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  • this is my third attempt it having a transition into a raw lifestyle. this time around i'm going 80%. i got the idea from a david wolfe video. he had a good point that 100% raw could set up a dichotomy. however, i respect that everyone makes the bes…
  • thanx for that insight, zoe. i'm about a month in. i was SHOCKED yesterday when my husband, baby, and i were shopping. i was sitting SMACK DAB in front of a mrs. fields chocolate chip cookie cafe. i had absolutely NO CRAVING for it. i can't imagine …
  • thanx for the link. i just bought a pound of agave nectar. but, i think i'll stick with honey or dates after that. can't wait to find out what that green fruit is. it looks so exotic! isn't it amazing how many fruits there are out there on earth?
  • i have a friend whose mother made it. she flew over when my friend gave birth. they are originally from hungary. that's so interesting.about the 80-10-10. i'm glad to hear so many people are open to being raw in hungary. ;0)
  • what is the 80/10/10 book's philosphy? 80% raw? 10% something 10% something? btw, you can look up karen knowler's web site. according to her web site she ate raw nearly all of her pregnancy. then at the end she was craving porridge and ate it. wha…
  • that's wonderful! everybody around you must be inspired!!!! yes, it's great to read info like this.
  • how do you sprout almonds? soak them for a really long time? say 4 days?
  • dude! thank you SO much for posting this. i just was going to post to ask if there is an alternative to purchasing the jars of nut butter. i am SO SO SO GRATEFUL. thanx again!!!! this is inspiring me to finally get a food processor!!!
  • i know. i think this space is wonderful for sharing. it really helps to hear about new recipes and ideas. i have friend who lives in madison, wisconsin.
  • i workout; 2 hours walking and an hour on the ellipticial. i'm good on energy. not depressed, either. but, i feel that i'm addicted to food. so, maybe this is new for my body -- not to be eating so many of the processed foods and carbs. thanx for t…
  • love both of ya'll's input. i've been looking on ebay and craigslist for an excalibur dehydrator. and come to think of it -- i've been eating more greens than fruits. tomorrow i'm going to eat lots more fruits. i love, love fruits, anyway. thanx a…
  • So, I'm craving focaccia bread and stuff like that. I don't know if I'm missing an important nutrient. I read a great book a few years back called Rawsome. The author explained what cravings meant what the body needs. I have some raw crackers on han…
  • try karen's knowler's "fried" mushrooms. they are yummy yummy yummy. i think it's a simple recipe mushrooms olive oil shoyu garlic but, you could look her up on you tube. i use her video's ALOT. take care! have fun with your dehydrator. i, t…
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  • chock it up to learning :)
  • is there a way to log out? or are we permanently signed in? just curious.
  • i would, maybe, add some vanilla bean to the cocoa butter. you could make some of the topping by mashing fresh mint (the way you mash fresh mint when making a mojito --- this releases the oil). maybe you could play around with beet juice mixed with …
  • yum berryberry i'll have to try that one!
  • 1. greens for a green drink 2. love force energy bars; goji lemon or chocolate orange (expensive, but, raw & yummy). 2a blended bananas w/ agave cacao syrup made as raw ice cream 3. avocado's and almonds
  • believe it or not. my trick is bean sprouts. i thought i was a raw genius when i discovered this!!!!! it makes almond ricotta REALLY look like ricotta. maybe try it on some of your other recipes.
  • i read in vegetarian times that you can approach organic farmers... they have a program where they ship the vegetables directly to your home. also, if memory serves correct: they had a program for the economically challenged that if they go to the f…
  • i read this article. i live near where this restaurant is. http://www.basilandspice.com/journal/matt-amsden-tells-the-truth-about-thai-coconuts-and-formalde.html interesting. he says that this is myth that the coconuts are chemically treated.