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  • thanks Powerlifer. I picked up some bitter herbs, maca and milk thistle. I'm guessing I should use the bitter herbs twice a day pre meal and then take the maca and milk thistle whenever? I also had been taking a daily multiple, calcium supplements, …
  • I just wanted to add my love for Kombucha! I typically drink about 3 or 4 a week.. and just recently was on vacation for about two weeks without it. My digestion was much much slower! I really think it helps.. plus all those nice b vitamins!
  • Pure food and Wine is super fab! I had the coconut noodles and a cheese/cracker appetizer.. both excellent.. my husband had the corn tamales and they were great too.. I check in my raw food real world book and no luck.. anyone have any other ideas?
  • I have that book and didn't even think to check it! that dessert was amazing.. best raw thing I've had!
  • 1) bananas 2) Romaine 3) apples 4) dates 5) almond butter 6) avocado 7) kelp noodles 8) carrot juice 9) walnut brownies 10) nut cheese
  • my legs always feel like lead when I try to run while fasting (master cleanse and juicing) and I can do some pretty good distances normally so I'd say no running while fasting.. maybe yoga or walking instead
  • thanks for the suggestions!
  • I'm going to juice fast next week.. and for something different.. am going to use my blendtec blender then strain with nutmilk bag instead of my juicer. I have a breville juicer and have found on a juice fast I feel like I waste way too much produce…
    in JUICE FAST!!! Comment by kminty3
  • Like Pirawna I use soy ocassionally and try to make what I feel are the best choices. I love miso soup and will eat that with chunks of tofu in it. I don't do soy cheese or protein bars, but will use tempeh at times. I'm moderate to high raw but veg…
    in Tofu? Comment by kminty3
  • I would love to buy this..please email me at kminty3@hotmail.com
  • can someone recommend (whose had positive results) a good brand of msn? I"ve got some in a pill form and never felt like it worked..
    in stretch marks... Comment by kminty3
  • I've been into making a simple carrot/ginger soup by lightly heating some onion and celery then adding carrots, some water with sea salt and other spices including powdered ginger, then blending delish
    in Some Inspiration Comment by kminty3
  • i agree it's seems like a difficult lifestyle.. I've been eating a lot of cooked vegan food.. but I have my raw things that I love and will probably eat forever. My goal is to keep finding raw things that I love so that I just gravitate to those mor…
  • I'm not as raw as I used to be (been eating cooked vegan dinners) BUT when I was very very raw, I did use nut yeast and maple.. I like in Upstate NY and am friends with a maple producer so that's a must for me! I figure it's very natural, although h…
  • I actually think the wine making process is consistant with a raw diet.. when done by small boutique vineyards.. Some of the larger vineyards and well known names may be less pure in their process, which I don't trust. I will admit a bias though, I …
    in is wine raw? Comment by kminty3
  • I would use some smooth move tea at night.. 7 days should be a great cleanse!
    in Juicing Relief Comment by kminty3
  • just my two cetns emptpdmom.. I'd do the MC before any water fast. I did both.. and found the MC so so so much easier. i had planned a 72 hour water fast and it was very very difficult.. I did the MC for 10 days with very little issues. I've also do…
    in Water Fasting Comment by kminty3
  • I do think it can be hard to socialize with others.. especially during the holidays. I found myself just staying vegan and not worrying about raw as much (at dinner at least :)
  • I just buy it loose.. and use a french press
  • I drink both green tea and yerba mate tea.. I think the benefits outweigh the little bit of caffeine
  • I love Ani Pyo's book and also anything by Natalia Rose. I know NR is usually at Borders.. Carol Alt's book is good if you are just getting started but she is not vegan
  • I mostly gravitate toward sweeter, lighter food but sometimes my body just craves fat and the taste of it is , at those times.. very good!
  • I've actually been thinking of trying something similiar but (don't laugh) trimming my eating to twice a day.. once around 1 and then around 7.. giving my body lots or hours to digest.. right now I swear I eat like 5 times a day! my poor... slow.. d…
    in one meal a day Comment by kminty3
  • I lived in Klamath Falls for six years and everyone in that area thought the whole blue/green algae thing was such a joke because no one would ever touch the lake let alone eat anything out of it..
    in Klamath Lake Comment by kminty3
  • Don't feel bad.. I "cheat" all the time.. I don't think of it as cheating though because I'm no where near 100 percent. I eat all vegan though and I remind myself often that that in and of itself is a big step. I really love my wine too.. drink a gl…
  • I probably only lost about 10 pounds or less.. but I went from a size 8 to a 4 or sometimes 2
  • I agree with Angie.. I use these all the time! They also will soften if you make an asian type sauce with some almond butter/ sesame oil, it’s my favorite! I’ve found that I only like asian type sauces on my noodles and not italian style.. can’t rea…
  • Staples: Banana’s, NY apples, melon, zoe’s sunflower seed cheese Indulgences: brown rice noodles, tofutti (vegan sour cream), veganaise, vegan cookies from “down to earth” Five things I always have: raw almond butter, kelp noodles, romaine, sundried…
  • there are so wonderful products on www.poshorganix.com the woman who runs the site is a raw foodie and really educated about ingredients and such.. and I’ve noticed the prices are lower than anywhere else I’ve seen!
  • HEY!! have fun in Eugene. I don’t live there now but it’s my hometown.. I think as a raw vegan you shouldn’t have much trouble there.. especially with the vegan part