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  • Here's what I use. It's a solid honey, so much less messy than liquid. I find it at Whole Foods and other health food stores. Hope this helps.  
    in Honey Comment by Raw Joy
  • I pulse it in my food processor and make it a rice-like quality. (don't care for the taste of cauliflower "rice"). Then I do like an un-stir fry - add pea pods, thinly sliced red peppers, green onions, celery, maybe some grated carrots or mushrooms …
    in Jicama Comment by Raw Joy
  • I was completely SAD. For approximately a year prior to finding raw, I was trying to lose weight by eating "healthier" but that included Budget Gormet Frozen meals, trying to cut down on junk food, calorie reduction by smaller portions of SAD, etc. …
  • I take off my make-up at night with cold-pressed avocado oil, then rinsing. Of a morning, I wash with honey (the raw, solid kind so it isn't so messy), then apply jojoba oil. I usually apply a little Neutrogena moisturizer about 10 minutes later bec…
    in Face? Comment by Raw Joy
  • I've been checking the used books for a few weeks now. The lowest was only around $23, and then when you add in the $3.99 shipping and handling, it was almost as much as a new one, which qualified for free shipping due to it's $30 price. So I was ve…
  • I am one to take everything with a grain of (sea) salt and not just jump on the latest most trendy raw bandwagon. From different things I've read on the web about 811 and Dr. Graham's theories, I think there will be some things I disagree with. But …
  • So sorry for your loss. I, too, think she probably died in her sleep, so her last moments were peaceful. Don't beat yourself up for not being there, or thinking you could do something. Take comfort in the fact that she was loved and happy and that y…
    in My dog passed away Comment by Raw Joy
  • "My guacamole: one avocado, juice one lime, sea salt. I like it plain without onion, garlic, or tomato; but you could add any or all of those diced up." I also will add a little chopped cilantro or cumin to give it a bit of a kick sometimes. mmmm.
    in Avocados Comment by Raw Joy
  • I've been meaning forever to juice some cucumber, add it to some green tea, and do the spray bottle in the fridge thing. I just never get around to it. Thanks for the reminder. If I ever actually do it, I'll let you know what I think of it.
    in Raw honey for skin Comment by Raw Joy
  • I thought I'd try the aloe vera because I heard it makes a great toner, and will tighten the skin. When I leave it on exclusively, it seems like it dries my face out. So I've been putting it on and rinsing it back off within a minute or two and appl…
    in Raw honey for skin Comment by Raw Joy
  • Yep. Been washing my face with it for about 8 or 9 months now. Then I apply either Jojoba oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil. Sometimes, I'll put the honey on while soaking in the bathtub. My skin is always so soft after that. My skin never looked bet…
    in Raw honey for skin Comment by Raw Joy
  • Since I tend to have dry skin, I think I'll probably end up doing a little more fat than 10%. I'm going to try and keep to the ratio for a few weeks and see how I react.
  • I haven't gotten the book yet. I just know I've see-sawed on and off raw for several years. And, yes, I lose weight, but not a lot. I feel somewhat better, but not super super great. I've kept reading about 80-10-10 and kind of thought it was extrem…
  • Uh, duh. I thought I would have to do the math myself. That alone would be enough to scare me off. Thank you very much.
  • Just for the sake of discussion, Okinawans had soy almost every day, albeit a small amount. And they were some of the healthiest, longest living, disease free people in the world, at least until they started eating a more SAD diet. I know they ate i…