyday =)
  • Primitive, I know, but when I bought one of those kind I had to take a flat head screwdriver and a hammer to split it! I would also like any advice on that front.
  • Is it really bad that I stick them in the freezer to throw in a smoothie or “ice cream”? I do that with a lot of my fresh fruit to make a dessert cream. =\
    in bannanas Comment by lapetitemort
  • I can finally say that it has been two weeks since I have had coffee. I really don’t miss it that much. I still make it for my husband, and I enjoy the smell. But I have been satisfied with a cup of herbal or green tea, but that’s still hot. =\
  • I still do, black. I am trying to wean myself off it though, but I am having a rough time. I have definitely reduced how much I do drink, and I have gotten to where I do not have to have it every single day now. I am replacing it with teas, with not…
  • Fenugreek is supposed to help with migraines. _italics_Migraines: Fenugreek is often cited as a natural remedy for migraines. However, [White] indicates that it may trigger a migraine and/or contribute to the duration and severity of a migraine.
    in migraines Comment by lapetitemort
  • flybaby, What a great idea! That sounds really delicious =) michigan roman, Thanks for all of the advice. =) I did not even think of hanging them like you would dry herbs! And thank you for the links too! I have been thinking of subscribing to Mot…
  • I still drink hot teas, mostly in winter. I usually have organic green tea leaves. I am drinking a bit more since I am weaning myself off of coffee. During the warmer months, I make huge batches of sun tea with the organic green leaves.
  • Alissa Cohen – Living on Live Food Victoria Boutenko – Green for Life
    in Raw Books Comment by lapetitemort
  • Thank you for that, Bluedolfin. And thank you for posting this MOTH. I am trying again to switch to vegetarian (and adding more raw each day), and my downfall is shrimp. =( I am definitely going to try that!
  • I was thinking of making armpit pads for my shirts. I checked out some really antique, Victorian dresses and they sewed in little white cotton pads in the armpits!
    in perspiration Comment by lapetitemort
  • Hahaha, I’m laughing too now! Yeah, maybe I’ll pass on trying that then =)
    in perspiration Comment by lapetitemort
  • I heard a tea made with just water and fresh sage is supposed to help with perspiration, but I haven’t tried it yet. I have the same problem.
    in perspiration Comment by lapetitemort
  • I really like your blog! I love reading other peoples’ experiences for inspiration and motivation.