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  • Zoe – I have gained a bra size too!!! I didn’t really want to. They get in the way when I run. Does anyone know how to slow that down????/
    in Weightloss Comment by rfoodie
  • That is awesome!! I am happy for you all. I have lost only about 10 lbs, although I really wasn’t trying. IT feels great! I too, would like to keep going. As an athlete, I have written on this site before about preserving muscle, while leaning out. …
    in Weightloss Comment by rfoodie
  • dallasyb, Have you tried a smoothie from it. It really helps to make more than one meal at a time and not waste anything. Make your juice, and then take the pulp and put in the blender. Add some water and a banana! I find that the smoothie will stay…
  • Nuttgirl Hi Twin! LOL…. AS for the hemp – the ONLY Way that I tolerated it at all is to mix it with a green juice or smoothie that I also have agave in. I do feel a bit different when I do that, not sure if it is the additional protein or not! To my…
  • I Like it MUCH better than the hemp protein. It mixes well with a banana and some almond milk….yummy. Also, I just got Vega. It is a whole food meal replacement, for those that travel. I will let you know how it tastes.
  • Nuttgirl, Do you have any other spots in creased areas….elbows, back of knees, thighs. I could be the combination of heat rash, detox and a sunless tanner. Eczema is normally very itchy. Have you changed your detergents. Do you own pets? I too have …
  • Thank you for all of your tips and support. I have arrived in NJ with some fruit in hand. The hotel has a grocery service:-) YIPEEE!! That will cover me for the most part. The second challenge is that I am in sales, and at these meetings, lunches te…
  • Chriscarlton I have a question for you..I am a raw vegan, and also an exercise physiologist. As I work with athletes, including myself, who are raw..I find it incredible challenging. Trying to maintain mass of a runner is challenging for sure. It se…
  • riversanctuary Thank you! I do have food allergies (gluten and lactose) so I normally avoid that stuff. I hadn’t though of the liver detox. ..hmm…what do I do if it is getting worse by the day? Interesting that my traditional medicine md has no idea…
    in Am I detoxing?? Comment by rfoodie
  • I have a question about skin. I have developed two dark patches on my forehead and two under my eyes. My primary care is sending me to see a dermatologist b/c she can’t figure it out. I am at about 90% raw, mostly fruit, greens and nuts. I am wonder…
    in Am I detoxing?? Comment by rfoodie
  • Lils..Interesting point and I completely agree with eating protein after a workout. Although, fruit is not a bad option, as the body will pull that sugar in and help to repack the liver storage of glycogen. My question is that if you eat trail mix, …
  • As an newly raw exercise physiologist, I am having a hard time with this too. I will so far as to say that I have good workouts, I feel strong, yet my muscle mass is decreasing!!! I think alot has to do with calorie intake. I am trying to have somet…
  • Also – yesterday I took a bag of spinach with a frozen banana and some almond milk…What a great smoothie:-)
    in Freezing Bananas Comment by rfoodie
  • Rob07 – I am no expert, but I have tried with an without the peel! MUCH easier without the peel. I take the peel off when they are ripe and break them up into pieces and wrapped em up! I love eating them plain frozen,... it’s like a little treat:-)
    in Freezing Bananas Comment by rfoodie
  • Damzlfy I lost 10 lbs when I first started – fairly quickly. I am an avid exerciser, so that helped. I too am eating more fruits than anything, and at first it worked,,, but now, I seem to be more bloated and feel like I am gaining weight. I agree w…
  • Anybody know any Raw food talks in Boston?
  • How much of these foods do you feel your eating? I feel like I am eating too much, but I am hungry! I love just eating fruit all morning till dinner – but I have lost a lot of my muscle mass, and I am a bit crabby…Any helps with the must haves??
    in Raw Absolutes Comment by rfoodie
  • I still gravitate towards sweets too…dates especially! Are these really bad? What can I do to cut those cravings a bit….
    in Imported Produce Comment by rfoodie
  • MT As an exercise physiologist with a strong background, I can say first of all…CONGRATS at first realizing what is happening. Too many clients that I have worked with cannot grasp such insight about their ED, and they have lost the ability to grasp…
  • YES!!! All the time!! It is often followed by gas….Help anyone??
    in Stomach Gurgles Comment by rfoodie
  • Mooky I have been up there, but when you work in Boston it is hard to get to Beverly. It is a place I try to go on the weekend. It’s not great – but here in MA, there’s not much to compare it to! I loved Cilantro in San Diego:-) I find it interestin…
  • Socal Thanks for the input! I am new to the raw concept(6 months ago) and really just trying to educate myself. Where do you think/Who do you think is 1. knowledgeable 2. Credible 3. Realistic??
  • Definely let me know! I am thrilled!! SoCal – Why not Sunfood? What do you think of David Wolfe? They are huge supporters of olives that’s for sure!
  • Thank you so much for all your helo – Zoe – When is that restaurant coming!! What do you all think about sushi? I read mixed things?? SoCal – you are so right. Once I get off,,, I find myself going days of having “just a bite” of cooked food. It rea…
  • Is that all you eat is fruit?? Now, I know greens have some protein – but what about fruit> Do you worry about candida?
  • Jen I feel the same way and would love an answer! I have been trying raw for about 5 months now. I was totally raw from Jan to March and felt GREAT!! I mean my skin cleared up, I felt awesome. Then, I had some work travel come up, and the other list…
  • deasmiles, I have gone on and off raw due to work and my face is totally breaking out too!!!! Any help!!!!
  • juleskess – what is the master cleanser – I think that I have heard of it, but can you refresh me?
    in evil awful gas Comment by rfoodie
  • As for mood swings, I had the same thing. I was basically eating fruit till 4pm or so, then having a big salad with avo for dinner – and maybe some cacao for dessert. At first, I too had a ton of energy….then the mood swings hit. I think that, in my…