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  • You can get tons of varieties of vegetables, fruits and nuts very easily in India. If you can’t do without superfoods, I’d recommend you carry your own. If you are not 100% raw, I second sweetpea’s suggestion of having atleast 1 cooked meal while yo…
  • Austin, TX. It’s called “Live music capital of the world” for a reason. Even in grocery stores you see people playing music. And everyone is so cool about it. There’s a raw foods section in WF headquarters located on 6th/Lamar st. There’s also a ver…
  • 1. Fenugreek, Mung bean sprouts and soaked Almonds, Walnuts. 2. Veg Biriyani (Rice cooked with lots of vegetables), may be once in a week or fortnight. 3. Raisins, nuts, seeds, spices.
  • Zoe, sounds like you had lots of fun in India. The only thing I wanted to add is that price of hotels is lot more than in 1993. When I was in college (1991-1995) in Delhi, we used to get an average hotel room for around $4-$5. Now you won’t get anyt…
  • I second Tiny1, try mung bean sprouts and see if it works for you. If you don’t like to eat them plain you can add some vegetables/fruits, dressing, oil, salt etc.
  • pianissima….no idea.
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  • Answers: 1. Yes, I do eat nuts. 2. I don’t know yet if they are the best for me or not, right now I’m liking them and I eat them daily. I eat 10-15 soaked Walnuts with my lunch, and 10-15 soaked/de-skinned Almonds for dinner, daily. And I get my Alm…
    in what a nut! Comment by tggoesraw
  • I don’t know where you are from, please try baby bananas, if you can get them. Here in Austin, they are abundant. Plantain is used like a vegetable, I don’t think you can eat them raw, even if they are ripe. Also plantain is starchy (sometimes it’s …
  • Lentils/legumes are difficult to digest and usually cause gas, if one’s digestion is weak. The larger the seed, the more difficult it is, I read somewhere. Mung beans are the only beans that are considered easy to digest, and they are the best of th…
  • Green Papaya is used like a vegetable, you can make curries out of it. If you buy a un-ripe papaya, let it sit on counter for a couple of days until it softens and develops yellowish-red colour.
  • I do own one. I sincerely believe it’s good.
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  • “are they at their most nutritious when the tail is the same length as the bean/seed/grain then?” That’s true, in case of Mung beans, for sure. I don’t know about others.
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  • The taste of sprouts varies as they grow; for ex, sesame sprouts become bitter when they are sprouted for more than 2 days. You may have to experiment and see how long you like your sprouts to be. As a general rule, keep the length of the tail same …
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  • Indian Curry Sauce is the main culprit in acid reflux/burning sensations etc. Even if he cannot give up other stuff, just ask him to cut down on curries. That will improve his condition a lot. As SinzOfMan pointed out, Papaya is the best answer for …
  • There used to be a vegan restaurant called good karma right in the heart of downtown San Jose. I visited this place once in Nov’06 when I was working there.
  • Hi JackAttack, I’ve exactly the same problem. Daily before leaving to office, I wish nobody would bring doughnuts, cakes etc and ruin my day. Good thing is it’s really not a daily affair at our office. I only wish I’m determined enough to resist tho…
  • I’m not aware of this survey, can you please point me to correct place where it was announced/happened? Are you still taking inputs.
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  • Some dates are steam cooked to make them look plump-ier. Try organic variety.
  • No, I don’t have cheesecloth, but I drain them completely by shaking vigorously. You can try keeping the jar in a tilted position for around 5 minutes after rinsing, and drain the remaining water again.
  • What kind of beans are you trying to sprout? May be you are rinsing too many times in a day. I’m not sure, but try rinsing not more than once in 8 hours, and drain completely after rinsing. This is perhaps more important.
  • Lie in Shavasana before going to sleep. This also helps in getting relaxing sleep. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savasana
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  • queenfluff, gentle massage to scalp, face, ears and feet with some oil (preferably sesame) for 20-30 min before going to bed, will help in getting deep sleep. Reducing/Avoiding salt intake also helps in feeling restful. Salt is an irritant (especial…
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  • I’m not sure if there are any juicier sprouts or nutritional downsides if you juice them. They are good to eat on their own or with little chopped toamto/cucumber/cilantro/lime juice dressing for beany sprouts. Please check my recipe, if you don’t l…
  • Either they might have been heat processed (not raw) or simply just a bad batch.
  • soaking starts sprouting process. You soak a nut/seed typically for a period of 8-12 hours, drain the water, and keep rinsing and draining every 8-12 hours until you see those little “tails”. For most of the seeds/nuts it takes 2 days for those “tai…
  • It must be one of those mock meats
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  • troublesjustabubble- Thanks for your concern. I get up very late and by the time I’m done with my chores it’s already lunch time for regular folks. So I call it lunch even though it’s actually a brunch kinda thing for me.
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  • Under normal circumstances, I eat steamed/saute’ed vegetables (usually bean varieties, beetroot, squash varieties) for dinner, along with sprouts or salad. Lunch is completely raw. no breakfast, no snacks in between. Whenever there is free food avai…
    in Our Downfall Comment by tggoesraw
  • Hi beate64, I’m an Indian and you’ve take into consideration that most of us have smaller frames and usually less weight. If I compare with my friends of my age, I’m only short by 15-20 lbs.
  • I’m 35, 5’9”, Weight varies between 120 to 125 lbs