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  • Thanks everyone, I think basically my body is small and slow, so I need to up the exercise and cut the calories (DARN! The old fashioned advice!)
  • Hey bean! I know there are others out there with our plight :( And finals are not going well, that's for sure! Too many tests at once + too little time = bad grades lol
  • We’re getting an earthquake??!? OMG how exciting. I, for one, LOVE california for the most part. A few parts (money) I could leave behind. There is a huge variety of foods available year-round depending on where you shop. I’d say the BEST area for a…
  • Bday is oct 26, 1988….so I’m a scorpio :)
  • Hey, I have the SAME EXACT issue, so don’t feel alone. And I’ve been for for gasp 2 years now. I hope that doesn’t sound discouraging. I’m not overweight, but I have alot of excess body fat, so I’m not bikini ready by any means. I too was hoping to …
    in Weight Loss Comment by Kyko
  • TOOONS of people do just what you’re doing, and swear by it – make the smoothies, and travel with them. If it works, it works! From what I’ve heard, over time you tolerate the green part more and more, and you’ll end up with less fruity smoothies, s…
  • I’ve tested my body fat with wimpy online calculators, and the electric thing on my treadmill – the range is anywhere from 19-30% BF. It’s lame. You can tell just by looking at me that I have alot of excess body fat, and it’s mostly on my middle. My…
  • Thanks for all the ideas, I REALLY appreciate it. I got RIGHT on it, and I started doing/incorporating strength training from a book by Joyce Vedral into my routine. My arms are sore! haha. I can’t do the full routine yet, but I’m learning the moves…
  • Ah, that too. I go #2 (LOL) 2+ times per day, so I’ve thought of that too….blahhh
  • I’ve thought over the stress part, and it’s a possibility. My weight is mostly around my middle/hips/waist/thighs, which screams of cortisol. I’d be fine with the extra fat if it was in my boobs or butt :p I also thought it was due to inactivity, so…
  • Well I’ve been raw for 2 years now, every now and then(maybe once a month) having non-raw items like home popped corn and steamed veggies. I drink water and tea like there is no tomorrow (I pee all day :p) and when I’m not overcome with schoolwork a…
  • Well, I don’t mind the weight number itself, but I have alot of body fat.
  • Mine never turn out “green” because strawberries etc. make it pink…
    in Green Smoothies Comment by Kyko
  • I love Matcha green tea…drinking tea, however non raw it is, keeps me from consuming other far more damaging items. It keeps me hydrated, keeps my mouth busy and …it’s ritual that gives me peace and calm when I need it! I love tea.
  • Maybe unacceptable to mention, but I found a rice protein powder by Nutribiotic that says that it is kept under 90 degrees during processing to retain enzyme function. Of course it’s not a WHOLE food, but it gives me peace of mind to use that and He…
    in protein levels Comment by Kyko
  • You are some lucky fat eating losers! (weight losers, that is!) I gain a pound just looking at nuts! I’m a short gal, but I have to eat very cleanly, and mostly veggies to lose weight…
    in Fat Burning Nuts? Comment by Kyko