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  • eat more fruit, i run about 8-12 miles a day on fresh fruit. i do not get bored because I have come to terms with giving my body what it wants. :)
  • i don't really like greens, parsley, not to my taste. i'm a leaning fruitarian, although I do like some romaine every now and then, but i can go a month easily without them.
  • they were conventional, bought wholesale from a guy around here.
  • 30 persimmons / 10 bananas / 1 personal seedless watermelon
  • cancel out ALL overt fats for 3-4 weeks. eat only fresh fruit supplemented with vegetables like romaine and spinach. NO SUPPLEMENTS NO SUPERFOODS. you'll never want to go back to any other way of eating. exercise will help with insomnia, make sure y…
  • any fruit. fresh of course.
  • i don't eat any nuts at all, but being allergic to melon would not be a hinderance to me at all! I have so many choices of other fruits. i sure would miss it though! having fond memories of coming home from a 6 hour ride and eating a whole 6 pound w…
  • http://www.raw-food-health.net/FruitGuide.html
  • "In order to import this berry, it must be heated, to destroy the eggs of the insect that transmits Chaga's disease. You can eat the fruit raw in Brazil, where it grows. Tons and tons of it fall to the jungle floor every day during the season, and i…
  • crazy amount of fruit and worried about it? i eat over 3,000 calories of sweet fruit every day and I couldn't be more excited about it! don't combine fat with fruit though, that would be a big mistake.
  • my body responds to cashews (fat in general) by weight gain, constipation, lethargy, and loss of endurance, not to mention my physical training becomes obsolete! lay off the nuts a little while, see how your body feels, i get by fine without them!
  • eat more fruit. eat more fruit. eat more fruit. eat more fruit. eat more fruit.
  • how about you steer clear from refined products with labels put into plastic/glass bottles...
  • i just take a tooth brush and scrub my teeth with no paste. i have no problems...
  • the ones who fail on this diet love using excuses and the "it's not for us" mentality. how can it not be for you when the diet is species specific. :)
  • I have zero problems. Make sure your fruit is ripe, acidic especially.
  • raw gourmet fooders could easily become fat, eating a diet with more than 60 percent of calories coming from fat will either make them fat, or cause them to fall off raw foodism, going back too cooked foods, then possibly becoming fat again!
    in Can you be fat? Comment by IWWkevin
  • China Study is cool, but as Raw_Canadian knows, T Colin's downfall is his belief in starchy vegetables and grains. Replace his "80" with fruit and you have the diet of champions. ;)
  • i'm a person just like you, but I've got better things to do...
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by IWWkevin
  • Poison.
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by IWWkevin
  • eat more fruit.
  • eating cooked food worked fine for my body, i had zero problems eating high fat sad food. Although it did effect my training. 30 percent of calories from fat is just simply not acceptable if you're looking for running your body at an optimal level (…
    in Fruitarianism Comment by IWWkevin
  • how the hell did you get arrogance out of what I said? i was speaking in a general sense. I'm simply telling you like it is, paul. You're childish, i'm not trying to outsmart anyone, in fact, i'm trying to make things much more simple. i'll give the…
    in Fruitarianism Comment by IWWkevin
  • you're a high fat dieter, the candida keeps alive because you have them paired. don't eat any overts and eat your fruit. you'll see that this doesn't happen.
    in Fruitarianism Comment by IWWkevin
  • over doing fruit would have to mean consuming 9,000 calories and being a sedentary being. seriously, stop knocking the food that was designed to fuel us, i'm sick of that shit. overdoing fats is much much easier, and much much worse, and this whole …
    in Fruitarianism Comment by IWWkevin
  • eating a diet of fruit supplemented by greens is the greatest thing you could do for your body. try this instead.
    in Fruitarianism Comment by IWWkevin
  • melons on an empty stomach. banana and celery. banana and greens. unsweet fruit with greens! (nothing better than whole tomatos and whole heads of romaine) dates and bananas those are my favorite combinations, i don't eat any overt fats, can't help …
    in food combining Comment by IWWkevin
  • Good to see people on this board eliminating non-people foods. (garlic, onion, spices.) Gourmet raw is raw foodist capitalism.
  • most of my sex drive is gone, and i haven't masturbated in about a 3 weeks - month. i find that when I eat a lot of fruit, it comes back, sometimes when i'm just having a very active day, i'll consume 3,000 calories of fruit...then i'll go home and …