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Helloooo Raw Christians....



  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Superstar

    hi gang. is there a way to send private messages? I want to contact jesusfreak to ask some questions about PCOS. ty!

  • I am a Christian and just now starting a raw diet....... are you still here...

  • hey yea same here. i have not physically met any christians yet who are raw vegan or just vegan. With diet and nutrition being such a huge part of my husband and I's life, it is not the easiest thing to find people with similar interests. i am sure you all face the same issue.

    Nice to see this topic post.

  • justagirljustagirl Raw Newbie

    Hi, I'm a christian too. Was raw for a while and then went away from it. I know it was God's leading me to raw. Don't be afraid that people with other religious beliefs are raw. It just means that they are eating the way people were intended to eat in the beginning. Perhaps you should go to www.hacres.com. It is a christian website that advocates a raw diet, although they deal with 85%raw and 15% cooked, you can always make that choice to go 100%. I'm going to start back by the 85/15 route and try to transition as God leads me through it all. It's hard though...my christian and non christian friends make fun of it. Hallelujah acres offers some support groups of other christian people that might be helpful.

  • I am a Christian in the d.c. area also. I am coming off of cancer treatments and have been healed by God's grace. I am looking into alternative routes to extending my life, and tamoxifen does not seem to be the way I need to go. I have been eating organic for over 6 years and have tried the raw diet for one week, but didn't know any good recipes or own a dehydrator. I'm hoping to change that soon. I have found raw food world t.v. on youtube and looking at the recipes. I am a little discouraged at how the spiritualism, the master of the universe type language has settled in with a lot of the people who eat more naturally. I know this is dreaming, but I would love a community to go to where people thought like me about Jesus, food and healthcare. We are responsible for our own health, and it is ultimately in God's hands.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    praiznhim - Dr. Ted Watkins, MD and Dr. Sharps are in the area (sorta). Dr. Watkins has a cleansing program... It think it's called Eden's Gold cleansing... and he's founder of The Eden Connection. Dr. Sharps does the dried blood/saliva test. I know about 5 people from my church who have gone to them for alternative healing/treatment. All 5 people are Christians who either became vegan, are vegan or are recent raw foodists. Both doctors are Christian too.

    Dr. Watkins website: www.edensgoldforlife.com

    Dr. Sharps website: www.jimsharps.com

    There is also a Christian nutritionist in Maryland. I have to find her info, but she was a raw foodists for 7 years... she does high raw, right now.

  • Thank you for the info, i have been going to a center called Natural Horizons Wellness Center in Fairfax, VA. This is closer to where I live then the other listed places. I like to think I have enough knowledge on my own to do a successful cleanse. My mom was a phd in nutrition and i have been a researcher the entire two years I've been sick. I recently transferred to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, where my cancer then went into remission after 4 full months of treatment. I am ready to be done with my chemo, which has been fractionated. I am interested in learning about local schooling to get a masters in, but am not aware of all the health schools in the area.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that one too. I don't know anyone that has been there.

    Glad to hear you have good resources.

    What did you want to get a Masters in?

  • praiznhim!!! Praise God for your miraculous healing. I'm so excited for you. His grace is sufficient;) I too would like to see the people of God take back the healing arts as a whole. Amen. Have a wonderful week.

  • Hey girl, so sorry, I don't know if we can do private messages w/out divulging email addresses, which I can't. How are things going though??? I'm still plugging away. I wavered a little over the last week or so, but diving back into raw foods again. The most amazing thing is that when I eat raw living foods the pain in my body disapates. When I eat any meats, dairy, coffee... it's back w/ a vegence. I've read that women with pcos have a chronic state of inflamation going on due to lots of different reasons. I can only conclude that the living enzymes and nutrition in living food is healing this chronic inflamation. One good site I've visted to stay motivated was askcassy.com .... or something similar to that. She's cured/ controled her pcos w/ raw foods and activity. Hope that is helpful. PS, I don't mind being somewhat transparent regarding pcos. It's such a struggle. I'm not sure if I know how to start a new thread, but I'll try. I'll title it "raw pcos help". Between now and then, remember, you are a daughter of the most high king, Jesus and He is crazy in love with you. He counts your tears in the palm of His hand and knows the desires of your heart. Trust Him, He's a good God;) Love and Blessings, -Jesusfreak

  • hello and blessings from Europe, from Croatia, from Medjugorje! i love Jesus, and i am a religous teacher...and i am a raw for a year....blessings from Shrine of Our Lady of Peace from Medjugorje! i am a really Jesus freak...and Mary s too...blessings!

  • Hi ancica. So as a Jesus Freak, tell me about your journey to raw foods? Is this a Nazarite Vow or something like that??? May the Lord bless your path as you delight in Him;)

  • for beging sorry for my bad english; in 1997 i started to fast on bread and water for monday, wednesday and friday couse i started to live messages from Our Lady of Peace from Medjugorje....and that was the beging...in 2002 i was preparing myself for big fast on bread and water of 40 days for Holly lent....step by step my body was cleaning...and i was listening what was going on inside me...and i just listen my inner person....raw food is a pure food....my inner person told me so...my soul told me so.. and i just listen.....:)

    sorry for my bad english.....

  • I am a raw protestant Christian too that wants to live her life glorifying Christ with everything I do and say, and that includes taking good care of my body! Jesus Christ is the center of my life and I love learning about raw food, but it'll never take His place in my heart.

  • Yes, while we're always "setting ourselves apart" unto the Lord, it's such a special season when you lay all your physical desires down... especially eating unto Him;) It's in those times when faith is built, getting to the end of ourselves and rely on His strength.May He fully bless your fast and your journey with Him and in Him.


  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    Hey ladies, it's been oodles of time. Thought I'd check in....am still dealing with a lot of health issues, but have it more narrowed down. I have Severe Adrenal Fatigue. and I think it could be Addisons, but will have to go find a new Dr and do tests, and that's like pulling teeth when you feel like crud. Am toying with going back to raw, but I became so addicted to all the desserts, and lost too much wieght last time. The book I am reading says we don't do well as vegans, so shall see how I do on the protocol I am on. But I just know I am loosing my taste for meat again. Hope all is well with all of you ;).

  • EvaAfricaEvaAfrica Raw Newbie

    Hello BreakingFree, your post to Christians got me to join this site! But it's a great site too, give honour where it's due.

    Thanks for being so free and putting things in perspective regarding eating and being Christian. I'm born-again Christian from Cape Town. Love being raw and love Jesus, but it took me some sorting to be able to find acceptance and peace in being raw vegan in Christianity. Just a paradigm blockage that's lifted. I praise God for the best food ever, the most colourful, creative, stimulating to the senses and nourishing to the body.

    Praise builds up in my heart when I see the glowing natural beauty that God put in us as it comes out of us again when we eat His food.

    Are you doing well? Still enjoying raw eating? What does it mean to you?

  • EvaAfricaEvaAfrica Raw Newbie

    Hi Waldens1999,

    You still doing well on raw? see you posted in Feb. I joined few days ago, round 12 June 2010? I'm also Christian, passionate about Jesus.

    Where you from (country)? Me, South Africa. What made you decide to go raw? Tell me about benefits you've experienced thus far!

  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Superstar

    Hi JesusFreak!

    My eczema flared up again, so I decided to go high raw again. (I slipped and fell back into cooked foods a few months after being high raw).

    I so do notice that I have trouble getting up early in the morning if I eat cooked (especially fried foods) the night before.

    I joined an eczema forum too and one of the forum mods says to avoid all nightshade plants. It will be kinda hard for me to say goodbye to tomatoes, though! I will try!

    Hi to all the newbies!

  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Superstar

    Who's Christian raw vegan in 2017? 

  • KikAllezKikAllez Raw Newbie

    I am a Christian, and vegan.  Going raw is very new to me.  And as much as I cook gourmet and complicated vegan meals, this is a vey new experience.  I am going back to work in dialysis unit, so will have to juggle long shifts and keep my man well fed.  We are unchurched but we do have a deep belief and faith.  Being a nurse, prayer is a huge part of my life.  We feel better spiritually being vegan but we are not activists.  We are kind examples of the vegan lifestyle without preaching it.  

  • Hello, I'm a Jesus loving vegetable munching Christian. God has told me that it's going to help me a lot to eat this way, but to not give it a lot of thought and don't make it an idol or a religion out of it. I ate raw for 2 years starting when I was 18, but struggled with vanity and centered my life around it. I know God lead me to the diet because I was overweight and depressed, and I'm so grateful but I took it too far. So I went back to cooked foods (still healthier than before) for several years out of fear of being like that again. I started back on raw a month ago after getting over that fear and realizing it would help at this stage of my life with 2 kids and lots of ministry work to do. It's tempting to binge watch YouTube recipe videos and focus on it, but I'm making a decision to focus on things of God and let food just be food. It's good to encourage each other to keep our eyes on spiritual things. There are new age spirits attached to the "movement." If we just eat healthy and follow Jesus, it'll all be good. I know if Jesus tells me to eat a cheeseburger for whatever reason and break the perfection, I need to be willing.
  • OneleglessOnelegless Raw Newbie

    I'm a Christian and have been wanting to start for a few weeks now...so glad I found this thread! Does anyone have any recommendations for books?

  • I've been a living food Christian since around 1980. In 1998 I started a living food business teaching this lifestyle (not all raw food has as strong life as some that is steamed, baked or mushrooms which do require cooking). I home schooled my children to keep us in this healthy lifestyle and in God's Word while they were growing up. I am doing classes and pot lucks in my house currently while we seek the Father on property to build a retreat center.

  • I've been a living food Christian since around 1980. In 1998 I started a living food business teaching this lifestyle (not all raw food has as strong life as some that is steamed, baked or mushrooms which do require cooking). I home schooled my children to keep us in this healthy lifestyle and in God's Word while they were growing up. I am doing classes and pot lucks in my house currently while we seek the Father on property to build a retreat center.

     I just wanted to say we found our place to start our retreats and teaching Biblical healing seminars, pot lucks and living and raw food preparation. Our current house is on the market and praying that we can sell and move before the end of 2018, the Father willing. We need more support as the gov has been trying to control natural health businesses since the 1980's that I am aware of. They have clamped down on banks to stop processing credit cards for natural health/Biblical healing businesses now and I am believing for God to intervene and bring us the business we need anyway to make our move to the property in the mountains! Please keep us in prayer and support us whenever you can or are led to to by the Holy Spirit. https://www.aliveandwellagain.com/ Thank you and God Bless!

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