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  • I like Huel - as does my Husband.
  • I've used the block creamed coconut with a bit of water with success in an ice cream recipe. I'm not sure how raw it is but with the other healthy raw ingredients it would probably be ok depending on how strict you are. I got the idea from Practical…
  • I'm rediscovering raw food again and one thing I found I'm loving is a large salad with tahini lemon dressing. I add a spoon of tahini to my serving bowl then mix in some lemon juice and a bit of salt. Mix it altogether adding a little water drop by…
  • Good way of helping I meant!   i'm doing much better now thanks though. How are things with you?
    in Which food processor? Comment by Fee
  • Thanks Toddh - I think if I ever buy another one cuisinart will be the way to go.   Well Harmony - where to start... In Novemeber we moved 200 miles from North England to South England and are still looking for a house to buy - each one we have ma…
    in Which food processor? Comment by Fee
  • Well I ended up buying something totally different! A poor man's Thermomix from Lakeland as I still eat a lot of cooked food. I'm trying to get back to raw again but with everything else happening in my life at the moment it is a bit slow!! It works…
    in Which food processor? Comment by Fee
  • I often munch a piece as I'm preparing the rest to cook and my daughter often asks for a piece raw too. Ani Phyo makes a nice broccoli mash too.
  • OOOh I've been wanting to make a milk chocolate too so this is great. I will need to do some experimenting too.
  • http://www.lakeland.co.uk/70538/Cuisinart-Easy-Prep-Pro-Food-Processor?src=crteo
    in Which food processor? Comment by Fee
  • Could you try date paste? I'm trying to use more of it (homemade) rather than store bought sweetners.  
  • I have seen a Cuisinart one I quite like so it is helpful to hear from someone who has one Thanks :-)  
    in Which food processor? Comment by Fee
  • I agree with TammiTrue about needing extra oil, the pulp I get is never oily at all BUT it does make quite a good flour once dehydrated and ground up. I've made a nice cheesy spread though by adding oil, herbs etc to wet oulp.
    in Almond Pulp Butter Comment by Fee
  • I will keep my eyes peeled for one.  
  • Update on the kkale cheesecake - OH has just finished the last slice and said yes I should definately be making it again! And he has been messaging his friends with a picture and the ingredients!
  • I've never had a cherimoya :-(
  • Oooh thats a good idea. I made the kale cheesecake this week and Wednesday night he had a tiny nibble and declared he didn't really like it. Then last night he came home and ate an entire slice!?! I'm going to try something new every week for him, a…
  • I'm dozy! I think moving house has fried my brain - or what was left of it anyway :-)  I have a copy of Practically Raw which offers cooked and raw options on the same recipes. It may have to become my new kitchen bible although I think I would hav…
  • Once whatever you are drying on it is dry enough to stay put with out falling throught the holes in the dehydrator tray then it is fine to remove. I like to get things off as soon as possible to reduce drying times.
  • Chocolate day hasn't happened yet, we made cooked carob brownies and fed the ducks instead :-) i'll need to get it done soon though as a trial pre-Christmas run.  
  • I feel that the excalibur is well worth the money. I originally had a smaller stockli dehydrator and I never go on as well with it as I do with my excalibur (Edwin). In the excalibur you can take out shelves and put in much larger dishes or larger i…
  • Hi Ive found that sometimes making the mixure a little wetter helps it spread with more ease and a rubber spatula. I have also tried putting a a second teflex sheet on top and rolling it with a rolling pin which was ok too. Also the more I make a re…
    in raw bread mystery Comment by Fee
  • I have ordered it from detoxyourworld but Im not sure if they ship worldwide.
    in Truly raw carob powder Comment by Fee
  • Hi, I have got Chia seeds and other things from www.gojiking.co.uk. They have been fast and reasonably priced. I have used all of detoxyourworld, rawliving and funky raw and all are good although the postage can mount up at times. Sv3 have you been …
    in Uk Ingredients Comment by Fee
  • The caponata recipe on here is one of my stables. It goes well in mushrooms or with a salad. Have you tried other veggies to make "rice" with? I make it with parsnip too for a change. Stir not frys are good too especially if you dehydrate them for a…
  • I use squares of muslin fabric which after use I rinse then stick in the washer with all my clothes so Im not particular! One square is actually two layers stitched together and zig-zagged round the edges, that is my posh one, the others are just la…
    in Just curious. Comment by Fee
  • Add in some avocados and nuts as this will help you maintain your weight and you can get the cruch you want from soaked and dehydrated nuts. Also if you have a dehydrator you can still make the dehydrated buckwheat yourself as it is far far cheaper.
  • Thank you so much, it never even crossed my mind to google it - how daft am I? Brilliant site Eecho, thank you. I don't think I have seen a pan as big as a half size sheet in England. I will have to see what I can come up with as I want to un-bake!
  • Yes you can use them over and over and over again and food just peels off really simply.
    in Teflex sheets? Comment by Fee
  • The only thing I would worry about maybe is that spinach is apparently high in oxylic (sp?) acid which if I remember correctly inhibits iron absorbtion. If you have it with citrus fruit though the iron is absorbed better. Enjoy yyour free juices.
    in Too much spinach? Comment by Fee
  • Oh Claire, Im so sad to hear what a rubbish time you are having - have a big Cyber Hug. Have the Drs given you any medication to help? Although you might not want to be taking it - it might help and enable you to get more raw back into your diet. I …
    in Raw & Bipolar Comment by Fee