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  • If I see dirt, I wash it off. But if the stuff looks clean, I don’t bother. Hey, how much is some cold water gonna remove anyway? If you think about poo and pee and stuff.. the bacterias won’t go away with a little flush. I don’t know how you wash y…
  • No wonder you react to it when eating a whole clove by itself – garlic is burning! Can obviously get used to it, as not everyone here seems to have a problem with it, but.. I think garlic can be good for many things, but I also believe that it’s not…
  • Haha, great story Bluedolfin! This makes me want to share some of my own weird things going on inside lately, but I will have to take it later, as I’m at work now.. :-)
  • I tried the fruity-trap that someone tipsed about here, and it actually did catch (by now) some of the fruit flies.And I don’t have to kill them – yey! Doesn’t sound like frui flies, Desmond. Good luck with the flypaper – they used it in Jamaica and…
    in FRUIT FLYS Comment by satnam
  • I was somehow able to at least slightly control the amount of fruit flys last summer. What I did was, first of all, I washed my bananas after I bought them, in case of fruit fly eggs or fruit flys hiding somewhere on the banana, getting ready to inv…
    in FRUIT FLYS Comment by satnam
  • lzhpt, just want to make a short comment on what you said about Cousens vs Graham (“Just look at the conflicting information on Diabetes out there. G. Cousens
  • I’m working at an alternative shop, selling alternative books, tarotcards, oracle cards, music, sage, yogamats ++ you name it – everything that goes on “self-development” and a little more.
    in What do you do? Comment by satnam
  • Hi! THere’s another topic called “raw in norway” further down – we’re a few from norway in here, actually :-) Also, check out the facebook group “raw food movement norway”, if you’re in there :-)
    in Norway/Sweden? Comment by satnam
  • What about Shazzie’s ? www.detoxyourworld.com Her stuff is, as far as I know and have experienced, of high quality, and her cocoa powder is labeled as “raw”.
  • Shgadwa, different “experts” obviously have different opinions – in Ayurveda they say that if you’re eating right, you should not have to wipe your bum after pooing. I’ve had a lot of different poo in my life, but nothing feels as good as when it co…
    in Poop! Comment by satnam
  • And a little comment about how many times a day is “normal” – I believe that the less poop we poop – the more of the food is actually taken up by our body. So as long as you don’t feel constipated or bloated or whatever, I would think it’s a good si…
    in Poop! Comment by satnam
  • I recognize my stools to be much firmer if I put psyllium husk in my smoothies or juice once a day. Sometimes I don’t even have to use paper (I do, but there’s nothing on it :-) BUT, I’m not raw – so it might just be an illusion. But I’ve been havin…
    in Poop! Comment by satnam
  • I’ve done this one, and it was fast and easy. Didn’t follow the suggested zapping, parasite killing and kidney cleans first, so it was over in 24 hours. http://www.curezone.com/cleanse/liver/huldas_re…
    in Liver Cleanse Comment by satnam
  • My boyfriend also had big troubles sleeping in the beginning – he had too much. So he basically just eats it in the morning, it might not be a very clever thing to eat at night ;-) And as I mentioned before, some people are more sensitive than other…
  • Cacao has been great for me, and I would absolutely say it’s a health food, and a superfood. It contains so much nutrition, not only antioxidants, but also it seems to be the number one source of magnesium. It is high in the beauty mineral sulphur.…
  • Norway is not very populated, partly because we have a lot of mountains. And yeah, you’re right about Wikipedia. Shouldn’t always trust it :-)
    in Norway Comment by satnam
  • Hi Bluedolfin! There are about 4.7 million people living in Norway, and out of that, 415.000 are of another nationality, and there are about 200 different countries represented.. In percent, that’s about 8.9 (thank God for Wikipedia :)
    in Norway Comment by satnam
  • I have hmm..3 friends who has really kicked on raw food here in Oslo. One of them I just got to know, and he’s been raw for about a year – he cured himself from cancer! He’s around 50 years old I think. He’s selling chocolate, so if you’re into that…
    in Norway Comment by satnam
  • Wow! I never imagined there would be a “norway” thread on this forum! :-D I’m from norway, and live in Oslo, but grew up not far from Bod
    in Norway Comment by satnam
  • Plumeseed, there’s actually quite a few in Oslo who’s showing interest in raw food. Surprises me! I am not 100% raw, but I try to incorporate it into my diet. Been some ups and downs, but now I think I’m gettin onto the between 50-80% raw track agai…
  • Plumeseed, you’re norwegian! So am I! Hei :D Funny :)
  • I’ve been up and down with raw food for the last months – getting all tired of it and eating more cooked. But my body doesn’t react very well on bread, so I’m almost “forced” to eating raw food while at work (cooked-food left overs from the day befo…
  • Oh, I’m sorry for you! No fun when much-needed equipment dies.. :-(
  • raw_mama, that sounds delicious! Recipe, please? :-D
    in Lunch tips? Comment by satnam
  • Hippie Chick, I don’t have that smoothie as a breakfast anymore, but I still get hungry quite fast. And grouchy :-P
    in Lunch tips? Comment by satnam
  • Thank you for great tips! Germin8 – My boyfriend is like you – he can go much longer than me without eating and without getting hungry. I get hungry quite fast, and my mood falls and temper rises.. not a good combination. I used to drink a smoothie …
    in Lunch tips? Comment by satnam
  • What’s the difference between the young and the “old” coconut, in taste and so? I’ve only tried the young ones, but they are riddiciously expensive up here, and sometimes they’re not even “good”.. no wonder when they’ve travelled half the globe. :-|
    in coconuts Comment by satnam
  • Hm, my almonds seems to be started on the sprouting after soaking them overnight as well. When I peel them in the morning, they’ve got a cute, little tail. I used to buy non-organic almonds, and never saw it, but after I started buying organic almon…
    in sprouting almonds? Comment by satnam
  • FleshMechanic, I’m sure your body is quietly celebrating for what you are doing! In the Tree of life book I was talking about,Gabriel Cousens says that after doing the de-composting thingy, you’re supposed to be craving-free.. He’s having a totally …
  • Hi FleshMechanic! There is a great book out there called “Rainbow green live-food cuisine” by Gabriel Cousens. the first part of the book is kind of an introduction to live food cuisine and so on, and more than half of the book are recipes. He expla…