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What You Ate Today



  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    How did you feel after eating at Pure Food & Wine? Sadly, I only get juices there when I go or maybe pick up some Dr. Cow if I'm eating some fat. Their foods are not even raw, with the nutritional yeast, and then maple sugar in every dessert. Curious how you felt if you are usually 100% or close.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    breakfast- 3 bananas and 2 oranges blended with water

    lunch- 4 bananas, 1 cup grapes, 2 cups strawberries, and 2 handfuls of nuts (pecans and walnuts)

    dinner- i have no idea. there's no good food in the house.

    lulushka, what is a twilight bar??

  • I went strawberry picking today in the woods near my house, ended up eating them right there instead of bringing 'em back. Birds got to em a little bit, but that's alright, I don't mind sharing. Found a few huckleberry and blackberry trees too!

  • Watermelon.



  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Ok, today i've had

    Green smoothie: Spinich, banana, pear, kiwi, frozen berries

    Banana + raisins

    Salad: Lettuce, cuc, toms, corn, sun dried toms


    12 Veg Soup (not raw)

    Crackers (wheat free not raw)

    Lulushka8, I've just looked up those Vanoffe bars and they look amazing. I may have to order one or two!

  • PirawnaPirawna Raw Newbie

    So far today...

    Green Smoothie (coconut water, aloe vera, apple, banana, strawberries, date, spinach, parsley, celery, bee pollen.

    Huge salad (romaine, lambs lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, Bubbie's raw kraut, 1/4 avocado.

    Flax and seaweed crackers

    1/2 Pure bar. Cherry Cashew flavor...yum.

    I think I am just gonna have fruit for dinner. Cherries and oranges sound nice.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    lulushka8~ Ahhh, I did a search on the Twilight bar, and came up with something Godiva Chocolates has recently come out with- it's just regular milk chocolate. What you've said now, makes more sense!! LOL.

    LebronJames~ I am very envious of your foraging finds! :~)


    ~Watermelon rind juice

    ~large bowl of banana slices, raspberries, & blueberries, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, and topped with a small amount of nutmylk (current one: walnut, pecan, & coconut).

    ~Large bowl of romaine & bibb topped with a non-raw non-vegan item, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

    ~More watermelon juice!

    Likely will have either watermelon, or some cherries later.

    Edit: My baby brought home a pineapple!! And was slicing and pealing it before I even realized he was home. How sweet is that? It was oh-so-yummy. :~)

  • I'm so excited! My first day raw :) (or at least mostly.. I'm really not sure if the Tahini I bought was 100%. At least it's organic and perservative free)

    So for breakfast I had a green smoothie made with big bunch of kale, 1/2 lemon, water, blueberries and a banana.

    Lunch was basic, just some greens, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots etc. I made an avocado based carrot ginger dressing to it and it turned out really nice :)

    For snack I had an apple cut into wedges with tahini and an orange, and just a couple of goji berries

    Dinner is probably going to be soup. Haven't really decided yet :)

    Hehee, I see I had pretty experiemental day today.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    lulushka, those bars sound so delicious. at least they are raw. i've been getting my raw fix from RAWEOS lately. they are insanely delicious. the luscious lemon swirls are definitely my favorite.

    so far, breakfast was a smoothie with the last bit of fruits and veggies i had-

    5 stalks celery, 2 bananas, 1 orange, 5 grapes, and 11 oz coconut water. i'm shocked that i like bananas and celery together. i actually HATE celery by itself and raw and cooked, but i love it in this smoothie.

    don't know when my next meal will be since i dont have a car to go food shopping. my sister totaled it last week (along with my new bike rack!!!!!)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Awwe, I wish I could send you some food. :(

  • Today, hasn't been 100% raw but it's been 100% vegan!

    Breakfast: Smoothie (blueberries, canteloupe, banana, flax seed, dates, almonds, hemp oil)

    Lunch: Mango and date chutney with black beans (cooked) and raw spinach dip with quinoa flax crackers

    Work out fix: Handful of almonds and half a green smoothie ( spinach, apple, banana, flax seeds, dates)

    Dinner: BIG salad (spinach, bell peppers, radishes, tomato, beets, sunflower seeds, dulse strips, and garlic tahini dressing)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I'm moving and re-organizing a lot of stuff in the next two months. I can't even remember what I ate yesterday. haha

  • Hmmm. Today. Protein shake w frozen blueberries & strawberries. Had a really delicious apple (chilled in fridge). Sunflower seeds. Drinking water; missed my a.m. coffee. A nice mixed green salad w home-blended olive oil/balsamic dressing. An afternoon protein shake w frozen berries, followed by an Alissa Cohen recipe which I tweak - raw vegan "Pad Thai" (from p. 396, Living on Live Food). In future I"m going to SOAK mung sprouts a few hours in nama shoyu or Bragg's liquid aminos to give them a bit of flavor. Prepared squash (noodle substitute) with food processor, cutting slices so finely. (Don't have a spiralizer yet.) Squash slicing was done super fast! Sauce to go over squash & mung sprouts is: raw almond butter, fresh ginger, some orange juice, honey, and Bragg's. Maybe later we'll post our adaptation of the recipe.

  • Just moved two days ago...all my food things beginning to resemble some order!

    Apple in the morning

    Big salad for lunch - kale, mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, dulse, tahini, lemon wedge, saurkraut, avocado, hemp seeds

    - A boatload of strawberries

    About to make some green juice...

  • Good luck with your move. You hardly had any breakfast! Especially for someone as busy as you these days.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    20 bananas or so

    5 c. strawberries

    2 c. apples

    3 c. endive

    2 c. celery

    2 c. cucumber

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    1 good sized honeydew melon

    2 mangoes

    2 lbs grapes

    a little over a pound of blueberries

    6 bananas

    no greens today...ate them all yesterday

  • PirawnaPirawna Raw Newbie

    Magic Applesauce - from Kristen's Raw Hemp recipe book.

    Nori sheet

    large salad w/ greens avocado, blueberry vinaigrette

    So Delicious coconut milk ice cream bar (not raw, but HAD to try these new little delights)

    Pad Thai sauce w/kelp noodles, orange pepper, zucchini noodles, sprouts, greens, romaine.

    bowl of grapes.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I'm trying to find a produce distributor around here, but it looks like I might just google national ones. I called two natural food stores (ahem, one a big chain) and they said they wouldn't give me the info on the distributors. Another "produce" distributor told me they had limited produce and mostly packaged stuff because produce doesn't travel well. ARgh.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    So far today,

    3 c. blueberries

    6 c. mango

    about 20 bananas (lost count haha)

    2 c. raspberries

    2 c. celery

    2 c. grape tomatoes


    maybe some cucumber later. i'm cleaning out the frig. otherwise, i'd have more greens. also not doing juice for a few days, see how i feel.

  • kathrynintherawkathrynintheraw Raw Newbie

    so far...

    1 small cantaloupe

    1/2 of a kale salad with coconut oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, chia seeds and balsamic

    and a small chunk of chocolate

    i would have had more, but i woke up late. whoops! later, i'll finish the kale salad and maybe make some banana ice cream...mmmm


  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    4 c. strawberries

    3 c. blueberries

    Hmmm, probably 22 bananas

    4 c. apples

    1/2 c. pears

    5 c. mangoes

    I don't have any greens, but I might go to the store later. I like it that I'm not trying to get so much variety during ONE day but more variety per week/month. This is so much better for digestion, I think.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I want something else, not sure what. I actually have been thinking about sambal oelek (the processed product), so I might go get a red pepper of some sort.

  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    Breakfast: Cinnamon banana and almond milk smoothie.

    Lunch: A peach and a coconut larabar.

    Middafternoon snack: Handful of walnuts.

    Dinner: A mango.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    Question- do some of you eat fats in the morning??

    I usually have a smoothie for breakfast of just fruit and water, but on some mornings, I'm craving a big salad with an avocado. Do you think this would hurt my digestion for the whole day?? I know fruits are supposed to get you going in the morning and was curious if greens (plus the avocado-5 oz) would have the same effect.

  • Breakfast-hemp seed, granola mixed with almond milk. Apple. Water

    Lunch-Carrot,honey, fresh apple juice, apple

    dinner- vegan chili, water

    late night snack- vegan chili, corn chips, and a beer

    Im only 90 percent raw, and if I do cook I try to use a slow cooker.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    joannabanana~ I eat salads in the morning, sometimes. From what I saw on a tv show about Tree of Life, G Cousins recommends salads for breakfast every day.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Brandon, was the chili raw? That doesn't look like 90 % of calories were raw. Were the corn chips dehydrated and homemade? Just curious!

    I don't know how long avocado takes to digest......but why not try it out one day and see if you want a salad for brekkie? :)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    It's fresh ground chili paste: http://capitalspice.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/sambal-oelek.jpg

    I have had:

    5 mangoes

    6 peaches

    3 c. strawberries

    20 bananas

  • RawaholicRawaholic Raw Newbie

    I'm finding that the longer I'm on the raw food diet the less fats and greens I crave. Also I find I can eat a lot more at meals (quantity wise) without getting all blouted. And my local Ingles now carries organic mangos!! I just went over there yesterday and bought them out. . . FRUIT ROCKS!

    Today I had . . .

    - 1 1/2 quarts lemon water

    - 3 cups pineapple and a medium mango

    - Smoothie (a banana, a mango, 6 strawberries)

    - 2 bananas

    - A large salad (2 cups romaine shredded, 2 tomatoes, a cucumber, a radish, 1/4 of a leek, bell pepper, lemon juice, shredded basil, and sea salt)

    - Smoothie (3 bananas, a mango, 4 strawberries)

    For some reason I'm starting to like foods and smoothies in a much simpler form *shrugs*

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