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  • toys r us at 44th st and broadway (in the heart of times square) your kids will love it.
  • dogsup..I can’t say for certain if it’s the fiber that zonks you out. Maybe the combo of whatever you’re adding to your smoothie is too much for you to handle. I was eating raw and juicing (with a juicer, as opposed to a vitamix) for many months bef…
  • Hey dog, first of all, green smoothies aren’t a cure-all. They are actually a “fiber-filled” juice concoction. When you juice the stuff in a juicer, as opposed to a vita-mix/blender, you’re getting all the nutrients, minus the fiber, which is why yo…
  • I ordered it almost a year ago. I have only taken it a handful of times because it’s in my drawer and I usually forget. It’s very expensive and I haven’t seen any benefits that I can’t get by following a raw diet. My advice is, don’t waste your mone…
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  • ok, I’m with you guy’s (and gals) on this one.I would add more but enough positive stuff has been said so it would be redundant of me.
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by Sue
  • queenfluff, I’m sorry about your 401k loss. I agree, if you put the money under your mattress, at least you will still have the same amount. The down side of that is when the market is (or I should say “was”) good, you can earn way more interest. It…
  • Yes, looks like we’re in trouble. I just got my son’s college fund (he’s 12) statement and every penny I deposited for the past 3 months (1200.00) is GONE. I may as well have lit the money on fire for all the good it did. I don’t even want to look a…
  • I love coconut oil.Sometimes I use so much of it on my face because it smells so good and I can’t stop myself, that it ends up getting in my eyes and everything goes blurry. Then I have to drive to work all squinty-eyed so I can see. Since I discove…
    in Coconut Oil Comment by Sue
  • Annabelle77, same here. I tried the oil thing once but was too grossed out to continue. But since trouble/bubble had such good results, I think I’ll give it another go. By the way, treeoflife, I read somewhere (probably here) that the mango’s skin h…
  • I too am curious as to the “rawness” of the teff and sorghum, two grains I never heard of before reading about them here. I also checked the Bob’s Red Mill web site, and while the products looked great, there was no mention of these products being r…
    in raw flour.. how? Comment by Sue
  • lulushka8, sorry for the mis-info on my post. I changed “Iranian” to “Armenian” Thanks for the info. Kathykate, unfortunately, at least as of a year or two ago, Matthew Kenney & Sarma are no longer together. I found out one of the times I went t…
    in Raw Foodist Crushes Comment by Sue
  • The whole Boutenko family is adorable. I have a few of their books. Matt Amsden is also adorable, in a hippy kind of way. I read David Wolfe’s “Sunfood Diet Success” book cover to cover and thought it was awesome, but on a sour note, I don’t like th…
    in Raw Foodist Crushes Comment by Sue
  • I love that woman. Thanks for sharing. She’s hilarious, and I agree with everything she said.
  • I live in NY and have ordered from realrawfood.com a few times. I believe their products are truly raw. I can taste the difference between, say, their raw cashews and the supposedly raw cashews I have purchased elsewhere.
  • Well said rawry. it’s never “all or nothing,” it’s what works for you.
    in Interesting Read Comment by Sue
  • Rawry, I’ve read (extensively) this website, and a lot of it makes sense. What it boils (no-cooking reference intended..) down to, is how it makes you feel. If you’re really serious about exploring this way of eating, I think you’ll find that it rea…
    in Interesting Read Comment by Sue
  • I too have been doing the dry brush thing for about a year and I love it. It’s second nature to me and only takes about a minute in the am before I get in the shower. I think it has made a big difference in my skin texture and circulation. I would h…
    in Dry Brushing? Comment by Sue
  • Hey ardesmond. We’ve had this conversation about WF quite awhile back,and I know you’re not a big fan, but for the sake of newbies, I’ll repeat. I love Whole Foods. I’m sure they are not the same everywhere, but the one in White Plains NY is the one…
  • Don’t you guys realize that nobones is just yanking our chains???
    in The last few days Comment by Sue
  • chicory, you’re not alone. I went from “SAD” to raw overnight in January of 2007. Not an easy trip!! I live in New York. Needless to say, I was one cold b*#@h that winter. Being raw is so much easier when it’s warm and there are seasonal foods to en…
  • I agree with waterbaby. I have a vitamix and it puree’s everything but the kitchen sink, and it would puree that! Personally, I shuck the kale leaves from the thick stem just because that’s what I do, but with a powerful blender, I think you can thr…
  • Well, I hate to be a devil’s advocate, but when I want popcorn, I eat…...POPCORN. Cravings don’t go away overnight. It’s a process. If you crave something, have it! Don’t ever beat yourself up for it.
    in Popcorn Predicament Comment by Sue
  • Oh, and Quintessence. It’s very small but I had the only raw burger I ever ate and it was awesome. They also had great desserts.
    in Best Raw Restaurants Comment by Sue
  • Pure Food and Wine is, by far, my favorite. A little pricey but I’ve never been disappointed. The desserts are to die for and the lasagna is great. The menu changes so there’s always something new to try. I also like Caravan of Dreams, which is casu…
    in Best Raw Restaurants Comment by Sue
  • OK, I just had to reply to nobones. I am floored that you are concerned about the feelings of plants but yet have started another post that states you will eat a raw t-bone steak. WTF?? How can you be so concerned about the feelings of a plant, whic…
  • rawyummy, in answer to your question, I got my coconut butter from www.realrawfood.com. The label says”pure whole coconut ground to a smooth butter.”
    in coconut butter? Comment by Sue
  • rawyummy, I’m not home right now, but I will write a note to myself and check the fridge asap. I know I ordered it on line. Will get back to you on this late tonight or tomorrow.
    in coconut butter? Comment by Sue
  • I don’t think coconut oil and coconut butter are the same. I have both and the coconut butter definitely has a thicker consistency. I think the butter has coconut meat in it, while the oil does not.
    in coconut butter? Comment by Sue
  • I frappee’d a spoon in my vitamix. Luckily the motor was protected by the little gear gizmo on top of the base. The replacement was only ten bucks, but the container, which was pretty scratched up cost almost $100 to replace. The only other snafu wa…