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  • Wonder if the ban applys to the uk? my doc put me on statins but i heard from a doctor called Malcolm Kendrick you were four times more likely to get Alzheimers so i stopped taking them. Statins are the most widely used and most proffitable drug in …
    in Big Pharm Comment by badnews
  • Hi beanmonkee, i’m in Bolton, not that far away. I’ve not met another raw foodist in over 6yrs, so dont hold your breath, best of luck anyway. I came to raw through diabetes, searching for a cure. A german dentist, Johann Schnitzer pointed the way t…
    in Raw in Glasgow Comment by badnews
  • Saw something about this. Try looking at a fence near too, then slowly move away, then slowly back and forward, for half an hour, each and every day. Sorry, got a little poetic there, worth trying tho. Laser surgery is the way i went ages ago, i was…
    in Eye Sight Comment by badnews
  • Hi Meditating. The retailers are specialy trained, they won’t sell you a pair untill they’re satisfied they fit, and you know how to use them. My disability forces me to wear orthotics in my usual shoes, my fitter assured me i would’nt need them, i …
  • Hi gemini8 and southernlover, these swiss masai shoes are available worldwide, if you check out the website above it points you in the right direction. Yes, the wobble board, its the same principle, instability, all over skeletal and muscular workou…
  • Hi Zoe, i feel so much better for the MBT’s, my legs are getting stronger, I’m going for daily walks, my left foot had a painfull fallen arch which has improved enormously, considering the short time i have had them.
  • OK, I accept this is mainly a recipes site, its quite interesting. I like to browse and find interesting combinations, new tastes. But for many of us cooking was always a drag, going raw hasnt changed a thing. There is no need for Misscutecute to le…
  • Recent discovery, Celery helps prevent Alzheimers, not sure about cure tho. Had to visit an old friend in hospital, will never forget, we boxed together once, he was british middleweight champ.
  • Yesterday i saw someone on this site recomend carrot greens, which i thought were toxic, like rhubarb tops, i,d be very carefull about following advice on here, best trust your own judgement, if in doubt, leave out.
  • Check out www.swissmasai.co.uk for a workout whilst standing still.
  • Hi bitt, i’m jack, from england, our wheelie bins are collected weekly by the local council, we have four, Grey for domestic waste, Green, raw kitchen and garden waste, Brown, cans, glass and plastic, Red, cardboard and paper, each has its own colle…
  • 123, Pardon the force of my destructive nature if i got you wrong, thats religion, the whole thing is madness, lets let it go at that. cheerio for now.
  • 123, is that a flock of sheep i see? How significant is that? can i presume you see yourself as a shepherd. Take a look around you, the other creatures that share this planet with us are’nt worried, why should we be? Nature IS the most destructive e…
  • Hi kids. interesting post, i once made a vegi cheese made from ground sunflower seeds and bouillon powder, left to mature in a warm place, rolled into balls, its not raw though. Audrey’s point about media acceptance, what about fruitarians, some mig…
    in "Baby Mama" Comment by badnews
  • Triton co-polyester is Blendtecs replacement plastic for the old jug that gave of poisonous biphenol fumes, i came across that info on this site, dont think its available in England yet. I discovered Blendtech Totalblender HP3A marketed in the uk ex…
  • Hi Rawsiki, You could have a bowel infection like candida, its easy to check, just spit into a glass of water, if strings of spittle develop underneath you’ve got it, D-Mannose is the natural cure, stops adhesian of bacteria to the urinary tract and…
  • Take it from an old git like me, you’ve nothing to worry about, i’ve been 6yrs raw and 5yrs dry, i pee just like anybody else. People say, still not drinking jack, and i tell em no, i get the purest drink in the world, pure living nectar, i say, fil…
  • I kicked off with David Wolfe and he’s not often wrong, cacoa powder with greens and fruits and spices, maybe nuts and seeds also, smoothies i dig, why not have endless fun? Be experimental, bless this websight, it’s taught me to jot down my trials,…
  • Samson ultra sonic washer, thats what i use, fruit and veg stay fresh longer, gets rid of chemical residues, is that ok?
  • Because i’m diabetic its got to be smoothie, slower digestion, but if you need energy fast its gotta be juice.
    in juice vs. smoothie Comment by badnews
  • Microwaved water won’t sprout seeds, so i’ve heard, must try this. Tapwater makes a great bed tho, i’ve slept on one for years. I put a silver ring in the cats water after i heard it kept the water fresh, if you put it in a silver jug, could’nt affo…
    in Living Water Comment by badnews
  • hi Pianissima, you are correct, its not sustainable to use as much oil in 10 or 14yrs as in the whole of previous years. The doubling effect has taken place:-1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, etc, the rate of global oil consumption has doubled ever …
  • This post jumped off the page at me, i,d just logged in for the first time and there it was, i couldnt believe my eyes, this subject had been haunting me for days since viewing a youtube video on Energy Population and mathmatics by a uni prof in Col…
  • I,ve heard the source of B12 is the bacteria in our intestines.
    in Vitamin B-12 Comment by badnews
  • Hi folks, its mainly a lady thing, but yeh, i lost my virginity, watching these green bits of food float out, like some of you, i was led to expect more, its a ripoff.
    in cleaning the colon Comment by badnews
  • Tried bicarbonate of soda? Cleans most things,and its cheap. One more thing, it’s said to kill cancer on contact, Dr Simoncini say so in his book, Cancer is a Fungus.
    in cleaning the colon Comment by badnews
  • seems fine to me Mac using safari in uk
  • No your not the oldest, Waterbaby, i’m 63yrs next month, single, raw since 2002, drive a Smart, ride a recumbent bike, and sleep on a waterbed, just an old hippy really.
    in How old are you? Comment by badnews
  • Hi Winona, what do you think? How does it grab you, yeh, exchange spinach for lettuce, could work, i’ll check it out. cheerio for now
    in Raw in England? Comment by badnews
  • Just posted a recipe, a sweet coriander smoothie, can’t believe it happened, it came in a flash, i was hungry and chucked this fantastic drink together, i live on them right now, my dental work needs attention. Never thought to jot down things that …
    in Raw in England? Comment by badnews