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  • Hi, I haven’t posted in a while, but over the last year and a half that I’ve been been opening young coconuts I’ve become quite proficient at opening them. Lay the coconut sideways on a cutting board. Take a sharp cleaver and…make sure you put one h…
  • Well, since this post was started I guess I’ll put my 1 2/3 cents in. Yes, rawdance, you are truly unique. Your enthusiasm and caring shines through. Keep up the good work!
    in TheRawDance Comment by Sue
  • wow, thanks for the info. I am severely allergic to poison ivy/oak. I’ve never eaten a fresh mango (luckily, because I would probably have a reaction) only frozen, so I guess I’ll keep doing the same.
  • Hey queenfluff. I would have responded sooner but this site can be so slow sometimes. I have always been a firm believer in getting checked out when something is not right. In the past year and a half, since I’ve been raw, I have had “frozen shoulde…
    in Sacroiliac Joints ? Comment by Sue
  • Give me sunshine and white sandy beaches over snow any day of the week! I actually love to ski and have gone skiing in sub-zero temps, but over the years the cold has become less of a friend to me. I live in NY where we have all the seasons, but giv…
  • petalouda, I think overeating refers to the amount of food you ingest in one sitting, whether it be totally organic and raw, or really, really baaaaad for you…..Obviously, organic and raw is way more healthy..but the issue is not “what” you are eati…
    in Overeating Comment by Sue
  • While diet can definitely affect your period, the reason you get it in the first place is because every month you ovulate, and when the egg doesn’t get fertilized it evetually sheds its lining, resulting in menstruation. The only time I never got my…
  • The only thing I ever used mulberries for was a trail mix. Mix almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, goji berries, mulberries and raisins. I also throw in some cocoa nibs. Awesome stuff when you need a quick energy boost.
    in mulberries everywhere Comment by Sue
  • There are many great books out on juicing. If you have a juicer you may want to try “Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices by Dr. Norman Walker; it’s a classic, or Juice Fasting, by Steve Meyerowitz. You can get plenty of good books for free in your lo…
    in Juice Feasting Comment by Sue
  • Water is water. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. The earth is 70% water. You need water. The type of water you drink should be as close to nature as possible. Unfortunately the technology of this planet has rendered regular tap water pretty much…
    in water Comment by Sue
  • I know there’s been a ton of topics on green smoothies but here it goes…My favorite, and easiest smoothie (assuming you have a vita-mix or high speed blender) is a combination of kale, spinach and romaine, sometimes with a little dandelion thrown in…
    in Green Smoothies! Comment by Sue
  • This is a topic that deserves a great deal more of exposure. Monsanto is a (mega-huge) company that actually tells the public that what it’s doing is “good” for the public. What a crock of shit!!(Pardon my language) Imagine if someone handed you an …
  • Guilty!!! I posted a raw lasagna recipe from Jennifer Cornbleet’s book, “Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people.” I gave her full credit and her book is filled with many more recipes so in a way it was free advertising for her book. A lot of times I’l…
    in Copyright material Comment by Sue
  • I noticed a difference too. I have none of the awful cramps and moodiness of my pre-raw food days.
    in pms on raw diet? Comment by Sue
  • hydrogen peroxide (about 3 drops) in each ear is supposed to be really good for treating ear infections. I tried it (not having an ear infection, but just to make sure it wasn’t dangerous and didn’t make me go deaf..:}, and it actually worked as a g…
    in Ear Infections Comment by Sue
  • rawkid…when you say “mesh sheets” are you talking about the rigid plastic sheets with lots of holes that come with the dehydrator?? I have an excalibur and I use the mesh sheets all the time. I think they’re better than the teflex because there is m…
  • Whole Foods at Union Square. Probably more expensive though.
    in Young coconuts in NYC? Comment by Sue
  • Wow ardes, if your bottle was over 4 oz, then I guess I over paid. Mine was 2oz for 10.95, but it was the only one they had and it’s a small health food store in walking distance of my job. If it’s that potent though, it should last quite a while.
    in The Wonders of GSE Comment by Sue
  • meditating & ardesmond, thanks for all the great advice on this product. I woke up with a cold sore yesterday. It’s the first one I’ve gotten since going raw over a year ago. I just went out and bought some gfe on my lunch hour. Can’t wait to tr…
    in The Wonders of GSE Comment by Sue
  • Iron??
  • I’ve had the same problem. Avocado’s seem to ripen really fast so unless you plan on eating a ripe one the same day you buy it, I would go for the green, firm skinned one and let it sit (only a day or 2) until it gets a little soft.
  • Interesting topic. Pianissima, you are so right, it’s not all that black and white. That’s why I love this site. There is so much food for thought (pardon the pun.) Ideally, the only food that doesn’t “hurt” to eat is the fruit of a tree, because yo…
  • Izhpt, I have given that DVD to some friends and family. I just love it. I don’t agree with the diet because a lot of it is cooked and it advocates absolutely no oil, but it is an awesome DVD and the part where they show the mistreatment of animals …
    in Radical lifestyle?? Comment by Sue
  • Roxi, mother-in-laws are suppose to say crazy things like that, that’s what they’re there for…(lol, sort of!!)
    in Radical lifestyle?? Comment by Sue
  • Unrefined coconut oil doesn’t raise cholesterol so I don’t think the flakes would either.
    in coconut flakes Comment by Sue
  • AKAA, I had to be there the same time as you. There were only 4, 2 person tables where I was sitting. I was in the 3rd one from the wall, right in front of the front window. I was facing the street and my daughter was facing the dining room. Maybe n…
    in Raw New Yorkers? Comment by Sue
  • nyc & akaa, Were you at pure food on friday?? I was there too. I was sitting up in front with my daughter. Too funny! I love that place but it’s a little tough on my wallet..lol
    in Raw New Yorkers? Comment by Sue
  • blizzful, just thought I’d add my 2 cents. I have had my vitamix for years, even before I started eating raw. It out-performs any regular blender on the market by far (with the exception of other expensive high speed blender’s which I can’t comment …
  • I’m lazy so I buy pre-washed when I can. When I can’t I just run them under contaminated tap water and spin the crap out of them in a salad spinner (dryer.)
  • As a mostly raw-fooder for over a year, I have to say that your skin does tend to “glow.” I guess after the pasty SAD diet wears off, the inner glow shines through.
    in Glowing Skin! Comment by Sue