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  • I have found that since I’ve been raw I’ve actually gained weight. And I don’t really want to! I could stand to lose a good 10lbs and the constant increase has me annoyed. I have cut down on the fats and am mostly consuming a fruitarian diet but sti…
  • I have started a thread on this subject on another board – http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=25070 There are lots of ideas there on what to do. Personally I have emailed all of the contacts in the post as well as the FDA. Lets get our voic…
  • Not only do i agree with Chriscarlton, I am also reading the China Study and the fact the there is a VERY high relation between casein (an enzyme found in milk) and cancer. NO THANKS!
    in Raw Cheese Comment by damzlfly
  • I have the Hippocrates juicer…I tried to make almond butter today but i ended up using my Cuisinart…other than that I love it…its easy to clean up and juices well.
  • I have: The Complete Book of Raw Food by Lori Baird and Julie Rodwell – its a bible as far as I’m concerned RawVolution by Matt Amstead Living on Live foods by Alissa Cohen Raw Truth by Jeremy Safron and to round it out I have the Juicing Bible by P…
    in un cookbooks Comment by damzlfly
  • I’m about $60/week
  • the taco meat is one of my favorite meals…now that I’m thinking about it…maybe thats on the menu tonight wrapped in a nice red cabbage leaf…mmmmmm Haven’t tried the Kombucha tea, tho I have been meaning to. I’m into Yerba Mate right now…
    in Kombucha Tea Comment by damzlfly
  • you can buy a little gadget called a zester that makes it pretty easy. I just got one at lunch and paid $5 for it.
  • Ray Dean – I have been reading a lot on the subject as I am planning my first juice fast soon (one I find a juicer at a reasonable price) and I’ve read that a water fast is VERY hard on your system and unless you are taking herbs to flush your colon…
    in weight loss Comment by damzlfly
  • Make em up! I did ;)
    in question Comment by damzlfly
  • I can get the green star for $400…its used but thats OK. Ray, what model Breville? Why do you like it better? Does it do all the same things?
    in Juicers Comment by damzlfly
  • So by those rules, Larabars and other raw bars are not good? They all have dates in them with various combi’s of nuts…and I love them so!
    in Food Combining Comment by damzlfly
  • Thanks Vaughn! I actually found that the bloating issue went away after I stopped eating all the stuff the naturopath said not too, but I think most of it was the gluten. I found that if I caved and ate anything with gluten in it, it would come back…
    in Food Intolerances Comment by damzlfly
  • I would never have thought to eat the skins! They are all furry! I’ve been diagnosed with an intolerance to them anyways so I don’t eat them anymore…but I used to!
    in Kiwis Comment by damzlfly
  • Pomegranate’s are mine, though I know they are not that exotic anymore.
  • HI Nagev! I’m new here and only starting on my RAW path but I can empathize with your nut/fruit cravings. Don’t get me started on my walnut binges! I feel so gross the next day, all bloated and ugh and swear I will never do it again, and then poof, …
    in Overeating. Comment by damzlfly
  • Ok well I’ve been busy and off the boards for a while…just wanted to post and say that I am doing the master Cleanse right now (about read to go to bed after day 1). I was great all day, but feeling quite hungry now. I’ve had my 60oz’s of lemonade s…
    in Fasting Comment by damzlfly
  • I have been doing a series of total body detoxes since late summer and am happy to announce that in 2 weeks I will be finally finished ;) I would like to try a fast, but I have never done one before and am not sure how my body will react to it. Can …
    in Fasting Comment by damzlfly
  • I’m there too http://www.myspace.com/damzlflyshay
    in Myspace Comment by damzlfly
  • I am not supposed to eat yeast…why do we need it?
  • hello! I’m Shayna and I live in Toronto Ontario. I am new to RAW, and try to do at least 60% RAW per week. I hope to reach 80% soon (just trying to eat all the food out of my freezer). I’ve been on this site regularly for the last month or so gettin…
    in Hello, Everyone! Comment by damzlfly
  • Weird. I have no problem sprouting buckwheat, I soak it for 20 minutes only and then place it in a glass dish lined with wet paper towels. I cover it with another layer of paper towels and keep it moist. I get sprouts in a 1 to 1.5 days doing it thi…
    in Sprouting tips? Comment by damzlfly
  • Can’t do corn either. Or Spelt or kamut. Its pretty much buckwheat, quinoa or millet for me. Tho now that I’m thinking about it, what about a mix of buckwheat and millet?
    in Flat Bread Comment by damzlfly
  • Can you come up with one that doesn’t have wheat berries? I’m gluten intolerant :(..I miss bread.
    in Flat Bread Comment by damzlfly
  • Silly question but where can we get these in Canada??? All the websites I’ve found them on won’t ship to canada!
  • I wasn’t able to attend mine in Toronto tonight as well. My grandmother passed away yesterday :(
  • I’m in Toronto and I am planning on attending the next meet-up on the 10th! Will you be there Nixopax?
  • joesc – i have a recipe for cheddar cheese that has a sharp taste…its from Alissa’s book – let me know if you want it and I will email it to you. I’d hate to break any copyright laws
    in Craving Questions Comment by damzlfly
  • I had an olive craving today…went to WF and got a small tub of mixed olives…and proceeded to eat THEM ALL! Sad thing is that I wasn’t even hungry, but they were just sooooo tasty!OH well…had a salad for lunch, guess I’m having a salad for dinner too…
    in Craving Questions Comment by damzlfly
  • Only one pure raw place in Toronto – Live Food bar…we also have Fressen which has one or 2 raw dishes. You would think in such a large city we would have more choices…but alas…not looking so good. On the plus side, I’m being taken to Live for lunch …