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  • OMG, the bar method dvd is incredible! You can use a chair to replace the ballet bar. It's a mixture of yoga, ballet, pilates and strength training. I'm an avid cyclist and runner and this dvd kicked my buttocks :-).
  • I think you'll find that coconut oil has a more neutral flavor than the coconut butter.
    in Coconut Butter Comment by spirit
  • I have been a smoothie girl for the past 2 yrs, but I had an issue. I have incredibly dry, scaly skin ( really bad ). I tried all kinds of essential fatty acids, green smoothies, 100% raw, no nuts, candida cleanses, liver cleanses, coconut oil, colo…
  • Hmmm, I was told that you shouldn't refrigerate young coconuts. I heard that because they are a tropical fruit that prolonged refrigeration could start to spoil it -- like bananas. I'm not sure which one of us heard the correct info. I'd be interest…
  • I eat a high raw diet, but I'm not 100% and this works best for me. Once I took the "pressure" off of myself I found myself eating less and less cooked comfort food. I love to think about all of the healthy things I ate or drank during the day and f…
  • Fruit can really exacerbate Candida symptoms in some people, myself included. A low glycemic diet helps balance out the Candida. I have heard of some people healing themselves of Candida with the 811 diet and I have heard of others who developed an …
  • I drink a quart of green juice each day. It makes my eyes sparkle and my skin and soul shine!
  • There are scientific studies that show garlic is a potent natural antibiotic and antifungal agent. Perhaps onions and garlic are meant for a more medicinal, short term usage rather than a food.
  • I have a friend who is a marathon runner and participates in triathlons. She is not a raw foodist, but incorporates green smoothies everyday. She found that this helps her with her strength, endurance and muscle recovery. This is a wonderful way to …
    in Realistic? Comment by spirit
  • I heard that Toms of Maine and Berts Bees sold out to larger companies. I've noticed ( at least with BB ) that the products are not as "natural" as they use to be. Is this the case with T.O.M and their toothpaste?
  • I use the liquid tooth soap. I visit the dentist twice a year and never have any cavities :).
  • Ha! I thought it was just me. I love kale, but not kale chips.
    in Kale Chips Poll Comment by spirit
  • I also meant to add that the rejuvilac is fermented and you usually let the cheese sit or drain in a cheesecloth for 24 hrs after adding it.
  • Rejuvilac really makes all raw cheese products taste just like the real thing. I was blown away with the authentic taste of raw ricotta cheese and lemon cheesecake squares at a class I once attended. I myself don't choose to spend the time to make r…
  • If the hair your losing has a white tip on the end, ( root ) then it's not from hair products. The most common reason for hair loss ( female ) is a high glycemic diet ( raw or cooked ) and possibly some underlying candida issues. A low glycemic diet…
    in Hair Loss Comment by spirit
  • I agree with ambiguous. Cleansing the colon is very important during fasts, keeps the detox symptoms low too.
    in Water Fast Comment by spirit
  • I have read on Dr. Walker's material that a fasting on water past 5 days may not be positive for the body, particulary the brain. He suggests to add some lemon/ lime juice to your water and some vegetable juice to keep your tissues/organs/blood nuri…
    in Water Fast Comment by spirit
  • Kellyanne: I absolutely agree that diet balances the body. I was 100% raw, but was working in a constant stressful situation which seemed to pull me out of balance. Through diet, meditation, exercise and herbs I was able to work through it and becom…
  • Nope, it certainly isn't an herb, but I do use it for thryoid function.
  • I definately agree that herbs are medicinal, but I believe they can assist to balance the body where as synthetic medications cannot. I use a female balancing raw herbal formula from www.herbsoflight.com and I love it. I also take a kelp capsule and…
  • I am definately a girly girl. I use some arbonne products, but mostly all of my toiletries come from the natural food store. There are some really high end natural facial cleansers and moisturizers out there. You don't just need to use oil, I don't.…
  • This may only be me, but I can only consume wheatgrass by itself, on an empty stomach. I become nauseous if I combine it with anything even other greens.
  • I have learned that the all or nothing mentality does not work for me. I have definately "cheated" a few times on juice and green smoothie feasts in the past. What works for me is to consider it a " high juice" day and get right back on the horse so…
  • I feel horrible on a high fruit diet, but wonderful on a high greens diet. I do incorporate the less sweet fruits ie; tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons and berries. My friend is the exact opposite. He thrives on a high sweet fruit diet. After spending 20 …
  • I'm starting a green smoothie feast either tomorrow or Friday. I'm going to try to limit the fruit at first because of some candida issues. I really want to do a long term feast, or at least until my summer vacation trip :).
  • Oh, such a sweet blessing, congratulations!
  • I found a blog once ( sure wish I could remember where) where a raw vegan had microscopic pictures taken of her blood after different foods. This was done over a several days. The photo after she ate Cacao was scary. Her blood showed " liver shock" …
  • I have the healthmaster blender and I love it! It has a 100yr warranty on the motor and my warranty is 2 yrs on the appliances. The only difference between my blender and my mother's vitamix is that I paid $ 400.00 less than she did :). I've only ha…
  • I love the Jack Lalane juicer. I don't have the patience to use a twin gear ( clean up is ridiculous ). I found the best way to juice greens is to use another veggie as a plunger with it ie; carrot or celery. I actually prefer to use the blender / m…
  • Emtpdmom : Thanks for the guidance, I needed it :).