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  • papaya or figs - but both have to be really ripe to be good.
  • Yes, I think that local health food shops are the best places to check. I'm slowly seeing more and more raw products appear the shelves in shops near me but I still have to order a lot of specialist items (chia seeds, raw nuts etc.) online. I really…
    in Uk Ingredients Comment by violet
  • Thank you, I'm going to try it today with some banana and chopped coconut.
  • On my list of things to do this year is to start eating wild food... I live right by a woodland area, does anyone know what sort of things I should look out for?
    in Foraging Comment by violet
  • Thank you Suasoria. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.
  • Thank you all for the wealth of responses and especially to Happy Raw Girl for you long and insightful reply. I really do still feel that organic food will be better for my body (although my boyfriend disputes this) so I will continue to buy organic…
  • I have never eaten just one meal a day over a length of time but I have done it before and I know exactly what you mean. I find that I am so much more productive and clear headed on an empty stomach, however unlike you I tend to eat towards the end …
    in One Meal A Day Comment by violet
  • I love to have a simple base for a salad and add different combinations of fresh herbs. A mixture of greens, lots of herbs, lemon juice, cold pressed olive oil, avocado, perhaps a few almonds... that's my perfect salad.
    in any salad ideas? Comment by violet
  • ^ hear, hear!
    in The Other 30% Comment by violet
  • This sounds gorgeous, thank you for the idea.
    in Lemon Bars Comment by violet
  • Thank you for your advice, I'm going to see if there are any Asian supermarkets around here. Would substituting regular coconut be out of the question? I'm guessing it's the difference in texture of the flesh which is the problem.
  • You can make a sort of chocolatey breakfast by soaking them in nut milk, cacao powder, lucuma powder (or another sweetener) then I like to add cacao nibs, goji berries, grated apples etc. I've also seen them added to green smoothies but I haven't tr…
    in Chia Seeds Comment by violet
  • No but my Mum knows a couple because she teaches on a nutrition course, but she isn't raw herself.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  • Oh I'm from the UK so shipping would be a problem I guess. It sounds good though, and although I'm trying to be as raw as possible I don't mind making exceptions.
    in Craving Tahini Comment by violet
  • Also thai-hini sounds really appealing. Are you making it to sell?
    in Craving Tahini Comment by violet
  • I have the same problem with nut butters! I cannot get my little finger out the jar once it's opened (yes, I eat it straight from the jar). Maybe it's the fat that I crave. I am also craving tahini now, it sounds really good with bell peppers. x
    in Craving Tahini Comment by violet
  • I love this idea. Today I made an iced tea with a splash of lemon and used apple juice as the sweetener. I will have to try a tea smoothie.
  • I stopped the challenge after about 1 week because I don't feel that it is right for me, I didn't like the restriction of labeling myself as 100% raw and prefer to trust myself to make the right food decisions as they are presented to me. I eat all …
  • ^ I'm definitely making that shake. Thank you for the recipe. Today, I ate a fig and then a green tea and threw up. Has anyone else had this experience with tea? I have been sick from drinking tea before, usually when on an empty stomach. Then to se…
  • :) everybody is doing so well. I was having an yummy food day yesterday. I drank lots of water in the morning. Then I made a cucumber carpaccio with balsamic figs (from Russell James' e-book) served with an almond pate. I drank some hazelnut milk an…
  • Perhaps you could take extra raw snacks to work with you so you're not so tempted by the snack bins.
  • ^ I think the best thing you can do is forget it ever happened and carry on as normal - it seems like you eat wonderfully most of the time. I had a really bad day last week where I ate so much cheese and spelt bread and then almost 100g of dark choc…
  • I ended up having: Green salad with lots of herbs, fresh figs, cucumber, half an avocado and olive oil. 3 dates 1 small banana with a little raw almond butter A bowl of raspberries, grapes, blueberries and fig slices with a touch of cayenne pepper. …
  • ^ oh dear I can see potatoes and red cabbage going into the oven, it's not fair why did we have to have a big cooked family meal today when I'm trying to stay raw :(
  • I am jealous of all of the fruit being consumed. I was going to start my month of 100% raw with a water fast to give my body a break and I have done one day so far. It was surprisingly easy and I really enjoyed getting lots of work done without the …
  • AVL - People at work are always buying me chocolate and biscuits, it is sweet but I wish they wouldn't. They always read the ingredients to me because they know I'm fussy but even though I don't want to eat any of those ingredients I always feel bad…
  • I'd love to join in but I have a birthday meal to go to tomorrow which will probably involve bread and cheese, so I'm going to join late (on the third) if that's okay.
  • Plain yoghurt with honey. This is my comfort food.
  • I remember after drinking my first blended salad my whole body felt like it was singing with happiness.