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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • DAY 24 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: about 7 hours, some restless

    exercise: 45-minute trail run (energy was a bit low so slow running = high heart rate)

    breakfast: 4.5 cups apricots blended and 6 oz blueberries

    lunch: 5 large bananas

    snack: 1 lb mango

    dinner: 3 mini-heads bibb lettuce, 1 cup purple cabbage, 1 tbsp basil leaf, 1/2 large cucumber, 1/4 avocado, 2 tbsp lemon juice

    snack: 1 tbsp brazil nut/garlic mixture (with a little salt) on other half of cucumber

    total calories: 1589

    83/7/10 C/P/F

    i don’t feel like taking notes. oh, alright. energy was a little low but generally stable all day. increased after my noon-time nap. morning bm was full and loose-ish w/ little undigested mat’l. still spotting. a bit sad, a bit depressed, mainly about work stuff. working with it. had pretty serious cravings for my partner’s food (corn chips and pizza), so kept my distance; then had to finish off my pre-811 “raw parmesan cheeze,” brazil nut and garlic w/ salt mixture.

  • Hey Sunnie,

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about your teeth and to tell you I had pain during the second week of 811. Some of my gums recede beyond the roots of several of my teeth (partly inherited from dad but mostly the result of grinding) and those bare roots can be highly sensitive to sweet foods. During that second week, every bit of fruit I ate stung and brushing my teeth was almost nightmarish. But now (and for the past week), I’m not having any pain in those spots while eating fruit or brushing, which I find interesting.

    I would suggest that the more lunches you chew, the better. I’ve heard the chewing stimulates the teeth and gums and keeps them in good working shape.

  • Very cool, Rustic. I would wish you good luck but I doubt you’ll need it :)

    Thanks for remembering, Hilary. I asked a friend (the only 811er I know in Miami) and he said that when he first started the diet years ago that he had pain but then it went away. So I didn’t panic and just like with yourself, it has disappeared! I think you are right about chewing and I’m now sure that my blender broke for a reason. I was going a little crazy with it (not only am I new to 811, I am also new to green smoothies).

    I had a variation on a childhood favorite this morning. After yoga I mashed up 5 bananas and spread them on 5 huge celery stalks. It reminded me so much of eating peanut butter filled celery (please tell me I’m not the only one who ate this) that I felt like a kid again. And the celery burps brought me back to my wings and blue cheese days, gross!

    For lunch I had a huge salad of mustard greens, napa cabbage, 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit, a handful of strawberries (with tops), and some lime juice. I thought I was doing enough by ‘chewing my smoothies’ but nothing compares to how right the exhausted feeling in my jaw was after this meal.

  • Hi all,

    Yes, I’ve been completely negligent about posting here. Still doing 811, and have developed a mildly snotty attitude about it at times. Yes, I’ve gone from newbie to evangelist in under 6 seconds. I’m still posting my FitDay sheets over at GITMR under kayell also. (you can see yesterday’s abomination of a lunch there if you want :-( and my excuse…)

    I’m going on vacation tomorrow, with a cooler load of fruit, spinach and romaine. Wish me luck in my attempt to convert my mom, dd, and dgd, without their realization. My plan consists of massive platters of fruit, giant juicy salads and frothy sweet smoothies. Can I avoid them noticing that they haven’t eaten cooked? At least summer works to my advantage. Wish me well in avoiding DDs dasterdly excellent cooking. (I’ll just keep grabbing the cutting board)

    I probably won’t be able to post until I’m back next weekend and will give a full report on the month (and week) then.

    Since I haven’t hit 100%, I’ll be signing up for next months challenge if there is one. This is so, so worth getting it right. Must keep my eye on the goal. Also for next month, much more activity, much more organized and regular.

    Wishing us all well, and as el-bo says (more or less) ... plenty of sweet fruit.

    See you next month.

    El-bo So sorry to see you go, but so glad for you that you’re getting into the program you wanted. Thank you for all the help you have give me, and the inspiration. I hope to keep seeing your words of wisdom here and at GITMR, as you are able.

    Sunnied Were you interested in an 811 intentional community? There is a active discussion of it over on the raw and sports board at vegsource. I’ve gotten inspired!

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    Hey all! I did this challenge last month, dropped out during the last part of june and July as i felt I was unable to get my fat below 10% and so was “failing” (I eat some overt fats like oil, not a lot but a bit) and over the last month, have been gravitating more towards 811 again, without really ‘trying’. If penne or someone else is going to continue this in August I’d love to rejoin. I am about 90% raw, a bit of quinoa and tea here and there, and focused on training for a 10K, and would love the support.

    Do you think this will be ongoing in August?

  • DAYS 23, 24, 25:
    Still sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals/days:

    Melons for breakfast (up to a whole half now!), big bunch of bananas for lunch, grapes for pre-dinner, and mixed greens with tomato (up to 3/4 head of lettuce including romaine, butterleaf, and iceberg) Then, there’s peaches, nectarines, and sweet cherries tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    Correction: I got the protein count confused with the fat count on my cashews in the last report and have rectified that error. My protein is usually higher than my fat, hence the confusion.

    1586 kcal 83/10/7
    1669 kcal 89/7/4
    1831 kcal 89/7/4

    @Dave That clears things up a bit – thanks. I was thinking you would need over 2000 (average count on the 811 sample menus) as a male, but also overlooked the third helping of bananas. Even though I’m about the same weight (at 5’4”) I’m working up to eating a few more calories for a nursing toddler, but also trying to keep the overall count down in order to lose my own remaining “baby fat,” so that accounts for the odd daily totals.

    My greatest experience has been the friendship, honesty and support I’ve found on this forum and Dr. Doug’s board at VS. The most challenging has been keeping my logs current! LOL Thanks for asking… How ‘bout you?

    I’d gone 100% ten years ago, so knew what to expect, but this time I haven’t had a severe detox or the same initial problem with cravings. I give partial credit to following a modified version of Natalia Rose’s transitional plan for five months prior to being introduced to 811. It was a little tough to let go of my addiction to sea salt and avocado oil on my salad, but this whole ‘experience’ really helped me keep my commitment. I’m thrilled to be back on track and feeling better than ever! :D

    Next month, my plan is to focus on fitness and use the sample menus as a daily guide now that I’ve expanded my intake to a more natural level, periodically spot checking caloronutrients and any meals that widely deviate (overt fats, etc.) from my normal pattern. As long as I stick to simple basics, I’m confident my carb/protein/fat ratios will stay consistently within 811 range.

    @Sunnie Ask and ye shall receive – w00t!! Speaking of asking the Universe to deliver, the local fruit market got a few seeded melons in by special request, but we haven’t seen any more since. First batch was a stroke of “luck” I suppose. LOL at the blenders going bust on 811. And yes, do check out the discussion at VegSource about Dr. Doug’s proposed IC on his farm in CR. Cool.

    @Kayell Take extra fruit along, because if your gdd is like all the kids I know, she will be scarfing it down faster than you can! One of my friends’ daughters likes to call herself a fruitasaurus (cute ;) and her mom doesn’t touch the stuff herself!!

    GO FOR IT, ANDREW!!! and Thanks for the reminder—I’ve haven’t been back to VS to see if you were able to find that SI link for Bill Rodgers. I came across the other site in my iPod bookmarks and thought of you. Back on my PC, so here’s the rundown from my previous posts: Boston Bill [Re: Family of Runners]
    The first man to win the Boston and the New York 26-milers 07.14.08
    Family of Runners [Immersion]

    And here’s the one about “raisin water” on Van Boughner’s blog: Logging a Raw Vegan’s Marathon Preparation

    @Elliot I’m flattered to be considered as a potential ‘experience’ leader, but I must reluctantly decline. As much as I have been inspired and encouraged by everyone here at GR – not to mention cultivating new friendships – I honestly don’t yet feel ‘experienced’ enough to advise others just starting out.

    Also, it’s been a challenge keeping up with two boards (VS & GR, and I haven’t even been to GI2MR but once or twice since this month’s event began!) and really must get back to a few projects of my own which have been on the backburner all this time. I would be happy to meet up on Dr. D’s VegSource board and help keep the dialogue flowing, though. I definitely need the motivation to keep myself accountable. Someone (nycgrrl, Kayell?) could even create an August 31-Day Experience thread (complete with its own set of colorful adjectives ;-) and access it through the – Today’s Posts – page, if they’re up to the task.

    14-19 JULY 2008 (EXTENDED INDEFINITELY!) Click the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming event in August!!

    Slow week – workin’ overtime :P
    23) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245

    24) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Carrying heavy loads, such as bricks 10 70

    25) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; TMI ;) vigorous (active) 30 17

    Countdown to the grand finale, and a brand new beginning: ...5, 4, 3, 2, 1!! Luck is when opportunity meets inspired action.

    Enjoy the weekend, Amigos ~ I AM! ;-)

  • penne….there are no leaders, just instigators…i also have very little real experience…it’s a group effort….problems are always best referred to vegsource

    all it needs is for someone to start the new month rolling…it’s good to have a break to keep things trackable and limited to each month…it also allows others to feel like jumping in right from scratch

    so maybe 1 week before the new month open up a new thread for the coming month, just like i’m about to do…explain that people really should be reading the book first and that’s it…

    then everyone can keep up

    it’s just a way of grouping people for each others support rather than people going it alone

    so, maybe a week before september, someone start another…that’s of course, if anyone is still interested


  • DAY 25

    sleep: 7-8 hours pretty deep sleep

    breakfast: 1 medium cantaloupe

    lunch 1: 4 medium bananas

    lunch 2: 1 lb apples

    snack: 20 cherries

    snack: 3 cups apricots, blended

    dinner: 1 cup red cabbage, 1/4-head romaine, 4 stalks celery, 3 small yellow tomatoes, 1 oz sunflower seeds, fresh basil, 1 lemon’s juice

    snack: 2 small valencia oranges

    exercise: medium-vigorous hike, 40 min uphill and 20 min down (more strained than last time)

    total calories consumed: 1652

    81/8/11 C/P/F

    notes: slightly lower energy all day, but energy and concentration were stable. had short nap around 1 pm. was more strained on hike than last time. had lots of small meals today – you know, i just feel better eating this way and it seems to work, so… i’m also increasingly able to take in more at one time than i could before, so with time… morning bm was loose w/ some undigested mat’l. lots of small bms throughout day (trend has been consistent for maybe two weeks now). teeth hurt after eating cherries (ha!), but became less sensitive by the time i flossed and brushed my teeth.

    just got The China Study from the library. so far, it is really well written and the complexity of research is astounding. i’m loving this book.

  • Thanks for the tip, kayell. I have shyed away from that forum because I didn’t quite understand the structure but it is definitely worth it. Imagining living in a place with unhybridized, irradiation-free fruit and a community with 811ers just makes me giddy :)

    I got a seeded watermelon today too, penne! It is very round and super dark green (kind of like spiralina). I can’t wait to open it. I also got another fruit I’ve never tried before called monstera but it’s not ready to be eaten yet. http://www.tropiquality.com/pages/monstera.html

    Other than that, I cheated hardcore today at the raw farmer’s market today. Sunburger, nut pates, avocado salad, ice cream, strawberry shortcake, nut milk, the works. I definitely paid for it all afternoon :( I am going to stay away from that place for a while. On the bright side, I did ride bike for 20 mi.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    I am going to post here, if that’s okay…Sunnied-i saw those Monsteras today at WF-can you tell me if you like it? I am thinking of buying but would love an opinion before I spend the $$!

    today: exercise: 6 mile run food: Breakfast: 2 bananas, 1 cup berries (blueberries, raspberries and black berries) Lunch: 1 cup quinoa, 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes Snack: 1 banana, 2 pears Dinner: 6 oz lettuce, mango-pepper dressing, 3 apricots, 1 cup blueberries, 2 bananas

    Ratio: 87/7/6 (first time under 10% fat…not using olive oil REALLY changes those numbers!) Calories: 1878 (go me! i actually got my calories high enough today!)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Still doing this…though I am only drinking orange juice right now; been fasting for the past few days. I suck the juice right from the rind through my teeth. Mmmm….

  • DAY 26 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 7-8 hours

    breakfast: 1 small cantaloupe (about 4.5 cups)

    lunch: 6 small to medium bananas

    snack: 20 cherries

    pre-dinner: 1.5 lb mango

    dinner: 1.25 lb red tomatoes, 2 small cucumbers, 1 lemon’s juice, 1/4-head green leaf lettuce, 4 tbs basil leaf

    total calories: 1386

    90/6/4 C/P/F

    no exercise

    notes: nothing new to report. bm trend same. today was a total rest day.

  • DAY 27 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 8-9 hours, pretty restful

    breakfast: 1/2 watermelon (about 10 cups)

    lunch: 6 medium bananas

    snack: 28 cherries

    pre-dinner: about 28 oz of orange juice and 1 orange

    dinner: 1.5 cup red cabbage, 1/2-lemon’s juice, 1-2 packed cups of lettuce, 1/4 avocado

    exercise: 1/2-hour bike ride, more than half of which was uphill

    total calories: 1783

    87/7/6 C/P/F

    notes: bm same. today was the first day i ate the bulk of my calories in three meals before 6 pm. that is, i was hungry and able to easily take in larger meals at each sitting. i’d say my body is finally coming around, adapting to this way of eating/life, and now it’s recognizing that it needs more calories and is willing to take them in. cool : )

    still reading The China Study, thanks to which my life partner is ready to transition into veganism – WAHOO!! i am super-thrilled!

  • hilary – passed the china study onto my parents (ages 78 and 80) and after reading it they became vegan!

  • Will do, nyc. Unfortunately, I think it will be a while before it starts peeling :(

    Congrats on your partner/parents, guys! I am thouroughly enjoying TCS too. It’s just makes me a little sad when I think of what the rats endured :(

    I had the other half of my beautiful SEEDLESS watermelon after yoga this morning and just finished off a 9 banana/ baby boc choy smoothie. That’s a record for me! Baby boc is by far, my new favorite green. (As you can see, I have replaced my blender :/)

  • sunnied…way to go on the ‘9 bananas’....my current highest is 11, though 9 or 10 is more comfortable…...amazing how your stomach gets used it, huh….when i first started, 5 was my maximum

  • Yes, exactly! not to mention being proud of it. All my life I have associated an uncomfortably full belly with feelings of remorse. Nice change!

  • DAY 28 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 7-ish hours

    exercise: 1-hour run, pretty slow cuz pretty tired; pushups, crunches

    breakfast: 1/2 watermelon (about 10 cups)

    lunch: 6 medium bananas

    pre-din: 1 lb kiwis-too much burns my mouth like pineapple : (

    dinner: 6 cups shredded romaine, 1 medium cucumber, 2 tbsp basil leaf, 1 medium red tomato

    snack: 1 small red tomato, 1/4-avocado

    total calories: 1616

    85/7/8 C/P/F

    notes: so tired when i got up, but felt like running about 1/2-hour later. went for run, which really wore me out. fell asleep at my desk (at home) around 11, went to bed and woke up at 3. i’m starting to think my body is now responding to my general low intake of calories because i’m feeling hungry more of the time, especially in the evenings. i think the last couple of nights i’ve been experiencing the cravings from lack of calories that doug talks about. still working to pack more into my belly during my daytime meals so i don’t feel hungry again after my evening salad.

    skin update: acne had mellowed late last week, but erupted strongly yesterday.

    period update: still spotting/light bleeding with more of the latter.

    sunnied and el-bo: i’m up to 6 bananas at once, and i haven’t felt like dying from discomfort. 7 bananas, here i come!

    mimo: it’s amazing what sound science and a will to live better can do! congrats on your parents.

  • DAYS 26, 27, 28:
    Still sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals/days:

    Melons for breakfast (up to a whole half watermelon now!), small bunch of bananas for lunch (gotta reduce my intake till I get my output together!) grapes for pre-dinner, and mixed greens with tomato (up to 3/4 head of lettuce including romaine, butterleaf, and iceberg) Then, there’s peaches, nectarines, and sweet cherries (with the occasional pinch of cashews) tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    1669 kcal 89/7/4
    1831 kcal 89/7/4
    1580 kcal 90/6/4

    @Elliot Thanks for the clarification on hosting the monthly ‘experience’ here at GR. I am hooked on 811rv for life and will definitely make time to pop over and encourage the next group as others have done for us!

    After my blender gave it up (what kind did you get, Sunnie?) and I was inspired to get creative with my bananas, I started slicing them up in one of our smaller serving bowls. Holds about six or seven medium-sized fruit, and it was just easier to get them all down that way. The kids thought it was a cool idea, too, and I lost count of my quantity after sharing the first couple of times! :D Seven’s my max eating them straight from the bunch, but I rarely made it past five before last week without the thought of another bite being repulsive, even in the absence of true fullness. Too many at once!

    I’m much more tolerant of larger amounts of anything when I’m active, but made the mistake of continuing with the same intake when I had so much desk work last week. Gotta strike a happy medium—this has been a real eye-opener in identifying my weak areas and an equally great motivation to seek effective solutions.

    14-19 JULY 2008 (EXTENDED INDEFINITELY!) Click the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming event in August!!

    Slow week – workin’ overtime :P
    26) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Weight lifting, light or moderate effort 10 20

    27) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Weight lifting, light or moderate effort 5 10; TMI ;) moderate 30 11

    28) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Mowing lawn, pushing power mower 20 70; Weight lifting, light or moderate effort 5 10

    Time to go pick up a copy of The China Study to share with my DH!!! ;-)

  • DAY 29 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: about 9 hours; tried to wake at 7, felt exhausted, so slept 2 more hours until only moderately tired

    breakfast: about 1/5 of a honeydew (was not ripe yet blech so put remainder in a container to see if it will continue to ripen)

    lunch: 5 medium and 1 small banana

    snack: almost 1 lb of mango (some of it was bruised and bad and had to be discarded)

    pre-din: 2 apricots and 6 oz of blueberries

    dinner: 6 cups shredded bibb lettuce, about 1/4 lb the most delicious cherry tomatoes ever, 2 tbsp basil, 10 or so sweet peas in pods, 1/4 avocado

    exercise: 1/2-hour brisk walk

    snack: 5 small valencia oranges

    total calories: 1575

    86/6/8 C/P/F

    notes: physically tired today. felt hungry for anything again in the evening. plans to eat large quantities of honeydew and apricots failed when they turned out to be less ripe than i’d expected. medium bm was partly well-formed and partly loose w/ lots of undigested mat’l. i may have had a few light cramps today; could be that i’m actually menstruating; still bleeding lightly.

    hair update: hair is in great condition, falling out less this week than i’ve seen in ages. i’ve washed it with shampoo three times in the last month and am now only using baking soda/water and apple cider vinegar/water about once per week or as needed. i think it looks and feels really nice.

  • Hey everyone. I constantly talk about how raw food (especially 811rv) has transformed not only my mind but my body. I figured I’d post a ‘transformation’ picture of myself since being on the 80/10/10 diet. Sadly, I don’t have any before pictures as I wasn’t exactly keen on taking photos of myself unclothed; however, trust me when I say there is a HUGE difference. I hope it pumps some motivation into those that may need it. If you care to see -




  • I am seriously considering trying 80/10/10. Will there be a August challenge? Also what do you all eat on your salads. I would appreciate some salad dressing ideas. Also what about sweetners like raw honey, stevia and such are they legal?

  • morn…

    get the book as soon as possible

    actually , nothing is illegal….just not optimum….despite the inherant nutrients , there are also accompanying conra-indications for many of the foods used in the SRD (standard raw diet

    good luck

    look here , in the meantime


    and, more specifically




  • Hi pen, I’m just using another Osterizer for now. I’m moving in a month and just wanted something temporary. I did, however, bring my lunch to work yesterday and blended up 7 bananas and a fennel bulb in the Vita-mix. Wow, what a difference! I really gotta get one of those :( On a side note, a customer came in and when I asked if she was eating ‘here or to go’ she had a confused look on her face and literally said “sorry, I was distracted by the greens”! She asked me what I was making, and if I was serving it. I told her it was fennel and that I was making my lunch. She then asked me if I am a raw foodist! I told her I was and she said she would love to do it but she eats fish because while she is breastfeeding, she feels completely drained if she doesn’t eat alot of protein. It broke my heart to hear this and I couldn’t bite my tongue (suprise, suprise). I told her if I were her, I would not want to dump toxins onto my newborn. El-bo, sometimes I wish I had your tact. So anyway, my co-worker, who was grossed out at what I was making and almost refused to try it, exclaimed how delicious it was! I win :)

    Good job on the half dozen nanners, Hil! It’s pretty cool what we can train our bodies to do :) By the way, I heard back from La Joya del Sol. They are looking for volunteers to stay for a minimum of 3 weeks @ $10/day + 30 hours of work/week. Tent sleeping, composting toilet, the whole nine. There is another one called Rawtreat that is cheaper ($4/day) which is even more primitive (using the bathroom consists of digging a whole in the ground). They both teach sustainable living and permaculture. Let me know if you would like more info.

    Wow Dave, you look great! I should take pics too. It’s funny, even though my clothes are loose and the scale reads 7 lbs less than at the 1st of the month, I don’t see the difference. This is how weightloss turns into an addiction for me :/

    Well, it looks like it’s the end of the challenge. I want to thank you again el-bo. I have have found my permanent way of eating (even if I deviate from time to time). I have enjoyed reading about everyone’s experiences, even Hilary’s movements ;)

  • sunnied….it aint over yet….see ya in august…i hope :o)

  • DAY 30 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: about 9-10 hours (restful but i still slept in and was quite tired upon waking)

    breakfast: 8(!) medium bananas

    exercise: push-mowed lawn for 40 min

    lunch (out): small mixed greens salad with a few cucumber and tomato slices; no dressing

    2nd lunch: 1 lb pears followed by two bananas

    snack: 5 peaches

    snack: 6 large apricots

    snack: 10 peas-in-pod

    exercise: threw frisbee for 1/2-hour; played ultimate frisbee for 1 hour 25 min

    dinner: soup of green pepper, tomato, cucumber, yellow squash, basil and pine nuts

    after-din: 2 oz of COOKED soy noodles (i was starving! now i understand what doug’s talking about! this is very good news for my digestive system! means it’s working!)

    total calories consumed: 2144(!)

    78/10/12 C/P/F

    nothing physiologically new worth noting except that for the past 3 days i have begun to feel a bit sickened by the thought of sweet fruit by mid-afternoon. at that point, all i want is salad stuff with NOTHING sweet but i can’t get cals from that and i like to save my salads for the last meal, so i cram down more fruit. luckily today, i had peaches that were ripe, and made for a snack not as sweet as bananas. so it does work out for my taste buds to start with juicy/sweet in the morning, have sweet for lunch, then move on to more tart/acid later toward dinner. but i still need more at each sitting. i admit i am finding the cost of organic fruit, even local, to be something of a damper : ( not sure how to handle that yet, other than moving to a tropical paradise. but to be honest, i’m not interested now in taking that plunge.

    i made extra soup tonight for my partner, plus soy noodles to satisfy his hunger (hence where i got the leftover noodles to nom on). was the first time in a long time we’ve eaten the same thing together at the same time. fun : )

    i am continually intrigued and amazed by “the china study” and inspired to pursue a dream that’s been nibbling at my ankles for a long time: to go back to school for a master’s and possibly phd in nutritional science. i want to explore and know this stuff (raw/vegan in particular) in depth and come up with strategies to spread the word among the american public. i’ve already found a program i’m going to apply for in seattle : ) woohoo! i love school!

    sunnied: thanks for the scoop on costa rica. it sounds great, though with my new goal, it’s not in my picture anytime soon. i hope you have a blast : )

    and thanks to you all for enduring my movements ; ) those were mostly for my sake, though a few others requested that i continue to post them.

    i’ll be back for my last post (DAY 31) tomorrow morning.

  • DAYS 29, 30, 31—VICTORY!!! :D
    Still sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals/days:

    Melons for breakfast (up to a whole half watermelon now!), small bunch of bananas for lunch (gotta reduce my intake till I get my output together!) grapes for pre-dinner, and mixed greens with tomato (up to 3/4 head of lettuce including romaine, butterleaf, and iceberg) Then, there’s peaches, nectarines, and strawberries tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    Made it through DH giving up coffee and returning to soft drinks soon after the month began (my name is Penne and I’m a former Coke-aholic :P) plus preparing seared fish for dinner on the last night of the Experience, not to mention avoiding the strong smell of popcorn and chips for snacks with the Stargate special features last night – What a way to end 31-Days of 811rv!!!

    1296 kcal 87/8/5
    1312 kcal 89/7/4
    870 kcal 89/7/4

    @Hilary Check out Doug’s new Certified 80/10/10 Lifestyle Coaching program at FoodnSport.com, if you want to learn nutrition from the 811rv expert!

    @Sunnie Doug’s wife, Rozi, has been successfully breastfeeding her daughter on 811rv for three years now – she’s one of the reasons I was turned on to this plan!!! In one of his lectures, Dr. D gives the definitive answer to the question, “Where do you get your protein?” “Dark, leafy greens, of course!” and they make beautifully rich milk, too! I first learned that from Natalia Rose, who also breastfed her babes.

    An interesting commentary popped up on Doug’s Raw Food and Sports Nutrition board, which offers an alternate source of B-12 LOL (Couldn’t resist after all the TMI talk this month – all bodily functions were covered ‘tween me & Hilary, eh? ;-) We’re not really as obsessed as it may seem, although my DH is a red-blooded American male with the sex drive to prove it! He’s slowly but surely warming up to fresh, whole, raw, ripe fruits and veggies – definitely impressed with the changes it’s made in me and my figure (as am I!) :D

    AUGUST 2008 AND BEYOND! Click the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming annual Raw H&F event in WA this month!!

    Busy week – Just returned from dropping the older kids off at the airport for their three-month adventure in Toronto!
    29) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Weight lifting, light or moderate effort 10 20

    30) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Weight lifting, light or moderate effort 10 20

    31) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, (breast)feeding 120 245; Weight lifting, light or moderate effort 10 20

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Keep in touch on the upcoming ‘experiences’ when you can, and let us know how things work out for everyone. VAYAN CON DIOS, AMIGOS ~

  • DAY 31 – LAST DAY (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 7-8 hours, lots of difficulty waking up

    breakfast: 4 cups honeydew followed an hour later by 4 cups canteloupe

    lunch: 8 bananas

    dinner: 5 cups apricots blended, and 6 oz blueberries on top

    exercise: 35-minute bike ride, mostly uphill

    snack: 1 cup cabbage and 1 cup cherry tomatoes

    total calories consumed: 1793

    89/7/4 C/P/F

    So, when I began this challenge, I kept with my tendency to put only the loftiest expectations on myself and how I thought the challenge “should” go. I went in full-force, attempting to fit Dr. Graham’s suggestions to a T. Felt great the first three days and then my system freaked out. Had a fair amount of detoxing and my body rebelled for the next two weeks to the goofy fruit combinations I threw into it.

    Finally, with a couple weeks to go, I stuck to the mono-meal plan and things really started to move nicely (not just in my bowels, either!). My energy picked up again, my urges to sleep 12-16 hours died off, and my caloric intake began to increase naturally.

    Overall picture: though my acne didn’t disappear, it seemed to sort of level off into something predictable and tolerable. My skin stopped drying out. My hair stopped falling out in large quantity. My teeth and gums, which had been sensitive to the fruit the second week, stopped hurting (except when I ate cherries). My bowel movements became predictable, though somewhat loose in general, with moderate amounts of undigested food (salad), which maybe makes sense anyway, since our bodies can’t digest some plant fiber. I’d have to learn more about that.

    Let’s see… my moods became far more balanced over time and, though I dealt with some intense emotions, my will to work with them and not avoid them increased. True, I work on my emotional self constantly, so this month’s opening wasn’t due entirely to the food, but I do feel the food opened up more space within me to treat myself and others with equanimity.

    I exercise without much force most days of the week, even if just to do some pushups on a tired day. The point being I WANT to exercise more, so I do. And it feels really good.

    I’ve almost certainly lost some weight, though I don’t know how much. I started at 105 (I’m 5 feet 5-3/4 inches tall with a small frame). What I’d like to know, however, is what weight in fat have I replaced with muscle? Because, overall, I don’t look that different. Aside from losing some “background fat” around my middle and my outer thighs, there’s nothing startlingly different or remotely emaciated about my appearance. I’ve noticed my strength has increased and that some definition is beginning to appear where I had never seen it before (that’s pretty much everywhere, as I’ve always had difficulty building muscle in the past).

    The most interesting part for me now is how my interest in fruit has become almost non-existent. I am so tired of it, it’s not enjoyable to me at all. I want salads, the opposite of sweet, most of the day. But knowing I can’t possibly obtain the necessary calories eating only salad stuff, and I can’t supplement my calories with fatty or high-protein foods, I force the fruit down. In light of this (and the fact that I can barely afford to support my fruit diet), I will be adding in some cooked dark leafies like kale (drinking the juice and eating it alone), and experimenting with small amounts of cooked grains (also eaten mono). My main interest is to keep the fat and protein down to 10% apiece.

    So, onto my next experiment! Don’t think I’ll blog about it, but I may post every now and again, just for the heck of it.

    Thank you, friends, for sticking out this challenge with me. I appreciate so much what I have learned about you and about myself. I’ll be checking in periodically at the August support group.

    Penne: specific thanks for the last link you provided to me; you have been a wealth of information.

    With love, Hilary

  • hilary…was good to have you here

    i’m sure the fruit will find you again…i wonder why that is

    let us know how you get on

  • @Hilary: Glad the resource link to the Coaching program was helpful. My daughter, Fawn, is having the same problem with both fruit and salad now that the month is over, but wants to continue, so I think it will be a period of adjustment (both mentally and physically.) I don’t believe it will be harmful to listen to your body for a while (perhaps you need the extra minerals?) as long as you keep trying to increase your intake whenever possible. I’m sure the folks on Doug’s board will have some good insights for you.

    @Sunnie Osterizers definitely get the job done! Glad to hear your review on the VitaMix, even though the K-Tec still gets my vote for ease of cleaning and price (if I’m gonna lay out some serious cash for a blender! ;) Fawn tried mashing bananas with cold water in a glass for a makeshift smoothie when our bananas got extra ripe, and that worked (slightly chunky, though it was.) Today, she chopped some grapes to go with the mash for a bowl of banana “pudding.” Creativity reigns supreme, eh? ;)

    P.S. I just wanted to say that this was only the end of my initial 31-Day July odyssey, and the beginning of a lifetime of healthy living, thanks to Dr. & Prof Graham leading the way with 811rv!!! Take it easy, Amigos, and BE WELL :D HAND-pda

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