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  • I think this is something that will change as your body gets used to eating only raw food. You'll probably have to eat a lot of food for the first six months or so just to feel satisfied, though!
  • Some people have a hard time when they try to go 100% all at once. You might want to try being raw for breakfast and lunch and then having whatever you want for dinner. That way you don't have to get EVERYTHING cooked you want all at once, since you…
  • I don't know if this is true, but I heard that in traditional Chinese medicine, they advise you to eat/drink cold foods in the winter and hot foods in the summer. This seems contradictory, but apparently you're body has to heat up the cold food/drin…
  • I have HEARD that coconut milk is the closest thing in nature to mother's milk (it can also be substituted for blood plasma). I don't know whether this is true, but it is worth checking out.
  • Oh yeah, I also started craving raw foods again in my 2nd trimester. So give it time and you may just come back to it naturally!
  • I can totally relate...in my first pregnancy, I wasn't liking raw foods at all. I had a few cravings for cooked food, but I was actually turned off of food in general. It was strange, since I wasn't feeling morning sickness. I just tried to eat thin…
  • I think the first thing I gave my baby was watermelon when she was 6 or 7 months old, when she started showing interest in food. Sometimes I would mash up banana with avocado, or blend up some fruit, like eecho said. Then I started getting more fanc…
  • TheGardenDiet.com TheGardenBaby.com :)
  • My little girl is 9 months, and she is almost entirely breast fed. I always had it in my mind that I would breast feed her exclusively for a year, but somewhere around 7 months, she showed a VERY keen interest in food, started grabbing stuff off my …
  • All raw, all vegan (except honey). I totally enjoy my food, don’t even think about meat anymore. Anything else I crave, I have come up with a more wonderful substitute. It really helps to be around people who eat the same way you do…
  • Ah, I see…So…can you eat sprouts, since those come from a seed?
  • That article says peppers are a vegetable. Is that allowed in a fruitarian diet?
  • Yes, this list rings so true for me… there’s always something underwater in my kitchen, and it never crosses my mind to visit “the other side” of the grocery store anymore
  • I agree with bitt. The more greens you get via smoothies or salads, the more your body will want them. Also, just keep nice clean snacks on hand like celery, jicama (cut up like chips), baby bok choy, cucumbers, etc.
  • I’m a musician/filmmaker – www.youtube.com/juliepitcher
  • I like to take seaweed and put it in the sun so it gets crispy. Satisfies all my salty cravings.
  • This is probably how people justify fruitarianism, the least violent way to eat. I think that plants do have feelings, even if they don’t have a nervous system like ours, they are alive and are conscious on some level we may never understand. This i…
  • It has been my experience that you won’t, unless you are eating really big portions of nuts more than once a day, and even then I don’t think you would gain that much. I also went through a long phase of raw where I ate every raw food in sight, but …
  • Hi Froemer, What are your eating habits like right now? Because if you still eat a SAD diet, you may want to consider just going vegan first before you jump into raw. Though it really depends on your personality, if you are an all-or-nothing person,…
  • I also like putting it in my water…What are the benefits of drinking it when awakening and going to sleep? Do you drink it straight?
  • Wow! I have the same issue with nut butter, I will definitely try that… Did you use brown or golden flax?
  • I would think green juices and fruit juices would be great too, since you don’t have to worry about the fiber.
  • Susieb07 – If you eat a wide variety of raw foods, I’m sure you’ll be fine… A couple of my staple foods were fresh squeezed OJ, which has a lot of folic acid, which is what most prenatal doctors prescribe, also raisins for iron, tahini smoothies and…
  • I just had a successful raw pregnancy, and would highly recommend it. It was awesome, a very positive experience. I kept a blog about it (that needs to be updated) at www.thegardenbaby.com I personally don’t think cacao is a good idea…when I eat it …
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  • Au Lac in Fountain Valley is awesome, if you like Asian cuisine, chef Edo has an two menus and two kitchens, one for cooked vegan and one for raw vegan. Then there’s Planet Raw in Malibu – that’s Juliano’s, Euphoria loves rawvolution is in Malibu to…
  • Seize, try Storm’s ebook ,”Raw Vegan Body Building Muscle Mass” at thegardendiet.com. He’s almost 60 years old and still known for his body builders physique after being raw for over 35 years.
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  • Congratulations! I just successfully completed a raw pregnancy, and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. For me, the hardest part was my first trimester where I actually started craving meat, but I didn’t succumb, I’m happy to say. Make sure to…
  • I have a raw pregnancy/parenting blog at www.TheGardenBaby.com I also have videos of recipes and some other things on there...
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