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  • To jump start my raw food and weight loss I’m attempting a 30-day juice fast. I started Monday and have lost 10 pounds so far. I don’t feel deprived at all and have been amazed how little it takes for me to not be hungry. I drank 40 ounces of juice …
    in Weight Loss Comment by Stefunk
  • Rawrach-I only had hunger pangs on the first day. I had to make a grocery list and go to two stores to get groceries for my family. It was the worst as I was putting all the food in the pantry. I also had a slight headache during that but I’m sure t…
  • Well I’m on day 5 and loving it! I’m down 11 pounds and can actually see where the weight is coming off. I have so much energy, I’m not as stressed as I was just 6 days ago, and I seem to be at peace with things. I made the Joggers Paradise yesterda…
  • I’m all for it! I’m already planning to start one tomorrow. I’m going for 30 days. I’m hoping to keep up with it. I’m a huge quitter but I’m determined. I have 15 recipes chosen from this site and all the groceries I’ll need. I went to a farmers mar…
  • Jenergy-I use my husbands Polar syster. (Pronounced Polare) I wear something on my shoe, a monitor around my chest, and a watch. It measures-altitude, distance, calories burned, low/high/average speed, lap time, regular time, and dices vegetables an…
    in Raw Athletes? Comment by Stefunk
  • Allison-I almost forgot…your marathon is today. Good luck!!!!! Can’t wait to hear how it went!
    in Raw Athletes? Comment by Stefunk
  • Jenergy-Way to go!! I do love the Couch to 5k program. Since this is my second go round with it it has been easier. The new runner friend I’m doing it with is very cautious so we have been repeating weeks. Week 3 took us 6 runs before she was ready …
    in Raw Athletes? Comment by Stefunk
  • EnjoyRaw-Way to go on doing your first 5k! I admire you so much! Jenergy-I started running by doing the Couch to 5k program from coolrunning.com. It’s a 9 week training course but if you’re not ready to move on to the next week you can repeat. I hav…
    in Raw Athletes? Comment by Stefunk
  • I started breaking out when I started oil pulling and drinking green smoothies. I tried several things but have found that taking Pantothenic Acid is the only thing that is helping. I’m taking 20 pills a day for the first three months (halfway throu…
    in pimples? Comment by Stefunk
  • I’ve been pulling off and on for 8 months. The longest time was three months straight. I had some great reactions! My teeth whitened, I feel asleep easier, woke easier and quickly (never had that happen in my life!), made my keratosis pilaris nearly…
    in Oil Pulling Comment by Stefunk
  • I do both and can’t imagine life without them! The oil pulling has whitened my teeth, made my skin smoother, made my dry heels disappear, took away the bumps on my upper arms, made me fall asleep fast and wake up easier…the list could go on and on! …
  • dreaminraw-I used to buy my Feverfew at Wal-Mart but they stopped carrying it. Now I go to my local health food store, Akins. Good luck!
    in migraines Comment by Stefunk
  • I’ve had migraines for over 20 years and I feel your pain! I kept a food diary and found out I can’t have Mono Sodium Glutamate. By not eating out and finding alternatives for the usual culprits I have kept them in check. Except for those caused by …
    in migraines Comment by Stefunk
  • Mine has spinach and kale and whatever fruit I have on hand. I also put ground flax seed in, it’s delicious!
    in Green smoothis Comment by Stefunk
  • omshanti-You know, women have been having children since the beginning of time. Age doesn’t seem to matter at all anymore. I have friends having them into their mid-forties. The fact that you have such an amazing diet is certainly going to be benefi…
  • I visit myspace every day and now have started a facebook. Both are a great way to keep up with friends and family!
  • Hi jyllyan. I don’t have a juicer, just a blender. I make green smoothies a lot with spinach and kale. I destem both of them and then tear them into pieces. I put them in a freezer bag and throw them in the freezer. When I need them they blend easil…
  • Breaking Free-DC is our dream vacation! My three girls don’t even want to go to Disney World. Since they’re named after presidents we are all history buffs. I am also a Christian but started this journey because of my New Age father told me about it…
  • Very interesting! With a family of 5 I don’t think I could find a place to keep it but I certainly applaud his efforts!
    in cool story! Comment by Stefunk
  • You can buy it at most drug stores. We have some that we put on our Magnolia tree every year!
  • Wow, wow, WOW!! This is just what I needed to read! Thanks to everyone who added their information. Now I’m off to shop!
    in Juicers Comment by Stefunk
  • For years I have had to get Depo Medrol steroid shots to control my allergies. After two months of 75% raw and daily oil pulling I made it through the worst month without the shot! It’s wonderful:O)
    in Allergies Comment by Stefunk
  • Thank you ItGirl! Happy Holidays to you, too and to everyone who follows:0)
    in Merry Christmas!! Comment by Stefunk
  • Domestic goddess to husband and three girls and basketweaver.
  • Seize, thanks for the advice. I have taken a step back from raw foods and the acne isn’t getting better so I should go full force again. It was good to hear that from someone else though!
  • Seize-Did the ABC powder help with the acne? My introducing raw foods into my diet made my HAVE acne and now I need to get rid of it!
  • Welcome Mami.123 is right, fresh herbs are the way to go. In So Cal they shouldn’t be hard to grow. Here in Oklahoma City where everything is covered with several inches of ice I’m sure my fresh herbs aren’t good anymore!
    in Hello from so cal! Comment by Stefunk
  • I’ve heard that MSM lotion is good for scars but haven’t tried it yet. I have to get the acne to stop first! Going raw is making mine worse.
    in raw home remedies Comment by Stefunk
  • I wish I had a chance to go to a Whole Foods! They are much cheaper then the Akin’s we have in Oklahoma. Whole Foods won’t come to our state because of our ‘high obesity rate’. Sound to me like they would have good business if they did:)
  • Thanks to all of you! I found some info on earthclinic.com about hydrogen peroxide and have now done that twice now. I also bought aloe vera and milk thistle capsules. Can you tell how desperate I am? I have done the apple cider treatment and that d…
    in Acne...HELP!!! Comment by Stefunk