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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • Wow Hil, I really admire your sticking with this even though it hasn’t been proving to work for you. I guess sometimes we instinctively know what is right for us even before the proof.

    Breakfast: 4 lb mamey

    Lunch: 8 bananas, 1 bunch of celery (even got Whole Foods to blend it for me after I’d promised that I would still take it even if it did not come out, lol)

    Dinner: 5 bananas, 1 small mango


    Biked 40 miles today. I’ve literally been on two wheels all weekend.

    Happy fasting, el-bo :)

  • DAY 13 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 8.5 hours (did not feel dead upon waking; was still tired, but more lively than past several mornings)

    breakfast: 2 mangoes and 2 bananas snack: 3 small valencia oranges lunch: 1/2 avocado, 4 medium stalks celery dinner: 3 bananas, 1/2-head romaine, 1/2 lb strawberries in a smoothie

    total calories: 1267

    81/6/13 C/P/F

    exercise: 1-hour hike, vigorous uphill, ran downhill

    notes: bm in morning was full, somewhat loose, but no visible undigested mat’l; was tired but not dead all day; spent some time in sun, maybe 15 minutes; sat around and worked all day; avoided house chores for lack of energy and motivation; felt motivated to hike nearby just after 7 pm; felt good, energetic, untired on hike; now, just before bed (11 pm), i have a headache; also, period started post-hike; bloating is still ever-present after eating, but now that i’m not stuffing myself, it’s tolerable; oh yeah! i had avocado today but no cravings for fat/carbs afterward – was a first.

  • sunnied: yes, 811rv/natural hygiene do make sense to me on many levels. I’ve been struggling with messed up digestion for 11 years now (celiac), but with everything I’ve tried, it’s incrementally gotten a little bit better. Despite my problems with 811 so far, I’m still in much better shape than ever in my adult life. So I know I’m on the right track. And I’m beginning to develop the patience I owe my body to let it do its work. Thanks for your kudos : )

  • July 13

    Food Log 1446 calories

    85/6/9 (carb/protein/fat)

    Breakfast: tangerine and pink grapefruit juice – freshly squeezed longans lychees durian

    Mid Morning: tomato, onion, cucumber, newmans dressing (followed by pitching of the newmans (unopened went into food bank bag)

    Lunch: banana, peach, tangerine juice, spinach smoothie

    Mid Afternoon: romaine, dressing of pineapple, red pepper, lime, thai basil smoothie of coconut water, young coconut meat, banana, pineapple, dates

    Dinner: celery, dressing from above cherries banana brazil nut date

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water, 1 mug genmai cha AM

    I think I am now sensitive to pineapple. :-( My tongue started burning and is still a little raw feeling. I’ve never reacted to it like this before, but other people in the family can’t eat it. Please no. I loooove pineapple and the dressing rawked.

    Exercise/activity for the day: Scheduled rest day – found myself wishing at the end of the day that I had done some rebounding at the very least.

    No sun – cloudy all day. Lots of thunder, wind, a few brief splatters, but no real rain. We are in exceptional drought status here. (Thats the worst category on the US drought monitor system) The lake I cross twice daily is soooo low. We desperately need rain.

    8 hours/minutes sleep

  • Hey guys, just catching up on this thread to see how people are doing. Wow! So many are sticking with it!

    Hilary, way to go! I’m VERY impressed with your dedication to the 1 month trial since you’re obviously not having the best reactions.

    I didn’t attempt to join in this time, but I have been upping my fruit intake – I try to eat at least one, if not two, all fruit meals a day, with the rest of my food for the day being strictly gluten and soy free vegan. I’m seeing if it’s possible for me to “ease into” 811rv since the last 2 times I tried to jump right in 100% I didn’t last more than a week.


  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    quick post today 11/81/08 (total fat/carb/prot) cals: 1555 (short about 123) weighlifting: 20 minutes no sun time! slept 8 hours

    breakfast: bag of red grapes lunch: two grapefruit dinner: pasta with bell pepper two slices bread snack: 3 banana’s. Low fat but still some cooked food obviously. I didn’t try for 8-10-10 this weekend but did keep track on nutridiary. I just really craved almond butter and had that saturday on bananas. Sunday I had made Matt Kenney’s chocolate chip cookies and had those, high fat with cashews in them. So.. still kept fat around 20 percent even with changes. Wow I probably use to eat a lot of fat

  • Ow! my mouth is burning again. Of course I ate some more of the pineapple, so what did I expect? Oh yeah, confirmation that’s it.

    I sure hope this is just this particular pineapple and not me suddenly developing an overall sensitivity to them. Especially after I found a dressing I really like. Darn tart, tangy deliciousness.

    Any suggestions to stop the burning? Quickly? Ow

  • 2 major steps to success on the 811 30 day experience. (the cold turkey method)

    1) Donate all your non compliant food to the food bank.

    2) Spend all your food budget on fruit and veg so that you can’t afford to eat out.

    Any other tips?

  • I get pineapple tongue too :( I seem to do better if I only eat half as oppsed to a whole one.

    Breakfast smoothie: 6 bananas (5 chilled, 1 frozen), 1 spear aloe, water

    Lunch smoothie: 5 bananas (1 frozen, 4 chilled), 1 mango

    Probably going to skip dinner unless I make it to the market after the gym.

    Pardon my monotonous menu, I’m on the banana budget.

    Biked 13 miles and took a body sculpting class this morning. Doing a cardio sculpt class and kundalini yoga tonight.

  • Hilary – You are very welcome. :) Keep me posted on how you’re feeling. I’m glad you like that site – in fact one of my favorite passages from it…

    If you are going to eat anything besides raw foods, namely fruits, nuts and palatable vegetables, then eat the junkiest foods you can get. Eat canned foods, processed foods. When you cook at home cook out of aluminum utensils. Peel all vegetables and boil them thoroughly. Fry foods in cast iron skillets at high temperatures using saturated fats and oils. Apply salt, pepper and other condiments freely. Pay no attention to combinations. Eat as much as you can stuff down. Have rich desserts and drink liquids with your meals.

    Now my earnest advice is for you to eat no cooked foods, only raw foods. However, if and when you “slip” eat all things bad and nothing good. I am completely earnest. Here is why. It will make you quite ill, quite soon and shake you up. It will bring you back to your senses, put you back on the straight and narrow. You may even decide to fast for a day or two to keep your wits about you for an extended period of time. It will precipitate or stimulate symptoms of acute disease. You will have no difficulty relating cause and effect.

  • Kayell: I got my first case of pineapple mouth last week after eating a whole one. I was fine at half, but kept going. My mouth hurt the entire night and my lips were numb the following morning before they started to crack and peel…

    I thought maybe it was because the pineapple was so acidic (maybe some are more than others depending on variety, ripeness, etc.).

    Greg: thanks for your support!

    Seize: I like that excerpt. Check ya later…

  • As it turns out, I almost didn’t quite make 80/10/10 today. To be honest, I was sure I hadn’t, but nutridiary says different. For dinner, I took coconut water and half of a California avocado (the two things I had left in the fridge) and blended them. Wow, it was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. That brings me to a total of 1,473 calories and 85/5/10

    The fact that I broke a sweat getting to the coco water did make me feel a little less guilty. Speaking of which, nutridiary should really add that into the activity list.

    Besides greens, I should be good for the next couple of days. I just picked up 44 freckled bananas at the local market for .29/lb. $4.61 for 2 days worth of food! They aren’t organic, but at least they are Florida grown.

    BTW, I saw a really good documentary this weekend called Surfwise. The story of this man and his familly was very 811ish. http://www.surfwisefilm.com/

  • Thanks for the notes of encouragement, and blender reviews! Natalia Rose recommends the K-Tec, and although it also costs a pretty penny, I’ve heard it’s extremely easy to clean. She was right on with the Breville Juicer (FWIW on a high-fat rv diet, but her transitional levels seem to have worked wonders as far as detoxing goes!) After learning to do without the miscellaneous gadgets, slicing and dicing these mangos, tomatoes, bananas, et al., I find that I really prefer the texture of the whole fruits to juiced or blended!

    @Sunnie: I am very impressed with your negotiating skills :D I’ve asked both Publix and the local organic store (orders only come in every two weeks there due to the rising delivery charges) for bulk discounts, and they were happy to oblige. I forgot to bring my quotes the first time at the regular grocery, so the price of my case of organic bananas was substantially lower than expected. I mentioned it to the Asst. Mgr. next time I saw him, so he wouldn’t think I’d tried to pull a fast one, and he suggested I return same day, same time, and ask the same guy for my produce from now on! LOL

    My daughter, Nike, brought home a freebie watermelon from work tonight. Turns out one of the local farmers has a stand across the street from the restaurant, and he just happened to be closing up shop tonight when one of her co-workers went to do a little last-minute shopping. He threw in an extra melon, and she just “happened” to offer it to Nike first, knowing nothing about my latest rawventure! Anyone else here believe in the Law of Attraction? ;-)

    @Elliot: Bummer on the Monkey Ball… I actually had no idea what that was till the latest upgrade, believe it or not, but it was between that and Enigma—Keith & I figured MB must be the hot game (although the iPod app reviews are mixed) since you mentioned it.

    DAYS 11, 12, 13:
    Sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals:
    Melons, bananas/smoothies, greens with tomato and mango (up to 3/4 head of lettuce with romaine, butterleaf, and redleaf, plus a little cuke mixed in!!) Then, there’s some pineapple (nix that after the last batch burned my tongue :P) oranges and grapes tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    1490 kcal 91/6/3
    1229 kcal 89/7/4
    960 kcal 89/7/4 (Slipped again :P)

    @Kayell: Ministry of Silly Walks WAY TO GO, MOM!! And LOL at her intro to MP. You mustn’t taunt her a second time (said in my most outrageous French accent ;-) Awesome news about the push-up’s, too :D Roger has some great tips on his 811rv fitness site for increasing strength through timed sessions with increased reps.

    14-19 JULY 2008 Clink the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming event!!

    11) Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 25 100 12) Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 10 40 TMI, moderate 20 7 13) Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 25 100

    P.S. TOM made his regular visit this past week, but I’m happy to report that it was the mildest, most uneventful period I have ever experienced in my life!! It was also one day shorter than normal, and with the exception of lactation amenorrhea (which was the case the last time I went 100% raw,) my cycles have run like clockwork since I was a preteen :P Yet another reason to go 811rv ~ w00t!!!

  • DAY 14 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 7.5-8 hours; felt about 80% energetic upon waking and got meself out for a run exercise: ran for 1/2-hour (faster than a jog with moderate to steep inclines comprising about 1/3); 3 sets 15 push-ups (not the knee kind); also bicep curls and tricep lifts for a short while in the evening

    breakfast: 3 mangos lunch: 4 bananas dinner: 4 bananas and 5 cups romaine in a smoothie snack: 1/2-pineapple and 10 or so strawberries

    total calories: 1532 92/5/3 C/P/F

    notes: bm was full and loose with very little undigested mat’l; had a headache a couple hours after lunch (this was the third day in a row to get a headache at some point – headaches are not common for me); had some addictive behavior in the evening and ate a bunch of pineapple and strawberries though i was not hungry; bloating all day, and doubled with the late evening snack.

  • i just watched all the surfwise shorts. i want to see the movie!

  • still water fasting….day 4…keep it up guys :o)

  • haven’t posted in a while…. just got back from traveling. was a little tricky to stick 100% to 811, especially when someone else was cooking. now i’m back home and just finished mango/tomato/romaine salad with mango/tom/celery dressing (thanks for dressing ideas Hilary!). re: pineapple – i love it in a smoothie with kale and a little lime. (if it’s blended the acidity doesn’t bother me).

  • another dougie interview to enjoy :o)


    p.s i’m now going to buy some mangos to break my fast…at 96 hours, i feel ready to break it…..i’m happy with how i’ve done but don’t feel confident enough to go too deep without supervision

  • hope those mangos are delish : )

  • i bought mangos, persimmoms and grapes….of the 3, i have chosen the grapes to break…i’ll take it easy with them

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Hey All!! You all are such an inspiration and doing so awesome! I really haven’t been able to be both raw and stick to the 8-1-1 .. not yet anyway. I guess I am just not ready. I read the book though and do really see the validity of the pricipals. I also know myself and know that when the time is right I can be really disciplined (I never thought I could do a master cleanse but once I decided to do it did it perfectly, no cheating) I’m just not at that point yet, not with the 8-1-1.. I will be though.. and someday when I really do it I will think of all of you and your awesome committment to your health and diet. Happy thoughts your way.. I’ll keep checking back to read about your experiences though so keep um coming! Oh.. and just because I haven’t been able to do this to a T doesn’t mean I havent learned, alot. Like I’ve learned whoa! there were days when I ate A LOT of fat. An avocado with dinner, nut filled cookies for dessert, salad dressing.. I doubt I will ever have days when I have more than one major fat like that. I also learned I can actually do mono meals, and enjoy them. And I learned I LOVE bananas.. love to eat four at a time.. and it’s great running fuel! I always knew that part but didn’t always follow it.. felt like one banana was plenty. now I say bring them on!

  • kminty3… all good stuff….you will never un-learn this stuff..the seeds are sown and one day you may come back to tend the flower

    if all you took from this was a perspective on fats and a desire to lower them, then you’d have done a great thing (imho)...but enjoying mono-mealing, apppreciating getting a good amount of fruit carbs (bananas) in to fuel training and minimising your fats to one type per day are all things that i think will strengthen your foundation and raw health

    good luck with everything

    peace, love and sweet fruit :o)


  • Welcome back pen, I was wondering what happened to you :)

    You will love Surfwise Hilary! Finding a theatre playing it might be a little tricky though. I saw it at UM.

    Wow el, I’m super impressed. How are you feeling? What have you been doing the last four days? I read that it’s good to come off a fast with oj.

    Thanks kminty, but honestly it hasn’t been that hard (for me). I can eat SO MUCH [yummy] food and if I am in a jam, I can grab a meal at any grocery store. So easy, and relatively cheap (I used to have meals home delivered when I first went raw, yikes!). That, and I don’t know if it’s the food, but I am more motivated to excersize than I ever have been.

    Breakast smoothie: 7 nanners, 7 celery stalks

    Lunch: 2 lbs sweet cherries

    Dinner smoothie: 4 more bananas, 1 head romaine

    Calories: 1,809 91/6/3

    Biked 13 miles again (in the rain mostly :/)

    Took spinning and a ‘cardio blast’ class

    Well, we’re half way through the challenge (if you can call it that). I’ve lost 5 lbs and hope to lose another 5 before the month is over. Has anyone else noticed an improvement so far?

  • I’m feeling quite sleepy now, so will just refer you to my fitday screenshots for 7/14 and 15 at http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/list… I’ll move the full info over here tomorrow.

    PS. My tummy is not as indestructible as I believed. I now have a bit better appreciation of food combining. Cherries or mango after avocado = bad idea. One day I’ll learn to learn a bit less experientially.

    Also: time to simplify things.

  • sunnied…

    i feel real good….apart from toilet trips , i’ve been in bed for the 4 days :o) letting my body do it’s work…and if it was a longer fast i would have used oj, but the grapes were great for me

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    Well tomorrow is the big day…

  • DAY 15 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 12 hours (SO dead this morning; body finally woke up at 11)

    breakfast: 4 medium bananas lunch: 1 mango followed by 2 medium bananas snack: 2 cups red grapes blended with 3 celery sticks dinner: salad w/ 1/3-head lettuce, 1 large red tomato, 2 valencia oranges, 1 small cucumber, 1 handful parsley

    exercise: 35-min bike ride, mostly uphill at 7:30 pm

    total calories: 1230 91/5/4 C/P/F

    notes: bm full w/ some undigested mat’l; i will NOT be eating pineapple for some time: realized that each of the two days i felt too dead to wake up were preceded by large pineapple consumption; don’t know if it’s the sole cause, but i feel like it might play a large part; DH blisters (dermatitis herpetiformis, related to Celiac disease) appeared in my nose yesterday (pre-pineapple); DH blisters for me are only related to gluten ingestion and/or stress (in this case, detox) and this is the second batch i’ve had since starting 811 (you go, body!); also, i don’t think i’ve mentioned that right around the beginning of this challenge, i stopped washing my hair but with water and i’ve stopped using any products on my skin, like soap (except where i think it’s necessary) and lotion: at this point, i’m very happy with my hair (which is falling out noticeably less this week than last), and my skin (including face) is somewhat dry but a heck of a lot better than when i fed it lotion; my general itchiness has gone down – WAHOO!

    i listened to the teleconference with dr. graham that elliot sent us, and found it very beneficial. thanks for that, elliot!

  • I’m back from vacation. I ate alot of bad things, and I’ve started 811 today. I couldn’t start on the 1st cause I knew I would be leaving the country. I got my book right before I left, and I got to read it on the plane.

    I just needed some advice. I’m a flight attendant and go on trips that last from 1-4 days away from home. I have a cooler, but sometimes I don’t get a fridge in my hotel room. I also have braces, so I can’t really chew into hard fruits unless I cut into to tiny pieces, which sometimes I can’t do b/c I’m on the plane and don’t have the time. I’ve carried bananas, but I have to eat them fast b/c they get bruised. Peaches and Pears get bruised easily too. Grapes have kept up pretty well. I’ve cut up a cantalope the night before to carry in a tupperware for lunch the next day. I have limited room, so I can’t overload my cooler with cantalopes. Any suggestions on fruits that easy to travel with??

  • Sorry I’ve been missing guys, but I’m really really struggling.

    I feel like there are two parts to why I’m struggling. The minor reason is:


    I can handle the first two courses at dinner usually just fine. It’s the salads that get me. First… I just can’t finish the dang things (I’m talking about the ones in the book- following the summer plan). The closest I’ve come is eating half. The other thing is.. I hate them. I know we’re supposed to be avoiding the oil and vinegar, but blended fruit over my greens just isn’t doing it for me. I’m really trying, but I’m choking them down, and then next day, I’m usually throwing out the leftovers because I don’t dare make myself try to choke it down again. I just don’t know what to do! I mean, what else can I do to make salads palatable but still low-fat? Maybe I just need some more recipe ideas.

    The major reason is:

    Dinner was a special thing with me and my fiance and now we’ve lost that. It’s really got me depressed lately. It was such a big deal for us. We would both get home from work and start cooking together. We both love food and cooking, so it was always fun. We’d come up with new ideas, talk about flavors, textures, combinations, etc. Now, we just don’t have that anymore. He makes his food… usually something easy now- Lean Pockets or leftovers or something, and I make my own stuff. There’s no sharing, no joy together, and it’s got both of us down. We talked about it a lot this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, my fiance is totally supportive, but he did comment that he’s noticed I haven’t been as happy around dinner time. He has no interest in raw however, and although he’ll help me make stuff occasionally, he’s usually busy trying to figure out stuff for his own dinner. So we aren’t really having that time together anymore.

    We actually did have some cooked food together this weekend and it was wonderful… maybe not wonderful for our bodies, but it felt like we had gotten some of that joy back.

    So I don’t know what to do. I think for now, I’m going to go back to transitioning for a while… with eating raw all day until dinner. I just got into raw back in May, so maybe I just took on too much too soon. I don’t know. I just don’t want to keep forcing this if it’s making me sad, because happiness is important too. Maybe I just need more time working at raw before I try going 100% again.

  • Hi veganlicious,

    I’m a flight attendant too, but I fly from a base and I return there each day after work. I usually fly 4 sectors a day, so I don’t really have a lot of time to eat. I usually take apples, oranges and bananas or a salad, which I prepare the night before if I’m on an early shift, and the morning if I’m on lates. Sometimes I buy some salad or freshly pressed orange juice at the airport, you should also check it out. You could take some plums and oranges as well.

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