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  • I thought I’d give an all of you an update and say that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. One of the symptoms of that is “yellowing of the skin due to impaired conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A”, so that explains the orangeness.
  • I actually applied there today! I haven’t actually had anything there (minus some samples at VivaFest months ago) but I’m happy there is a 100% raw place in town now.
  • At least one a day. I love freezing them then whipping them up to make banana ice cream. The texture is dead on.
  • Yeah, it’s true that frugivorous apes do consume insects which would provide them with B-12. I saw a David Wolfe video where he said he eats ants sometimes to get it. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting views on this matter but if it worries you, and yo…
    in B12 in the raw Comment by pomegranate
  • before: cheese, peanut butter after: avocado, durian I guess I just love fat.
  • I’m a Virgo with moon in Libra and a Cancer ascendant.
  • One step at a time is better if you want the detox to be less intense. I’m an “extreme” person too, but I’m slowing learning that the body really isn’t an all-or-nothing thing. It appreciates all the little health improvements we make. Ooh, and have…
  • I’ve never been persistent enough to do it regularly, so I don’t know if it really works at removing toxins. I can say that my teeth look super clean afterwards.
  • If eating raw chocolate keeps you from feeling deprived eating this diet, then go for it! Knowing I can make raw chocolate desserts keeps me from going out and buying a Mars bar. Might I recommend this chocolate mousse: http://goneraw.com/recipes/59…
  • 4/20 threw me off track a bit as well. I ate brownies and um, quite a bit of cooked food after that. I’ve been drinking loads of vegetable juice since so I feel less wretched. It was interesting how anticlimactic the taste of all those cooked foods …
  • I live in Victoria and lately I’ve been eyeing our abundance of dandelions (or their leaves, more accurately) as a green smoothie addition.
  • b: durian mango pudding l: 2 mangos + small box strawberries s: another small of strawberries + herb tea d: big herb salad with lots of alfalfa sprouts, tomato, and half an avo mushed in with pepper and lime dessert was avocado chocolate pudding
  • I mush half an avocado mixed with lime juice and pepper into almost every salad I eat. I also love making avocado chocolate pudding. And guacamole! Oh, the guacamole… I hear mango and avocado are sublime together, but every time I have either I eat …
    in The AVOCADO Comment by pomegranate
  • kandace – Dental issues have been discussed in these articles: http://www.rawguru.com/dougteeth.html http://www.therawdivas.com/HHH/dental.html as well as on rawfoodtalk.com. I hadn’t heard about any dental problems either until I looked into it. I’…
    in raw power! Comment by pomegranate
  • I too have decided to quit smoking marijuana. I’ve been seriously depressed in the past but a raw diet and yoga have changed that. Lately my lungs have been aching and I don’t feel I need it to make me happy, because I already am. I totes think it s…
  • mmmorgans – I have indeed! The marinated mushrooms with avocado is good. I noticed there is a living food juice bar called Cafe Bliss opening up next door. It’ll be like Victoria’s raw vegan epicenter, in conjunction with the durians in Chinatown on…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by pomegranate
  • mmmorgans – I’m in Victoria. BC is a pretty great place to be raw, and in general actually.
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by pomegranate
  • I’m 19 and from BC. I only know one other raw foodist, but I’d love to meet more.
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by pomegranate