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Helloooo Raw Christians....

Hey, are there any Christians doing raw out there? Let’s talk about taking care of the Temple God gave us ;*)



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Welcome, BreakingFree. I read your profile… I would love to be able to live out in the country… but, feel it would be difficult to live away from culture. I love the Greater DC area… so much culture/diversity… and we are still here. One day, maybe one day… we’ll move… because it could be best. But, it’s difficult. (We don’t have any kids… not yet.)

    I posted about a similar topic about christianity, living foods, & science. Click here to read the posts.

    This year… I plan to buy an interlinear bible and find out what the original meanings of verses are that mention food/diet/body. I met someone that did this before… and it’s great.

  • Hi BreakingFree! I am raw and Christian. I read your profile too. I think it is easier for me to maintain raw because it was a slow transition. I am not 100% raw, but mostly raw. I do allow myself a cooked meal in the evening if I want it, but it is usually vegetarian. I also cook for my family and then for myself. But I am transitioning them into eating more raw foods. So the nights when we have salad, I don’t have to fix 2 separate meals! :-)

  • I am Christian and mostly raw… moving toward 100% at my own pace.

  • I am a Christian.

  • Hi!!! Thanks for introducing yourselves! Sometimes I feel a little alienated out there in the raw food world. For instance, I’d love to go on a Raw Food vacation/retreat, but Eastern Religion or some form of it seems to be woven into all of them. I just want to focus on the health of it, and being a good steward of the body God gave me. I don’t want being Raw to be the golden calf…ya know what I mean!

  • germin8 – I’ve been looking into a family vacation to DC. My 7 yr. old loves all things History of the USA. Any advice, tips, any raw food resturants or places to stay! Any good places to camp? We also want to go to Colonial Williamsburg, and the new Creation Museum in Kentucky.

  • StefunkStefunk Raw Newbie

    Breaking Free-DC is our dream vacation! My three girls don’t even want to go to Disney World. Since they’re named after presidents we are all history buffs. I am also a Christian but started this journey because of my New Age father told me about it! Good luck on your journey;c)

  • Hi! I too am sold out for Jesus Christ. I have also eaten raw for the last 9 years and love eating 100% raw. I found that when our diets are cleaner, our thinking will be clearer and our emotions can unblock. In otherwords, we can think, obey and follow Christ better and take care of the body (temple) He gave us. I am also a nutrition coach and teach others how to change their diets from the hostess ding dong diet to a more raw one. I eat fresh raw food every day and love it, but my recipes are easy, no hydrating, no oils, just wholesome organic, raw, soaked and sprouted foods that are delicious. That’s why I signed on to this website this week to look at the recipes. Glad to know there are many Christians on this website too.

  • I love Jesus very much!

  • I’m a Christian as well! =]

  • I am not far from Colonial Williamsburg. No raw restaurants nearby. But I suppose you could live off of salad bars and fruit salads while on vacation? The nearest raw restaurant is probably an hour away.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Hi BreakingFree.

    Places to camp? You mean near DC or further out. We have the Shenandoa and Blue Ridge mountains just west of where I live. (I live about 40 miles west of DC.)

    We haven’t been to Colonial Williamsburg (I’m originally from AZ/TX.) I hear it’s a fun place and good choice for “history-enthusiasts”. We want to see the Creation Museum too! There’s also the “Christian Theatre in Strasburg, PA and Branson, MO I hear those are wonderful!

    There is tons to do in DC. Most of the museums are free. And, there are great places to eat (all cooked). Only one raw place in DC… but, it is out of the way from the metro.

    I do not recommend the aquarium in DC. It’s best to go to the Baltimore aquarium
    What time of year are you coming? June is not too hot; July/Aug is. And taking the metro into the city is certainly better than driving. Traffic is one of the worst. Dont’ drive the beltway during rushour; it will take you 2 to 3 times as long to get there. Rush hour is 6A-10A and 3P-7P; this is why I recommend the metro. Plus, in DC, you can spend an hour finding parking! Weekends are usually better, but not by much unless you know where to park. Driving in Georgetown (DC) is a nightmare because there is no metro there… so, everyone drives. Just avoid Georgetown. And, be prepared to walk.

    A museum takes about 3 hours on average to see… that’s on the short side… you can spend 3 hours on just one section of the museum… or 5 hours for the entire museum.

    If you want to visit a place that requires free tickets, like the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (where they make money) or Washington Monument, you need to get in line EARLY for the free tickets they hand out for the entire day. You may be there at 7AM and get a free ticket for a tour at 2P.

    You can see all the outside monuments at night… so don’t do those during the day. See the museums during the day… or the national cemetary… or the cathedral… or Mt. Vernon…. and walk through the well-lit outdoor museums at night – WWII, Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, Jefferson, Roosevelt memorials.

    Here’s a nice interactive map to help you around

    Monticello may be on the way.

  • Hello! I’m new here, to raw, and am also a Christian! So glad to be here! I am also in the DC area!

  • I’m a Christian, too! =D

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I am a Christian :) Glad to know there are followers of Jesus here wanting the same thing, joy in life and life in living foods!

  • Christian here! I’m usually about 90% Raw (by my estimate), but dropped down over the holidays. I’m happily jumping right back up to the higher percentage and praising the Lord for the chance to do it!

  • There are a lot of references in the bible that encourage you to eat raw. When I was dealing with being diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago, I went 100% raw, and when I would get afraid (because the doctors wanted to give me radical surgery) a friend of mine would remind me of certain scriptures, and they would really lift me up, and allow me to trust God to heal me. I was doing the raw thing to survive, and in the end, it was a great experience, because I might not have ever discovered true faith and healing and the power of God and raw foods!
    I have 3 children, and my 2 sons who are born since the whole cancer scare, are my miracle boys. And just to let you know, I am not 100% raw right now, but I have never had any cancer scares since then.
    6 weeks into my raw cleanse, (I was praying A LOT) a voice told me I was “set free” one day when I was praying. I knew it was the Holy Spirit confirming that I didn’t have cancer anymore. ONLY I knew that I was free from sickness. Try explaining that to people-you just can’t. The whole raw food thing didn’t even make since to other christians. But God used me to show his amazing healing power.
    Another thing, there is a website, but I haven’t been to it in a long time so I am not sure if it still exists . It is Hallelujah Acres, www.hacres.com.
    Happy New Year!

  • raw christian here,i am so thank ful to God for giving me this diet

  • I am a Christian as well. I’ve been Raw for about 3 weeks now – but on and off the diet for three years. I felt God leading me to a Raw diet, but wasn’t really ready to hear it. Now after my G’ma has been diagnosed with cancer and my father has been diagnosed with lupus – I thought I’d better listen. I am about 85 – 95 percent Raw.

    Kaua’imom – God bless you. Your story gives me hope for my G’ma who raised me. My G’ma raised me on soul food and when I went Vegetarian – they laughed and said that I’d been living among the white folks too long (we live in Wisconsin; our family lives in Louisiana). Now they are asking me for recipes. Especially smoothies for my G’ma because the chemo is causing mouth sores and she’s diabetic, but really doesn’t want to eat. It’s been kinda easy to transition bc I’ve been fasting and praying for her.

    Changing topics – I was in DC last year with a group of women from my church on a missions trip. We walked the land and prayed for our country. We even got the chance to go into the pentagon and pray for the chaplains of our troops and see the place were the plane crashed into the building – they’ve made a beautiful memorial at the actual location and you could feel the presence of God there. Which blew me away – I didn’t expect to feel the presence of God at the Pentagon. Anyway – sorry for the long post – nice to be among – brothers and sisters of Christ.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I’m Christian and I’m happy to have the opportunity to say so! It has become so politically incorrect in recent times because it might offend some people. I would rather offend non-believers than to offend Christ by denying Him. I didn’t go raw because of religious beliefs, but it has affected me spiritually.

  • It is so encouraging to see so many Christians eating raw! I have felt like a lone ranger in this lifestyle because most Christians look at you like you’re crazy, while they eat their donuts and drink their coffee. It is so sad.

    I praise God that he has strengthened me to begin eating the food He has created… and it is so delicious!

    God is good… ALL THE TIME! :)

    BTW, I live in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Thank you for your post. I’m just now experimenting with eating raw after a year of being vegan. Now, I eat raw until dinner. It’s amazing how people assume that I am not a Christian because of my diet. I think the opposite should be true. We ought to take care of our temples. Just as there is the Great Trinity, we are three: mind, spirit and body.

    I took some students to D.C. a few years ago. Nearly all of the must-see places are free. I don’t know how old your children are, but creating scavenger hunts and mini competitions (question/answer quizzes) may help them focus through some of the tours.

  • I am Christian too. I love Jesus so much. I believe He has guided me to raw eating.

  • I am a Christian. I am a newbie at eating raw. I am about 50% raw. I am very excited to be on this journey of eating better. I’ve noticed my depression disappearing and PMS is gone this month! I always try to explain to people who think I eat weird that the food God made {and people didnt tamper with} is always the best!

  • hi, i’m christian..Catholic actually….but yeah. I’m in the process of going raw. I believe that we should take care of the body God gave us…it is His temple and we shouldn’t abuse but rather try to keep it as well as possible so we can give greater glory to Him. Good to see others here are christian too.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I understand the whole idea of not wanting raw food to be the “golden calf.” I have felt that God has guided me to raw foods, but if I go around telling people that raw food is responsible for healing me, I would be doing a disservice to God who gave it to me. I really believe that is why my journey to healing is longer than I thought it should be – I have to have a balance and know where to give credit. (I realized that when reading Isaiah – something about God doing things a certain way so that people would know it was done by the power of God & couldn’t say that the idol had done it – sorry I don’t remember the reference.) I know that God is happy with my decision to use the foods/plants He created.

    rawvness has some biblical references and insight on her profile – reading it gave me a lot of insight, and it could help when talking to people who are Christian & don’t understand the raw/vegan lifestyle.

    As for travelling, I think if you can take some of your own salad dressing or at least some sea salt, you should be able to go to any restaurant that has a decent salad bar. I have sometimes gone to a restaurant and gotten an avocado to mash up & mix with salt and I used it instead of salad dressing. Or, you can always eat lots of fresh fruit & veggies from the grocery store. Either one works, although raw restaurants would be much better! I haven’t had that option when I have travelled.

  • gymjunkiegymjunkie Raw Newbie

    I am also a Christian, and whenever anyone questions my raw-vegan diet, I simply relpy that it is my way of caring for the temple with which God blessed me. It is truly wonderful that others are also “giving credit where credit is due,” as it is ultimately God who heals and cares for us all.

  • Im a raw Christian! And loving life!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Okay, I know I already posted on here, but I was wondering if this thread was still going so I could tell you all about what happened on Easter! Someone read from the bible about when Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, and I realized that if He could bring Lazarus back from the dead, he can certainly heal ME, too!

  • I’m a Christian and fairly new to the raw food lifestyle. Wow, it’s great to see so many Christians on this site!

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