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  • someone correct me if i’m wrong, but i am pretty sure you absolutely need fat for your gall bladder to work properly, i knew someone who had gall stones because she adhered to a strict low fat diet for many years. i think nuts are in the fruitarian …
  • i’ve been growing fenugreek from seed, the leaves are edible, actually the whole plant is edible. its not a tree, but it will regrow if you just pick as you grow. also arugala is the same way. also experimenting with growing jerusalem artichoke, the…
  • i can’t even begin a list, i’m like a squirrel, storing things away!
  • i know for sure that lycopene will prevent the skin from burning, there have been studies done on that.
  • wow! i had similar results when i first started. sounds like you’re on the right path. i found that as long as i stayed about 95% raw, my insulin needs dropped ALOT. after being raw for about 4 months, i think i got bored and started to introduce so…
  • i’m of the opinion that natural beauty is better than any makeup. i wore make-up for only a few years in my life, and almost never foundation during those years. and i think my skin looks younger and healthier because of it.
    in Make-up Comment by stylistchick
  • well i’m definately going to need a new blender if i’m to be blending avocado seed! whoa!
  • i grind the cacao in a coffee grinder first, then i pound it in a mortar and pestle. it tends to be really grainy, like sand unless you really pound it. hope this helps
    in raw chocolate Comment by stylistchick
  • i think places like this are good for specialty items and bulk food, but forget about buying produce there!
    in woohoo!! Comment by stylistchick
  • i made a great burger that was made from sunflower seeds, flax, kale, sundried tomato and portabellos.
  • shiitake mushrooms are great for b vitamins, although i can’t say if it provides enough b12, also spirulina is 80% protien and i believe it has b12.
  • i know how you feel! in the beginning of this year i started saving grocery receipts, in january i spent over $800 just for me! at that point i tried to incorporate some cooked foods, like rice and potatoes into my diet, just because i couldn’t affo…
  • haha! thats great, i’ve often wondered if the same thing would happen to me. i’ll bet she was seriously impressed!
  • i think it depends on what your reasons for going raw are. if you are sick to begin with, getting up to 95% raw you will begin to heal. if you are trying it out looking for more energy and are healthy to begin with, then 50% should give you the resu…
  • have you tried shiitake’s? they are loaded with b vitamins and minerals. maybe try some recipes that require a food processor, so you get the flavor, but without the texture.
  • i think it all depends on how you were eating, if you are already vegan it shouldn’t be too bad. if you are a coffee drinker expect some headaches. i tried to take about 4 days off just so i could rest if i needed to. maybe start with raw breakfast …
  • fresh juices and smoothies
  • oh, i’ve got that book, i’ll try to dig up the recipe
  • ROCK ON aharmer!! what a great way to ease into it. lemon is the most cleasing of all fruits. now make an upgrade, buy a bag of organic lemons, anything you buy that is bottled has been pasteurized, so it loses its vital enzymes. so adding the fresh…
  • i made a cake with cacao, goji’s, hemp seed, cashews and raw honey. definately has a zing to it.
  • hey moth, i think this is totally normal, i definately experienced this more than once. i got soooooo spaced out, it was good and bad. i think you need more nuts and seeds to ground you. if you are concerned about weightloss try sunflower, pumkin an…
  • skin brush and lots of showers/baths. psyllium husk, bentonite clay, loads of juicing. lots of lemons
  • yes! i am Type 1, although i was only diagnosed a few years ago. the raw diet has helped me tremendously, and given me hope where there was none. initially my insulin needs went way down, but it has leveled out. i notice the most dramatic difference…
  • to get those type of symptoms from high blood sugar, you would be dangerously diabetic, and i think you would have some other clues in how you are feeling day to day. extreme thirst, frequent urination, yeast infections that won’t go away, being ext…
  • my vote is for low blood sugar, hypoglycemia. at any point did you sweat profusely? how long ago had you eaten when this happened? on this diet it is important to eat a little something every few hours. if it is low blood sugar, you would feel bette…
  • as far as i know the only one that removes fluoride is a reverse osmosis sysytem.
  • i think this could be a very expensive venture to get started. but i wish you lots of success!
  • and what about the dry shredded coconut,? i buy organic, but i wonder about its rawness
  • ‘normal people’ might think i’m a conspiracy theorist, but sadly, truth is stranger than fiction.
  • and another link from the same site about the pineal gland. http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/pineal/