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10 day master cleanse



  • Im not so sure about the flush. My understanding is that its crucial but a lot of people i know that have done the MC havent included it. Drinking it is awful.

    Whew. THoughts on doing the flush every other morning?!??

  • I prefer the senna tea to the flush, but I have read that psyllium husk (which most commonly comes in tablets) can also be used. Right now, all I have in my pantry is the sea salt, but I’m only going to flush when I feel extremely backed up.

  • eefanugget: I should probably mention that I completely failed the MC today! I don’t know what happened. I just woke up in a funk.

    I think the first 3 days are the hardest to get over. I’m going to buy a boatload of ingredients tonight to make sure I stick to it tomorrow. I’m gonna start making my lemonade the night before so that I have no excuses!

    How was your first day?

  • You so the senna tea at night and then again in the am instead of the salt water flush?

    Its only 2pm so I’m golden. My first batch of lemonade I think didn’t have as much cayenne as i’d like. next batch though.

  • Yes, I’ve read that the senna tea can be done both at night and in the morning in lieu of the flush. The senna tea is just less predictable because it could take up to several hours to have an effect whereas the flush is somewhat instant.

  • Question- is there anyway I can brew a cold senna tea? The Master Cleanse says specifically not to use a microwave and that is my only means of heat because I don’t have a stove or tea kettle…

  • the microwave is probably not a good idea. there are those plug in tea kettles but that would mean buying one.

  • OK, thanks. Today is Day 1 (again) – wish me luck!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Good Luck KAIT. You can do it! :)

    During my first cleanse, I thought of myself as an alcohol – just do one day at a time. Getting through that single day was my only goal. Vy day 4 I felt good and then I never obsessed over it again.

  • go, Kait! you got it.

    im only on day two, so we can get through this together, eh?

  • Good luck you guys, you can do it. The first few days are the hardest for not eating. Just keep at it, and be proud of yourselves for what you are accomplishing.

  • Day three! No hunger pains or intense cravings or anything. I am sleeping a whole lot though but that may very well be because I drink too much coffee.

  • day four. still going strong. what was the hardest day for anyone who completed the mc? i’m really only shooting for 10 days, although originally i thought 14.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    EEFNUGGET, Once I got past day 4 I always felt really good. I think you are over the worst of it now. You should soon be experiencing the period of mental clarity. How awesome that is! That is like a drug you could get addicted to real quick. During those period, I would also get boughts of energy yet remain calm and not get hyper. On the downside, the energy only lasted a few hours a day and then I would feel more tired than usual but still very serene.

    I have had two MCs and after the 4th day on each I thought it was easy. I liked not having to bother with food. The only part I didn’t like after day 4 was the SWF and not being able to eliminate without them. I prefer to go naturally and there not be any hassle to it.

    I recently finished a 12-day MC about 3+ weeks ago and five months earlier did a 8-day MC. I think Tuesday of next week I am going to pick mine back up. I had wanted to go until I saw anything that looked like a mucousal lining or 30 days in the alternative. I changed my plans when a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time decided to visit me for a week. I want to pick back up and see if that makes a difference. I have RA and some other issues that are sometime corrected by fasting, which the MC isn’t but also sort of is. I am going to see how it goes and I don’t know how long it will last.

    QUEENFLUFF / SABRINA / ANYONE ELSE planning to start the MC next week. I just think it is so much easier to do it with some support than alone.

    Keep up the good work EEFANUGGET and KAIT and Anyone else is missed.

  • I’ve finished 5 days and tomorrow I’m going to transition into a juice feast because I just got paid and bought a load of produce to juice and my new juice extractor came. Thanks for all your support, guys! It was fun to read about your prior experiences and I definitely plan to do a MC again :0)

  • Thanks, meditating. Thats great inspiration. You’re right about when you get tired though. I have been going to bed a lot earlier than normal. I am really grateful for the MC because I think it has broken my caffeine addiction. WHEW. My teeth feel a little weird through all of this though. Is that a typical side effect?

    The SWF is not my favorite thing. At all. I can deal but, yeck.

    Best to all. And thanks for the support. DAY FIVE!

  • day seven! i feel awesome.

  • Congratulations eefanugget!!!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Hey all!

    Yesterday I started a slightly modified version of the MC. I am drinking my drink (not bad tasting – I wish I didn’t have to put in the cayenene though – makes it hard for me to drink it faster) and drinking my SmoothMove but since I have an important event coming up that I am making new dehydrator things for (new so I have to taste test them) – I am allowing myself a bit of food off and on so I can do my taste testing and not keel over in pain.I know NOT perfect but at least I am getting used to the drink. :)

    After the event next Sunday, I will be doing a full blown MC. :)

    Question:how are you guys juicing your lemons? I am ready to buy an electric citrus juicer because sometimes I feel like I don’t get all the juice out of the lemons with my hand juicers and I am wasting some.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    QUEENFLUFF - I have a few things in the fridge I need to finish up and I will be ready to restart my interrupted MC and Sunday sounds like a good day. I may start with you.

    I used to hand juice my lemons and I really like the pulp that finds its way in. But after reading about the importance of eating seeds in the foods we eat, I just cut out the entire fruit from the pith (although I do use some of the pith, which is bitter but holds most of the nealth benefits of the fruit)and puree it down in the blender. Then I measure it out and mix with the same amount of maple syrup and add water. That way I don’t feel like I am wasting anything and I get all the benefits of the fruit.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Mediating -

    That would be great! I would start on Monday though since the event is on Sunday I will be eating that day.

    The first day Saturday, I did eat something and I only did half of the MC amount. Yesterday I ate nothing (I taste tested a few thing I was making for the event) and did the whole amount. I mixed some limes in there too. Right now I am drinking the SWF (so far yuck even though I love salt maybe not salty enough for my taste! – i think I didn’t make it warm enough – it is sort of warm cool) – I can’t believe I have to drink all of this! I don’t like luke-warm water either – I like ice cold.

    Yesterday I had all this yellow looking diaherra type thingsy and air come out. I guess I should count those as BMs? Getting rid of that air is a good thing for me since I tend to have problems with air in my stomach and even worse problems trying to get it to come out (yeah, I can’t really fart very well for some reason – i almost have to force it) so I am liking how easily the air is coming out. I even felt some air “pop” inside of me. Well, at least, my tummy feels all empty and flat right now. :)

    I will probably stop on Thrusday. Drink OJ on Friday. Eat fruit on Saturday and then Sunday I can eat at the event. :)

    For the lemon juice, I have a two types of hand juicers and it really kills the wrist! The limes are easier to juice although very small right now. Maybe i will try blending the lemons and than straining out the pieces.

  • Day 10! OJ for me tomorrow. hurrah!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    EEFANUGGET - That is fantastic. How do you feel? It is a great accomplishment and one you should be proud of!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    When I did the SWF the other day not too much happened, I didn’t have much stuff come out like the book said it would. Yesterday, I just did my drink and teas. Today I did the SWF again and I made the water warmer and added more salt (which is suggested in book if the SWF doesn’t work the first time). I like the drink much better this time. I drank it faster and I had several strong liquid poo streams come out (even splashed on my butt – Gross!) Dang that stuff smelled like the elephant or giraffe exhibit at the zoo! I wonder if it is old stuff. It reminds me of when I did the Fleet cleanses for colonscopy – you take something that make your poo all liquidy. :)

    I did have some slightly stringy pieces that looked sort of mucousy . I am hoping that is what it is. Yesterday, I had some hard looking black stuff. Another thing is that is weird (which I am sure I am the only person in the world who pays attention to this) is that my ear wax smells different. It is more liquidy and white and honestly it smelled like a sweet cheese yesterday (at least in one of my ears -the other one smelled slighlty like fish). Normally, it stinks and I can’t stand the smell of it. Yah, I’m weird – I notice my ear wax every day because i wear hearing aids so my ears don’t get much fresh air in there so I wipe out wax at the end of the day. So I notice what it looks like and what it smells like.

    Even though it isn’t ten days – tomorrow is my last day. I will restart again on Monday – I hopefully should be able to do the whole 10 days this time!

  • I feel awesome! Next time longer!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Today is my OJ day. Unfortunately, even though I told my bf to buy me oranges at WF’s yesterday, he didn’t so I only have three oranges. WAH! For the OJ, is it probably a good idea not to include any pulp and it should be strained well? I know when cleansing/fasting the pulp is usually considered to be a solid. Did anyone mix any other fruit with the OJ? I was thinking lemons and limes since I stil have a lot of them. I can’t wait to eat fruit tomorrow. I have all these nice plums waiting for me. I was also thinking that coconut water would be a nice light drink to have too.

    Even though I only did five days, I did have a lot of junk come out of me. Mostly very yellow stuff – lots of pieces that sort of look like transculent skins mixed in with the yellow(hopefully those are mucous pieces!). I don’t know if the yellow is due the lemons or the fact that I ate something with a lot of nutritional yeast the week before.

    Weird question for the ladies who have done the MC:

    Did anyone notice a change in your period? Meaning, it came early. I just had my period around three weeks ago and I just got it again yesterday. My period has never come this early like this before (maybe a few days or something but not a whole week – usually it is late actually). Really bad cramps and heavy. Could this be due to the detoxing of the MC? I only really did five full days of the MC.

  • Queenfluff-I came off the MC on Monday-I juiced my OJ with no pulp. For the first day off I stuck to the OJ only. The second day off I had oj in the morning and I ate a orange for lunch. Dinner was a light raw meal. About the period thing-I did have a HEAVY one while on the MC but I had no cramps (I have not really had those since going raw about six months ago). I have read some comments on other MC boards and many ladies said that their period came early also.

  • wow just read all these pages lol!

    i wanna try this for 10 days, if im normal body weight will i still lose body fat??

  • hey everyone. i’m on day 2 of my first master cleanse. going pretty well so far. i got my rag this morning..and still had bad cramps like i always do. but anyways my question is, since i’ve got my rag, will i lose less weight because i’ll be bloated and stuff? anyone have any experience with it? thanks! (i’m doing this not only for weight loss, but to help myself transition to a raw diet.)

  • Howdy everyone!! I am back from a summer of traveling and doing my best to maintain as raw a diet as possible. Cheese was a real downfall for me but rather than beat myself for indulging I made sure I was eating enormous amounts of salads and fresh fruits.

    Today is day one of a new master cleanse for me. I am attempting 20 days this time. I may go longer but twenty is my goal. My earlier cleanse in May was for ten days and at the time I did not want to stop but had out of town guests coming to visit.

    I am substituting raw blue agave for the maple syrup and using persian limes which are really juicy and have a taste that I prefer. Anyone else care to join me?

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