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  • Meal replacement shakes?

    I like Huel - as does my Husband.

  • Coconut Meat substitutions?

    I've used the block creamed coconut with a bit of water with success in an ice cream recipe. I'm not sure how raw it is but with the other healthy raw ingredients it would probably be ok depending on how strict you are. I got the idea from Practically Raw by Amber Shea.

  • Five ingredient recipes

    I'm rediscovering raw food again and one thing I found I'm loving is a large salad with tahini lemon dressing. I add a spoon of tahini to my serving bowl then mix in some lemon juice and a bit of salt. Mix it altogether adding a little water drop by drop if it isn't the right consistency to coat salad. Then pile the salad on the top and mix well with your hands. If we count the water and salt as free ingredients then you can add lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes to this and it would be 5 ingredients.

    Using sunflower seeds in raw cheezes in place of almonds in much cheaper and still tastes good.

    Eating produce that is in season is cheaper too.

    Spiralizered courgette or carrot noodles would also work with the lemon dressing.

  • Which food processor?

    Thanks Toddh - I think if I ever buy another one cuisinart will be the way to go.


    Well Harmony - where to start... In Novemeber we moved 200 miles from North England to South England and are still looking for a house to buy - each one we have made an offer on has gone to someone else. I got a job as a higher level teaching assistant which I started in January but when I started that wasn't what I was doing - I was given a timetable which was whole class teaching the whole time but being paid peanuts. I was so miserable there that with the additional hormones from unexpectedly finding I was pregnant in January started me off on a downward spiral into depression (which I am prone to) and I was signed off work from the job and handed my notice in. I started teaching full time and being paid for properly at another school which I am loving apart from having had no voice hthis week. Things are improving and I'm feeling a lot better. I have ordered myself a new raw cookbook to help get me back on track (I really really don't need any more but it seemed like a food way of helping

  • Which food processor?

    Well I ended up buying something totally different! A poor man's Thermomix from Lakeland as I still eat a lot of cooked food. I'm trying to get back to raw again but with everything else happening in my life at the moment it is a bit slow!! It works well as a processor though - I made the best raw brownies ever in it last weekend! Thanks for your help and advice though laughing