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  • Aha! That makes sense. Thank you much Ras.
  • Lisa- I used to have a similar problem while running track in jr. high. I gave up running track because of the injury... it was more of an IT band thing though. In college I would feel it, but just ran through it. I guess the best thing to do when y…
    in P90X Comment by Indysay
  • Hi Lisa.. once I run my marathon in a couple of weeks, I'm going to start "P90X"ing myself. Would be fun to compare notes on the workout. Do you have a good place to do pull ups? We've been looking all over our house (rental) for a place to install …
    in P90X Comment by Indysay
  • That sounds like a great idea! I would like to try this. Have you done it before? How much chia? Do I do it right away or wait a few days? Any tips would be apprecaited.
  • That was GREAT information Rawmama, thank you so much!! I am a “non-food-waster” at heart, and probably live on the edge more than most when it comes to old food. But… I have at least picked all the “icky” looking berries out. Because no, I would no…
  • Wow, thanks for all the nice and thoughtful comments! What a cool community this is. And so necessary because this way of eating is so different from anything I’ve ever done. And I think about it all day most days. I’m sure in time it will get so I …
  • Loved your story and you are going to love this diet. I admire the way you talked it over with your fiance before really going for it. The tools can be expensive, but are so worth it and I find myself using them EVERY day. Can’t live without my blen…
  • Hi Rawbie… loved your post as I’m a mother of 2 as well. Having toddlers poses an interesting challenge when you’re raw because it’s hard enough to get them to eat cooked food let alone raw! I am doing pretty well though… daughter loves fruits and b…
  • Just wait – when your hubby witnesses how good you look and feel he’ll want to switch too. ;) Good luck!
    in New Here Comment by Indysay
  • I have a Ronco. It’s worked fine for most things EXCEPT I made some potato chips and they tasted funky and horrible (as Saraw mentioned above… yes… I did notice a funkiness to it and to some other stuff I’ve made).. but strangely, other people didn’…
  • I hope to find out more about this too. My brother is suffering from diverticulitis too. I told he and my sister-in-law he should try a raw diet, but my SIL said raw fruits and vieggies aggravate it. How could this be? There must be a way to get him…
    in diverticulitis Comment by Indysay