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  • I could be wrong, but for some reason i was thinking it was almonds. I don’t know why that’s popping up in my head, but somebody please correct me if i’m wrong!
    in Lowest fat nut Comment by STENE
  • actually, it is the creamy red pepper soup from here, sorry i thought it was roasted. I made the spinach soup on here too, and also had to add cauliflower to it. I think it’s the texture with the soups i’m having a problem with. It’s kind of frothy.…
    in sushi 'rice' idea Comment by STENE
  • I’ve used before parsnips and a turnip. I didn’t think it was wet enough, that’s why i thought cauliflower would work because it was more wet. The nori sheet didn’t seem to work the same as it did when i made sushi with rice toasted seaweed. Maybe i…
    in sushi 'rice' idea Comment by STENE
  • sweetpea-how big are the sizes you are dehydrating? a couple of summers ago, my boyfriend and i made sun dried tomatoes in the sun, and the bigger ones took longer to do, so we cut them up smaller. I wonder if you do smaller sizes it would take less…
    in I Got Two Questions Comment by STENE
  • I would love to join, i’ll have to tell my friend about it too. We actually talked about stuff like this and her and I decided to make our own religion. It’s pretty darn close to everything here. So I think her and I’ll just join this one!
    in Dinosaur Dance Comment by STENE
  • try eating ginger. It helps with nausea. I knew somebody pregnant that took pills full of ginger powder, and they never got nausea. There’s candied ginger too that helps, but it’s not raw i’m sure. Try that and see if it helps any.
    in Nausea and pregnancy Comment by STENE
  • Angie-where is the pick up point for Azure? I have yet to check that site out. I have some Italian almonds from them and will try to sprout them and let you know. I’ve actually never sprouted them before. How long do they take to sprout? Oh yeah! I …
    in Grocery Bill, YIKES! Comment by STENE
  • Angie-I also live in Utah, and i don’t know if you know about a local food coop we have here. (http://www.saltcitypantry.com) But i’ve gotten in bulk medjool dates, there before, have gone in to split things with people.(agave and almonds) It’s free…
    in Grocery Bill, YIKES! Comment by STENE
  • great idea. i wonder if there are any anti-theft devices for a bag of fruit? many times people take my fruit. maybe put a bit of white or green on my oranges?!
  • I read somewhere that if you don’t get enough calories in a day, (which i struggle to do) it can effect your protein intake. I’ll try to find that tomorrow to post on here.
  • Today is my day 10 on this, and i think i’m going to go a bit longer. I was only doing the tea twice a day, but i still get crampy off and on during the day. I just don’t feel i’m where It’s suppose to get me on here, so tomorrow i’m doing a salt wa…
    in Master Cleanse? Comment by STENE
  • I’m just doing the 10 day for now. I wish i knew more info on the salt flush. i have a hard time drinking 25 oz liquid at one time. So, the second day, i put water in my mouth and dumped a teaspoon of salt in and gulped it down. I drank as much wate…
    in Master Cleanse? Comment by STENE
  • Hm? This is interesting. Don’t people feel really good afterwards and lots of energy? (I’m actually only on my 3rd day on the cleanse) I don’t see how you can be dehydrated on it, as I find myself peeing all the time. People do detox, if not on that…
    in Master Cleanse? Comment by STENE
  • Today is my first day starting the MC, and had a really hard time getting the salt water down. Towards the end, i did put a bit of maple syrup in it, (not sure if that is bad to do, or has any effect on it) and even then, did not finish all of it. I…
    in Master Cleanse? Comment by STENE
  • What’s helped me before with a sore throat is I mix 1/4th cup of raw honey with 1/4th cup of raw apple cider vinegar. i take a couple of spoons every 4 hours or so.
  • WOW, thank you all so much. I don’t know why I waited so long to sign up here. I really do feel welcome. (BIG HUG to you all) Yeah, maybe I won’t worry so much about only getting 10% fat right now, getting it down better, then slowly moving towards …
    in struggling Comment by STENE
  • What me and my roommate do is keep a bag in the fridge, and put all of our fruit peelings,etc in it. when the bag gets full we just take it out. We don’t have any problems anymore with fruit flies. We’d get them a lot in the trash can before from al…
    in Fruit flies Comment by STENE