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  • I just made this drink and it is phenomenal. I'm going to post the version of the recipe I made (with pic!) shortly. Thanks again!
  • YOU are my hero! Thank you so much!!
  • I've used it in smoothies once or twice but it's really good for hair and skin! But, I'm a chick so I actually don't use it on my skin much because it makes my hair grow faster :( But I do put it in my hair sometimes!
  • I started putting coconut oil on my eye area to moisturize my skin and I thought my lashes were longer and thicker but I thought maybe it was my imagination... I'm so glad to hear that others have had the same results! I'm not crazy :). I stopped do…
    in eyelashes Comment by GlitterGirl
  • I don't think it's so bad talking about meat on a vegan site... I'm a semi-vegetarian because it's healthiest for me. I've found that my body, skin, and mind are better if I incorporate wild fish and organic eggs in my diet. I don't eat it all the t…
    in Meat Comment by GlitterGirl
  • I usually use essential oils if I need it but just recently I found this stuff called Scent of Samadhi. It was almost $30.00 (!!) but I decided to try it and it surprisingly works quite well. It's a tiny jar of a dense powder that smells fantastic. …
    in I Stink. Comment by GlitterGirl
  • Open to ALL suggestions?? I used to have not great skin and I started taking cod liver oil (wild caught, tested for mercury, etc - the Garden of Life brand) and I put it on my face at night now as well... My skin is awesome 98% of the time and I've …
  • I've been getting a lot of stuff from www.SaffronRouge.com - their motto is, "If it's not organic, it's not here!" I love that :) Some of the products are expensive but some aren't too bad (small price to pay). The BEST thing about the site is that …
    in Makeup Comment by GlitterGirl
  • How can one tell if oats are raw? I've seen oat flour that says its "stone ground" - does that mean no heat has been used to process it? I'd rather not order online if I can find it at my local health store :)
    in Raw Oats? Comment by GlitterGirl
  • The only time I don't eat organic is if I eat at a restaurant (unless they offer organic choices!). When I'm shopping at the market I only buy organic - if what I want isn't organic, I skip it! I don't actually think it's much more expensive to buy …
  • RCBAlive - Any word any your new slicer? Thank you as well Paul!
  • OoOOoo, that'd be awesome RCBAlive! Yes, please let me know what you think of it when you get it - I'll wait 'til I hear what you have to say :)
  • Thank you guys! This info was great - just what I needed. I think I might go with the Tsumparo... After you mentioned it, RCBAlive, I went to youtube and watched a demonstration and it seems awesome! I'm still thinking about my ultimate decision tho…
  • I forgot to mention, price is no object. Well... Mostly!
  • Taking salt baths (if you don't have a natural sulfur spring in your area) is supposed to be good for eczema. I don't have eczema but I bathe in salt from the Dead Sea every so often and I've read that it can clear up eczema by having just a few bat…
    in eczema! Comment by GlitterGirl
  • Sometimes mold grows on wheatgrass and that can make you sick if you get juice with the mold in it... I recently found a frozen organic wheatgrass from Canada at the market that really good tasting. The company claims that all the nutrients are stil…
  • Maxerbear - I'm interested in those HeatTech clothes... Are they really soft material?
  • Lightly cooked veggies are far from bad. :) I've seen studies that some veggies even have better bioavailability when lightly cooked... Hot tea always warms me up but, I'm a super baby about cold weather... 60 degrees F is freezing to me! LOL! It's …
  • If I'm in a rush I just toss it in my plants outside!
    in veggie pulp Comment by GlitterGirl
  • I actually tried to look you up on that site but you didn't give your exact info - there's tons of rentals... Maybe I won't be seeing you?
  • I go to Vegas a lot throughout the year - I'll be there again in early Feb and I'd love to check your place out! I'll check out your site for details - see you in Feb!
  • I went through a period where alcohol was not agreeing with me at all - I couldn't drink anything without feeling terrible the next day. I just stopped drinking for a long time and when I decided to give it another go I made sure to stay super hydra…
  • I read that blog but extremists don't usually work for me - I don't like that "one way" of thinking! That guy was just giving his opinion which seemed uninformed and, actually quite mean, the way he demeaned people that might want to try a vitamin..…
    in RAW Vitamins? Comment by GlitterGirl
  • Lol - it's awesome that we're all thinking about it! I saw the Vitamin C's on sale for $13 but I didn't know the multis were $45... Yikes! I want to take one of those vitamin tests too. I'm going to look into it.
    in RAW Vitamins? Comment by GlitterGirl
  • I think everyone tends to smell like garlic a little when they eat it. It doesn't make me gassy but, I eat it almost everyday so my bod might be used to it. I love they way it smells and it goes through me pretty quick so I don't have a problem with…
    in Smell? Comment by GlitterGirl
  • As for the weight, I've seen a lot of ppl lose weight eating 6-8 smalls meals a day, mostly veggies. Light on the nuts and super light on the sweets (fruit and agave stuffs).
  • I feel ya! I don't feel amazing and vibrant like others describe (although I'm not all raw). I still have acne and I'm sleepy a lot of the time. I do feel better eating whole foods than boxes of Lil' Debbie snack cakes, though. My skin and hair have…
  • I'm not all raw but I always travel with raw granola or other dehydrated things. You can almost always find a market for fresh produce so I tend to save the room in my luggage and eat easy dishes that don't require a lot of prep. I bring a fork with…
    in Traveling Raw Comment by GlitterGirl
  • RawRoyalty - that doesn't seem fair to swear off GT's... I don't think anyone would recommend six a day. One, maybe two, but that's it - moderation is always key. GT's is a great company with a great product! : )
    in GT's Kombucha Comment by GlitterGirl
  • GTs is my fav - - drink it every day, usually on an empty stomach... - haven't noticed a change in it myself. Ppl always seem to recommend High Country but it has a lot more sugar and it' way too sweet for me.
    in GT's Kombucha Comment by GlitterGirl