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Days 100 % Raw Support Group

Ok so this is a slightly nerdy idea…are you ready? What if we check in with our days 100% Raw as a way to support each other and stay motivated.

So here goes;

Hi Im Amber and I have been 100% raw for 5 days now..no slip ups YAH



  • i’m on my 17th day of 100% raw! (: yayyy.

    and my name is ashley.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi,I am Lucyane and I’ve been 100% raw for three months and a half.

  • Hi I’m Bill and this is my 172nd day 100% raw and I have found that keeping track of the days was really important to me!!! Good luck to you all…........

  • Hi! I’m Chris and I have been 100% raw for 4 days, and after dinner tonight it will be 5 days!

  • This is so cool…On Saturday, I gave myself a 100% 7 day raw food challenge. Its day 6. Tomorrow will be the 7th…I’ll re-assess and see if I want to extend the challenge! Feeling great, so far:)

  • Hi I’m Nate and this is my 65th day 100% raw. WOOT! ☆ (#^-^#)

  • Ok folks 1 week today…YEah! Last night my family and I went out to eat…there wasnt any food choices for me…so I waited it out till I got home. The hunger made my dinner soooo good!

    Wow to all of you!

  • I’m Layla and this is my 10th day 100% raw.

  • Okay, after 3 months of working 12-16 hr days sometimes 7 days a week I finally have a normal schedule again. I have been 100% raw for up to 3 months at a time in the past and more recently for weeks at a time. I am going shopping today, starting my dehydrator and starting 100% raw tomorrow. I’m so grateful for all the positive support and motivation I recieve from this site and I love to hear about all of the raw journeys.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi I’m Zoe and I have been 100% raw for 405 days 21 hours and four minutes!

  • Hello again, I almost forgot, my name is Susan. I have to comment on Zoe—wow 405 days! Do you find yourself eating lighter and more simple foods after being raw for over a year? ( I’ve heard that happens)

  • Hi all, it is day 16 100% raw and day 20 mostly raw, I had a 4 day weekend at a conference where I could not eat raw but I ate mostly raw. I really feel that I have some control back in my life now that I have made this decision to be raw. I have had lots of painful stuff happen to me recently- job lay off while overseas and it got ugly and personal, end of a 4 year relationship and the knowledge that I have to start all over again…again…being raw and eating the best possible foods has helped me gain control over my life, it has given me hope and has helped me lessen and tamp down the viscious huge depression I was in the grips of. It is saving my life, I am so grateful for this.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Susan Yes you’re right, I’ve been raw for 2 years and 100% for over a year, and in the last 6 months I have really gone off recipes. I mainly eat green drinks and kale salad – which is only kale, tomato and avocado. I crave it and love it, this is unbelievale to me! When we have people over and I make recipes I just don’t relish them like I used to. I ate alot last week as I had a friend over, and I wanted to inspire her on her raw journey, and she’s gone, now all I want is oranges and apples! And I feel great. Simple things are really satisfying now.

  • Hi, I’m Eunice and had been 100% raw for 5 days but today I had went for a family gathering and ate some cooked food but I stay amost 75% raw today v

    And thanks ambikalee for setting up this support group, I love the idea.

    btw, I feel so bloated after eating some cooked foods, any remedies to ease the feeling?

  • Thank you Zoe, I look forward the day when I am completely satisfied with just simple fruits and veggies. I am grateful that I have all of the wonderful recipes on this site until that happens.

  • I made it a week and decided to extend it one more week! Day by day, eh?

  • I am on day 7!

  • I’m on day 4!

  • Day 17 for me. Weird stuff going on, my face is covered in bumps, small bumps almost like a sweat rash and my emotions are all over the place. I saw the beautiful posting topic 1 thing to do every day and saw the affirmations, blessings and prayer over food, so I have added that to my routine and its helping. As I am detoxing I think and so my issues are full on, I tried positive affirmation and saying grace and blessing my food today as I prepared it and it helped. I am so grateful for this site and the kind, helpful ecouraging people on it. I am coming home in June to do a raw food course in California. Despite all the issues I have with our country, the war, the administration etc…it will be good to be home. Reading your posts, sharing my experiences here is a little piece of home for me. Thanks :) deasmiles hanging on…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Deasmiles, You hang on in there, you are doing so well, you should be so proud of yourself, the intense detox is proof that you’re doing it all right and going where you want/need to with it, your body and mind is working so hard to renew and revitalise. It won’t last long.

    The emotional stuff is the outdated parts of yourself leaving, it’s death rattle. Say hello to the new you, whom you see emerging little by little every day. You look great in your photo, alive and free :)

  • Hello all… I have been about 80% raw for the past 6 weeks and Yesterday…EARTH DAY… I went 100% raw. I love the idea of commiting myself to my own health and the well being of our precious Earth. I am grateful to have this forum as support and inspiration. Amigovia

  • I fell off the band wagon last night…damn resturant! So back to square one! Day one for ME!

  • Hi Ambikalee, Thanks for sharing that! Lately, I’ve been thinking of the usefullness in labeling myself 100% raw. I really think the all or nothing gets me into some obsessive thinking. Like, if I’m going to have cooked dinner, it may as well all be cooked. Like not having cooked and raw in the same meal. It seems more beneficial to be as raw as possible, like maybe the bread isn’t raw but the patty is. Or maybe the dressing isn’t raw, but the salad is. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m on day 12 of 100% raw and I’ve been contemplating a planned cooked excursion this Saturday (Indian Food!). I’m alright with the decision for now. I guess we’ll have to see how my body reacts, eh?

  • Hi all, day 20 for me and this is not counting 4 days where I was at a conference and ate some vegan/vegetarian cooked food. I am still waiting for that surge of energy folks, I am so tired and apathetic..must be cleansing. My face is totalling broken out in bumps…anyway pressing on with this. I feel better no more tummy aches, better handle on my emotions, not down all the time. The only thing that worries me is the low energy level.

    Ambikalee, I am with Om, don’t beat yourself up for having had a cooked meal :)

  • I’m on my first day of being 100% raw after around 90% or so the previous days. Yesterday I had miso soup with my lunch so that broke me.

  • Thanks for the support everyone! I love being raw..but I agree with you om…is it possible to be in the world not of the world and still be 100% raw. I keep reading more and more about this “raw” food isnt raw and that raw food isnt healthy…it gets crazy and obsessive. 100% my goal but I do know that I am new to the raw life 1 and 1/2 years and that it is a process. I just wish the rest of the world whould HURRY up and change so that we have a planet to leave or children! Okay I better jump down off my soap box!

    Thanks again! LOVE AND LIGHT!

  • Hey guys,

    I am happy happy happy 21 days raw and 8 lbs lost. Normally it would have taken ages for me to lose 8lbs and then I would have gained it right back through some regular food outing…I find eating the way I am eating now so liberating…I went from a 100% Standard mediterrenean diet to raw overnight. So it was pizzas, rotissirie chickens, pasta, pasta, pasta…never really satisfying, hard to digest and stuck in this place of obesity. Now I feel good about my food choices, and while they are not melting off ( I am not exercising for now due to a small injury) they are definately coming off..wooohooo!!

    Detox stuff: I broke out into hives yesterday all over the back of my legs and lately when I eat, salad, fruit, green smoothie anything my body goes all waaaacky, I get stomach cramps, break out into bumps on my face and have the chills. So the other night I thought maybe my body needs to fast for a bit. So in the evenings I am drinking warm water with lemon and ginger…ahhhhh this is what it needs. Its amazing guys! Now that the stomach is not paralyzed anymore trying to digest all that sluggish dead stuff, the body speaks to you! My emotions are all over the place too, I go from being sad, to weepy, to hopeful to bursts of joy and contentment…I hope that this is just detox stuff. I read somewhere that whatever your issues were, you will experience them magnified during a detox…I am excited that I am doing the best possible thing I can do eating raw for my body. I am waiting for the energy to ramp up too. I still feel lightheaded and somewhat lethargic. Anyway all in all I feel really good about this, for the first time in a really long time I feel hopeful, hopeful about weightloss, hopeful about living better, and oddly a sense of control over my life and a strong sense of liberation from the enslavement of never feeling satisfied enough as I did when I ate cooked food. 8lbs!! wooohooo!!

  • Good morning everyone.

    Today is my second day 100% raw.

    Yesterday Dinner I had a large salad with red romaine, bulb onions, a whole avocado, homemade raw honey mustard dressing, almond seasoning (ground almonds, Celtic salt, paprika, garlic powder) sprinkled on top.

    Snack Mango smoothie with 1/2 banana, homemade almond milk, 1/2 vanilla bean and a pinch of ground cardamom.

    2 Kiwis

    I got the romaine, onions, avocado, kiwis from the farmers market.

    For exercise I took a Hatha Yoga class. I was going to run, but decided its better for my body to take it easy.

    Today Breakfast Frozen blueberry smoothie with water and hemp seed powder. The blueberries are sweet enough.

    I also made dandelion juice: Dandelion leaves and water in a blender. Strain through a mess strainer. It makes a good liver cleaner/tonic during this detox phase.

    I am noticeably smaller though I’ve only been raw for a little over a week.

    I do have cravings for really bad foods: onion rings, etc. My SAD was pretty healthy: no refined food, very little refined sugar, no sodas, no HFCS, no MSG, very little coffee (once a month or so!) no dairy, no fast food, etc. So I dont know where these cravings are coming from!

    Last night I was pretty emotional too, snapping at poor DP, but we talked and the rest of the night was great. I think I really needed to eat. It was after our Yoga class so I was pretty “open” too.

  • Day 23 for me folks,

    I am starting to feel better, the skin on my face is still a little bumpy but yesterday my SO told me my skin is bronzy and kinda glowy…Also finally the weight is starting to come off…so happy, not just about the weight but in general. I will be flying home to the US in early june, long flight but I will fast. Fasted for 1 day this week, not too hard. Gives the digestive tract a pause, time to rest. So glad I ran into this, it very well be saving my life. My outlook is less gloomy too, and I am not as afraid to confront some pretty huge life decisions I will be making here soon, could this be the raw high I keep hearing about, life is good. :) Peace deasmiles.

  • You are all such an inspiration to me. I have been trying raw on and off for several years. I am afraid to go completely raw. I am already very thin and don’t want to loose too much weight. Has anyone done this and not lost weight?

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