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  • beware of gourmet raw. enjoy your green smoothies!
  • I recommend you the 80/10/10. No need for dehydrating, that makes foods unwhole. Sprouts are not people food. Eat your fruit and eat your romaine and spinach, and you don't need ANYTHING else.
  • i don't even eat nuts at all. problem solved!
    in Truly RAW nuts?? Comment by IWWkevin
  • mostly water weight. your body is simply correcting itself from all the toxins yo u've been feeding it. remember, foods don't heal, the body does all the work for ya.
  • a bag of grapes. 2 pounds of bananas. 4 pounds of watermelon. banana smoothie. 2 lbs cantaloupe 4 lbs honeydew 2 lbs strawberries i go back and forth with all of those, but those are my staples when each one of them is in season
  • Where did you get two months at how long I've been raw? Don't use your stupid elitism at me, stop assuming.
  • 1. You don't need any superfoods. 2. Eating raw fruits and vegetables gives you everything you need. 3. Don't buy into maca or spirulina. 4. Dehydrated foods are not whole foods. 5. If it looks like pizza, tastes like pizza...it probably digests lik…
  • you sure love your avocado and tahini. yeah, i do agree with your choice... it is much better to slowly transition if that works for you. i'm just a cold turkey kinda guy.
  • my meal plan lately goes like this. breakfast, banana smoothie with 8 bananas or eat them as is. or 12 oz grapes (breakfast isn't my big meal unless it's the bananas) lunch: 4 apples, 2 stalks celery, head of romaine lettuce (eaten individually) pre…
  • ok. for a mono meal. breakfast, in the summer, it is common for active 80/10/10'ers to eat 4-2 pounds of watermelon for breakfast. 12 peaches for lunch, and then all the acidic fruit you want followed up with all the veggies you need to meet your vi…
  • I eat 12 bananas a day. and have lost weight and gained muscle mass since doing this. You're getting it from the raw fooders who eat nut loafs for dessert with tahini and fat covered salads for dinner. Soon they'll tell you too much fruit is bad. He…
  • onions and garlic contain mustard oil, which is a natural pesticide. irritates the stomach...not people food. you may like seasoning but that is just an emotional attachment to cooked food... you may like feeding your mind, but eventually loving you…
  • 90/5/5 for the past two months and loving it. i eat a pound of greens with lunch and dinner, also. but I breakfast is ALWAYS a mono-meal.
  • Bananas.
    in Some Inspiration Comment by IWWkevin
  • Well, you eat too much fat. Between the milk, the hempseeds, and the avocado for dinner. Especially a year of this mimickry of the sad (in fat terms), I think this could explain many of the problems you have. eat more fruit, eat less fat. follow up …
  • my opinion. keep your fat intake at 3-9 percent, same with protein, and you'll be fine. eat a healthy balanced diet, all the fruit you want, all the vegetables you want, and you won't have any problems. be sure to eat fruit with every meal! good luc…
    in Protein? Comment by IWWkevin
  • garlic, onions.
  • yes, yes...i've read "A Diet For A New America" too! by the way...does that name of yours mean MILLION DEAD COPS. just wonderin'.
  • not getting enough protein? how the hell does one not get enough protein. are you a body builder or something?
  • Hunger strike. I fasted for 16 and a half days in order for my Mother and Step Father to accept good ol' SAD veganism. They eventually gave in. But now I eat 811 and consume 2000 calories a day, so they see me devour pounds of bananas at a time.
    in Parent Problem Comment by IWWkevin
  • bitter and gross when eaten plain. you have to pair it with something sweet or else it tastes like bakers chocolate. cacao is paired with the high fat eating raw fooders, it is the enemy in my eye!
    in cacao nibs Comment by IWWkevin
  • Yeah, sounds like a a '10/10/80' problem. 80/10/10 would be the best for your active lifestyle, 2000 calories a day with 80-90 percent being carbs, how much more energy could ya need!? try eating some bananas every morning, i make a smoothie usually…
  • dried fruits... BAD. EAT THEM FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in raisins- raw? Comment by IWWkevin
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • moe's southwest grille burritos. heaven in my mouth when i took my first bite of their art vandalay with pinto beans and loads of veggies.
  • my dad is completely supportive. he's a progressive liberal democrat born and raised in the blue state of new jersey. he is very open to anything I tell him. my mom and grandmother are weirded out by the idea. they also believe I have an eating diso…
  • I eat one a week. or two a month. Do whatever you feel is necessary.
  • i was 195 when I started, (4 months ago) and now I am 148. 2 of my 5 meals are liquid, and I eat a thai coconut weekly (for some reason this regulates/drops weight.) I also ride a bike because I live in the city, I do a 10 mile commute daily, back a…
  • i gave up coca cola, my all time favorite drink. i didn't think I could ever do it, but it happened. i don't really know how to explain it, but one day I was just like "I'm done." and that was it. Your body responds wonderfully to the change too. Th…