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  • That is truly appalling. Thank goodness that isn't the case here in Britain.
  • Same goes for taste- as our taste buds vary from person to person. And some things in nature don't taste that great but are full of goodn ess and some taste good but are deadly! An example- I read in a fungi book while back that there is an extremel…
  • I don't know too much about cayenne and alleged toxicity but lemon juice would sting the eyes too! Not heard lemons are toxic.
  • "Hi Greenwood, how do you prepare the Slippery Elm? I could only find it in powder form, and the store clerk offered me tea bags to put them in." I was lucky to get it in tablet form- I took one after each meal. But if you can only find the powder- …
  • You might like to know that I was suffering from extremely bad acid reflux a year ago and Slippery Elm got rid of it in 2 days. It is brilliant- it heals it all up! Not had a problem since- not even indigestion.
  • Actually the more reguarly one eats garlic the less the effect of the smell. I eat it every day pretty much ( not in huge amounts) and I don't smell of it at all- I know this is true as my mother hates garlic and I have often asked her if she can sm…
  • Sorry to hear that- poor little ones. It could be a junk food intolerance- dairy and sugar but it could also have been bacteria on the food. I would advise giving them nothing to eat for 24 hours just water. I hope they are better soon.
  • Poor thing- she might have an intolerance to the diary and sugar. I haven't children so maybe not the best advice- but I would give her just water and let her tummy settle. Your health store might have some suitable tummy upset herbs.Hope she is bet…
  • It is normal for a woman to bleed every month. I'm not talking about very heavy flows in conditions like endometriosis, but women stop bleeding when they are malnourished. Underweight and anoxeric women being an example. I'm 42 and have light flows …
    in No Period? Comment by greenwood
  • Whilst it is important to have greens and fruit in the diet one also needs a little fat - some vitamins need fat to be synthesised by the body- and the nervous system needs fat- there is fat sheath covering the nerve ganglia. Also one needs a little…
    in No Period? Comment by greenwood
  • Thanks for the replies- a friend told me they can be eaten sprouted but they went a bit mouldy overnight, and he said it is too cold to plant them now, so they will have to be composted. Poor beans.I won't leave beans in their pods again. :(
  • Poor dog. I wish I could advise you- but I have never had a companion dog live with me- I'm allergic to their fur. Wouldn't your family or some friends club together to lend you the money for the vet's?
  • Is honeydew the one with the soft orange flesh? I got one in my organic order- cut it open yesterday and had half- it is delicious. Had some more today and got one piece left in the fridge. So sweet, fragrant and full of juice!
  • It depends how much is tons beaglelove- I don't know the weight of how much to eat and how much is too much, but my advice is a balanced diet, a variety of foods every day.
  • Did it taste nice though? I like red grapes with berries. :)
  • The one I made 2 days ago was better- I put the fruit in (it wasn't a lot) blended it- then added soem red grape juice and blended again. The fruit didn't go that smooth - my friend thought it might be either because it is a cheap smoothie maker or …
  • It is a smoothie maker and I only have been putting fruit in it Caleb. It isn't an expensive one- it was about
  • I wasn't adding much water, or I thought I wasn't...the froth doesn't go after either. I'll try adding less water/juice and see if it stops happening! Thanks. I thought smoothie making would be easy lol. Mine look nothing like the photos in the book…
  • They just want to justify eating animal corpses.
  • I was just having a little teasing moment powerlifer...;)
  • Not all women like muscle men anyway...wink..
  • I try to get organic watercress powerlifer.Not always possible tho. I'll get some seaweed from Mattas tommorrow. I was looking at iodine online just now and it says that an adult only needs one teaspoon of iodine their whole lifetime- so we don't ne…
  • Don't forget watercress powerlifer ;) I've met quite a few strong healthy vegan guys- in fact most of them I have met have had great physiques- not underweight at all. I knew one who was close to 50, quite muscular, and cycled everywhere and worked …
  • Jonsi and Alex! I love their music and went on their website and saw their raw vegan recipes. I hadn't been right anyway- chronic eczema so together with their beautiful food recipes which are such an inspiration, and wanting to eat better purer foo…
  • How awful Cami. It really makes me cross how these big companies poison our land, food and air. I wish you a speedy recovery x
  • If you are high raw like me rye crackers are good- we have a brand called ryvita here that are wholesome- I love the pumpkin seed ones with organic peanut butter on for breakfasts.
  • I think a raw pie is the best bet. You could make one of the raw pies on here or Jonsi and Alex's strawberry pie- nice and filling (see link on this site)- it keeps for about 3 days in the fridge- so you could make a pie every 3 days for breakfast. …
  • Don't you have a staff fridge to store the smoothies in raw passion? I know some work places have them, but others don't. the last place I worked in wouldn't let staff store their food in the canteen fridges and all their meals were stodgy fatty coo…
  • "Just treat the cause and stop eating an acid forming diet. Get rid of the animal products for one. Load up on sweet fruits, water, sun, fun, exercise and sleep. Ive tested my PH and it is alkaline on an 811 lifestyle everytime." Well, I was addicte…
  • Before I went high raw vegan I suspected wheat was an allergen for me (I have been standard vegan since last year) and would take in my own wheat free biscuits and milk free chocolate to coffee shops when I met my mum-I would even share them with my…