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  • Kidney infections are serious and if not treated properly the bacteria causing the infection can back up into the blood stream = super bad. If you have concerns and are in pain, please see a health practitioner. At that point, you can also ask his/h…
  • wichten - I have never tried chia seed pudding, I will check out the recepies here and try some out!! Thank you for that idea!! sv3 - I think you are right, fruit will probablly end up being my staple. I have a lot dried so far and will pick up some…
  • So, I thought before I left i would share my menu and see if there are any comments and/or suggestions. ~Powdered green smoothies - I have dehydrated everything seperatly and will pulverize together and put in individual bags for daily smoothies (re…
  • emtpdmom - thank you for sharing all those forum posts. I have found some information very useful! I can't get onto rawhike, going to try another computer. I really want to check it out as I have seen it referenced so many times!! jenoz - thanks for…
  • Thanks for the link Mary! I am going to take a class at a local organic farm on foraging - I know dandilions....but that's about it safely!! HA Pixx - I think I will try some reconstituting in the weeks to come. I guess for 10 or so days I can eat t…
  • oh....and anyone really good at the advanced search (slowly getting the hang of it) I would love some insight so I can get even more ideas! Thanks!
  • I found when I started eating raw desserts with agave or maple syrup (ok - not raw) or honey, I began craving that sweetness and I would binge like I did on a SAD diet when I decided a piece of cake was ok. I have found that substituting with banana…
  • Wow - thanks for all the great ideas!! I can't wait to try it again.!
  • So I cut it into squares and dehydrated that way (thanks for the idea!). Now the edges of each peice are good and though the middle is still a bit moist, I don't think it's too bad. Packed some for husband's lunch today so we'll see what he says!! I…
  • Today I had: 1 cantaloupe 4 apricots (so happy they are in season!!) salad w/ salsa for dressing (my new favorite thing!) 2 apples blended soup I am trying to come up with other things for my afternoon snack - I always need something around 2 and I …
    in What You Ate Today Comment by Shazam
  • I also do many of the "physical" things here - ~currently wearing a scarf and have knitted quite a collection so I have one to match almost every concievable outfit ~drink warm water/herbal tea ~have a heater under my desk ~layers, layers, layers BU…
    in Cold, Cold, Cold!!! Comment by Shazam
  • I have had LOADS of blood taken as my husband and I are on a "baby journey" as well. I wish you the best of luck....I know how it goes. I always drink an extra litre of water the day BEFORE I have to have blood drawn or the day before I give blood. …
  • Hey there. Though I have been using mostly raw and lots of green smoothies to clear my acne I thought I would give you this info as well. I get infused oils and tinctures from a great farm in Maine called Blessed Maine Herbs. The website is http://b…
    in Lavender Oil Comment by Shazam
  • I suffered with bad acne for most of my life starting around 12 (go figure) and I am now 31. I have tried every lotion, potion, prescription and suggestion. I started much the same way cheerydeb did with wholefoods and have been eating more and more…
    in acne Comment by Shazam
  • yes I was. got so excited about it! Now I’ll have to figure out how to upload a pic…. Thank you!
  • What do you have at the Farmer’s Market in in Nov? Maybe you could revamp one of the tibuli (have NO idea how to spell that!) recipes that use winter squash or cauliflower in place of the pasta? I like the ratatouille idea too!
    in fall/local recipes? Comment by Shazam
  • There are some great pumpkin pie recipes here! That’s what I’d do with a sugarpie pumpkin – as the name suggests they are sweet.
    in Sugarpie Pumpkin? Comment by Shazam
  • I love using lemon balm. Tried adding basil to the lemon balm a few times this summer and found it quite nice. Would love some other recepies for tea using basil! Mint is out of control in my garden so I do use a lot of that.
    in Is tea ok? Comment by Shazam
  • I make my own sun teas with fresh herbs from my window garden. In the morning I pick and crush the herbs, add water and set in the window. By the time I get home I have nice warm fresh tea! Don’t think the water can get over 105 by doing this, thoug…
    in Is tea ok? Comment by Shazam
  • Thank you for all your suggestions everyone! No, Zoe, I don’t have a dehydrator. I have a halogen oven with a convection setting so I am trying to figure out if that will work but that’s another post. I have been trying to incorporate many more gree…
  • Thanks everyone. I feel more clam now. I have been really inspired as of late, just completely ready t make this change and the thought of getting sick made me anxious. This is a really positive place to be!
  • Thank you! I feel like I am doing an ok job now. I have been doing a huge green smoothie/soup in the evenings and the past two nights have added flax oil to them. Forgive my ignorance, but what is psyllium husk? And where can I get an enema bag? I k…
  • wailing Woman, nope not Peaks, Westport Island. It’s actually an hour out of Portland and closer to Boothbay but Portland tends to be more of an landmark. I almost went to school at UMO!
  • On an island off Portland, Maine :)