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  • NorCalJesse said: To make pomegranate juice I use an old school orange juice press. This is a photo of the press I have: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41NFZ7W206L._SS500_.jpg I cut pomegranates in half and press. No seeds go into the…
  • edwardj said: Dose anyone else just buy there wheatgrass juice? I tried growing but honestly I just didn’t have the time. Working all week and come home late at night and then having to try juice up some grass. I got some from www.juistjuiceit.…
  • margeretmomma said: I second what most women have suggested. But, there some are things I've noticed that were not covered...   I think before pursuing any recommendations, you may have to solve the "patchy health history" you mentioned in yo…
  • Do you wake up feeling refreshed? That's the important part. 
  • I transitioned slowly and skipped most of the worst of detox (or spread it out so it was less severe, anyway). I'm happy with where I've ended up :)
  • Welcome! I'm over in the northern half of California. 
  • I picked up the guitar when I was younger but I never really managed to spend enough time to really learn how to play well. I always wish I had. 
    in Music Comment by ClaireT August 29
  • I would be wary of the cheaper brands unless they come with decent warranties. 
  • I can completely see how a low protein diet can increase sugar cravings. I've experienced it myself.  As for chocolate, it has some health benefits, so while I may take breaks from it, I'm never giving it up for good 
  • I look forward to finding out what you have to share. I had never heard about the issues with lectin before, so I probably have a lot to learn! 
  • I have a cup every once in a while, although a whole lot less than I used to and never on weekends. 
    in coffee Comment by ClaireT August 21
  • Welcome to the community, Jim. It's great to have you here. I've been reading through some of your posts and have been absolutely astounded by the amount of knowledge you have. 
  • I would think that doubling up with a whole house system with the RODI would help, at least to some degree. I was using a standard whole house one for a while to combat sulfur water and it was effective but I was burning through filters and those ar…
  • Hi Cèdre,  Welcome to the community! I love your outlook. 
  • billielim said: Dear Rawatarian Where do I find the subscription center to cancel my subscription? My account status shows that my subscription has expired, but I was just charged a reoccurring auto subscription. Can someone help me with this…
  • I would check the recipes on this site if you can't get rid of that sweet tooth.  The raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is to die for.  For me, I find that the more I eat healthily, the fewer random cravings I have. 
  • Welcome!  Going raw is such an amazing thing we can do for health. Fruit has helped me with my sugar cravings. So have a lot of the sweeter recipes on here! Do you make smoothies? Sometimes that's a whole lot easier than making a meal, so it make…
    in Tired... Comment by ClaireT July 21
  • Green coffee beans give me the biggest stomach ache. I've been sticking with cold brew chai tea if I need the boost. 
  • Welcome! Not specifically but there's a lot if you look around. 
    in New here. Comment by ClaireT July 17
  • TheBajan said: I've been looking for a good place to buy truly "raw" nuts and seeds at attainable prices. If anyone can point out some favorite sites it would be appreciated. I'd like an updated list of any too. It's becoming harder and h…
  • What have you been eating? Some combinations are a bad idea.  Are you doing any juicing?
  • Did you decide on one?
  • adwivedi22 said:   Dry Skin is the most common condition among us. It is mostly caused by the environmental factors that remove moisture from the skin and makes it dry. Here are some tips that helps in removing dry skin: 1. Don’t take hot show…
  • AlexGomez said: could a regular blender count as a food processor?  It won't have the exact same result, but it can't hurt to try. 
  • TBoch said: I suffered dry skin from an early age. I also ate a mountain of pasta per sitting and lots of sweets as a child..... My skin was always so dry after a shower. So much so that I would itch as I slept and had to put on lotions to be …
  • I like the idea!
  • DreamBrother said: raw coffee beans are pretty toxic. i would go with the cold brew method. or make a "sun coffee". i almost never drink coffee but when i do i blend it into a chocolate smoothie and i dont get a caffeine rush or anything. …
    in Raw Coffee? Comment by ClaireT May 21
  • Seashell said: I'm on day 12!!  I feel amazing too. So far no bloating, no migraines, no acid reflux, less muscle aches!   Awesome! There are so many benefits. 
  • The courses are included with membership. There's also access to a lot more really amazing recipes. It's definitely worth it.