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  • So glad to hear that you're feeling great! Stay on the path and ultimately, you will always feel great!
    in hey there Comment by DeborahBee
  • It took me around 9 months before I felt that high. Stick with it! Once you get there you will never look back! ---  
  • Yes it is my site. I will make the competition easier to read this evening when I am home from work. Here are the requirements: All yours, delivered straight to your front door, for answering the following question
  • I feel that powerlifer! The only thing I ever won was a knitted doll in a school raffle when I was 6!
  • I am considering venturing to apple island for a few days. I am away at a festival and limited in what I can take with me due to space restrictions. Anyone done apple island before?  
  • Hey Happy Raw Girl! I did three days and had to stop as I was working at a festival last weekend and there was no way I was going to be able to transport and cut up that amount of melons! I am going to start another three day melon fast this week …
  • I will join you! Think I will do a Galia melon island though. I can do three days only as I am away this weekend. Have you started today wichten? Also, is that your puppy? Adorable.  
  • Hey Alex, Thank you for sharing your blog. I love blogs! When I clicked onto your blog I immediately smiled :) It's great. Mine is www.ifeelalivelifestyle.blogspot.com  
    in Raw Blogs :) Comment by DeborahBee
  • Hey Jasmine :) Your blog is fantastic! I love it. My boyfriend travels all over the world and staying "raw on the road" has been something I've been thinking much about. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. --- Raw:Inspiring-Creative-Coachin…
    in Raw travel blog Comment by DeborahBee
  • Hey kminty3, I had a Mirena hormonal contraceptive coil for 10 years. In January of this year I suffered a tonic clonic seizure whilst on my dinner break. A succession of seizures followed. I suspected it could be linked to my hormonal coil as I was…
  • Hey RawKarateGirl, I am in for this! When do you want to start?  
  • You are very welcome ajc :) It is a quote from Ghandi and one of my favourite quotes.
  • Good for you tabbycats! Be the change you wish to see in the world.  
  • DURIAN The durian is said to be a heating fruit, which is unusual as most fruits are cooling. Legend has it that this heating property makes the durian an aphrodisiac. A local saying goes, When the durians come down the sarongs come off! http://ww…
    in Fruit Game :) Comment by DeborahBee
  • Hola dhallartist! Well done and good luck for your 30 days raw! Sounds like you are the perfect person to create all those delicious gourmet meals :) Please keep us updated on how you get on.  
  • I'm an avid follower of Gone Raw on Twitter! Love the auto thread Tweets, means I barely miss anything on here :)  
    in Twitter Comment by DeborahBee
  • I've been following 80/10/10 for just over a month. It works perfectly with my body. I no longer eat nuts and seeds as I used to. I may eat three or four nuts once a week. However, I have found that I do not need to eat nuts and seeds in order to g…
  • For my first 9 months raw I was detoxing quite often. After that it was sunshiny days! And I never looked back. With regards to omega fat intake... I used to worry about this and eat many seeds so that I felt I was getting the balance right. Howev…
  • I dry skin brush every day, rids the top layer of dead skin leaving smooth soft skin. For chapped lips... Cover your lips in lip balm. Put your toothbrush in hot water. Brush your lips. Reapply lip balm. Put your toothbrush under hot water again. A…
    in Chapped lips Comment by DeborahBee
  • durian, I always like your posts on here so am looking forward to having a good look around your blog! watzzupsport, tell me more about your triatholon. It's something I have recently been considering. Where would be a good place for a beginner to s…
    in Blogs Comment by DeborahBee
  • I'm so glad you've made progress :) I asked about the hormonal contraceptives as I had a hormonal coil fitted for quite some time. It caused my body to become insulin resistant which meant instead of my body converting sugar to a storage molecule, …
    in Getting fat Comment by DeborahBee
  • Dear rawpretzela, Are you still gaining weight? Do you take any hormonal contraceptives?  
    in Getting fat Comment by DeborahBee
  • Hi rawspice, do you currently take any hormonal contraceptives or have a hormonal coil fitted?
  • Lyn I would love to do one in a couple of weeks. I've just started a 10 day green smoothie fast which will end in one week. After that I will be doing a three day water fast. Please keep us updated on your fast.  
    in WaterFast!! Comment by DeborahBee
  • Victoria Boutenko's blog http://greensmoothiesblog.com/  
  • I tried 80/10/10 for a short period towards the end of last year and really would like to give it a better try. How is everyone getting on?  
  • Flodadol, I'm very interested in this way of eating. How long have you been raw? My body is currently going through big changes (I've been raw for almost 3 years) and I'm having difficulty listening to it. I often don't eat until around 15:00 but …
    in One Meal A Day Comment by DeborahBee
  • Dear Erin, Thank you for the information about 80/10/10. I am familiar with the diet but always thought it wasn't for me. However, I've been naturally heading that way for most of the year and after your post I researched it more and realised it w…
  • From my experience, I've noticed that if I eat high GI foods I put weight on more easily. I bloat much more easily when I poorly food combine. If I make a recipe that calls for lots of nuts or seeds I seem to put weight on too. I find that if I over…
  • Hi stylestacey, The longer I've been raw the more my body just doesn't desire cooked food. Years ago when I'd had a rough day and wanted to fill myself with my pizza, chocolate or cheese I would make a gourmet raw meal with heaps of flavours. Some…