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  • Personally, I can no longer handle the effects of cocoa. It has a really intense effect on my body. I find that carob satisfies my desire for chocolate. I often just mix a spoonful of carob powder into a cup of hempmilk or nutmilk. I pretty much sub…
    in Carob Powder. Comment by lstorz
  • Raw didn't work out for me. I ended up not being able to eat anything and feeling really sick. Now I eat mostly a macrobiotic diet. I still enjoy a lot of raw foods, especially in the summer, but long term, it just didn't work. I wanted it to, but i…
  • No one diet is right for any one person all the time. Half of the recipes on this site I can’t eat because of my own unique blend of particular allergies. I have my own unique history of health, and therefore I have created my own unique diet which …
  • Be careful of wind and water. I wear earplugs when I swim, and I wear a kerchief over my ears when I ride my bike. That helps a lot. If I feel even the slightest ear infection coming on, it’s mullein and garlic for me. It’s not too expensive either.…
    in Ear Infections Comment by lstorz
  • You can find some mullein and garlic drops in health stores, apothecaries or whole foods. Put some drops into your ears, stuff with cotton and let sit. I have always gotten ear infections very easily since I was a child, and I swear by mullein and g…
    in Ear Infections Comment by lstorz
  • Put some fresh ginger (unpeeled, nothing fancy, just throw a big chunk in) in the blender with some water and blend it. If you want it sweeter, you can add honey or agave. Sip it. It should help the inflammation in your throat go down.
  • lovingraw— Sorry I’ve been out of the loop… busy week. I added back in cooked quinoa which seems to really keep me stable and to keep my energy levels more consistent and my intestines calmer. Although I’ve added some other cooked things back in, th…
    in Orthorexia Nervosa Comment by lstorz
  • Great thread! A friend recommended “Health Food Junkies” and I’ve been trying to get a hand on it. Health and nutrition is so complicated, and I think that we have to be careful not to preach one solution because it worked for one person. From my ex…
    in Orthorexia Nervosa Comment by lstorz
  • What kind of crackers do you make that go soft? I make flax crackers with sunflower seeds, and I had the same problem at first until I realized that you have to rinse the seeds REALLY WELL before dehydrating them. I dehydrate for 12 hours, and that …
  • I was on accutane for about 4 months 6 years ago, and the only side effect I had was dry skin. Although now I would never go on it, at the time I did not know a third of the stuff about food that I know now… for instance that cane sugar (which I now…
    in accutane/ bc pills Comment by lstorz
  • Yeah for raw Southerners! I’m from Georgia but currently live in Chicago. At least, in the south, there’s more time to be outside in warmer weather. My advice: be patient and take an exploratory approach. Let your body guide you to its own optimal h…
  • In Chicago, I am fortunate to have a LOT of Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores to choose from, so I buy whatever organic produce is on sale (and some conventional produce like tomatoes and avocadoes… I haven’t even seen organic tomatoes in months), an…
  • I travelled with a cat from Miami to Chicago by plane. A very short flight, I realize, but the cat meowed non-stop the entire time. It was actually kind of amusing to hear people in the airport saying to each other, “Did you just hear a cat?” I was …
  • Is the pain in your stomach or your intestines? When I have had really bad intestinal pain, I have taken aloe vera for a few days, and that helps cool down any inflammation. It’s a very gentle way of soothing your poor digestive system.
    in OUCH -- MY STOMACH! Comment by lstorz
  • I would love to see more awareness of food allergies (maybe a section of substitutions for various foods) and also more ideas for breakfast (besides the ubiquitous smoothie). Great idea! Good luck! Can’t wait to buy it!
  • Hi exfedster, I posted a few months ago asking if purple coconuts were okay to eat, and the overall consensus with a definite “no”. Usually, the water of a purple coconut will taste rancid and not sweet, too, so that’s a good indication that somethi…
  • Read Richard Pitcairn’s book “Natural Health for Dogs & Cats”—it will answer all of your questions. Also, you can go to Pitcairn’s website and find a link that will list vets who have trained with Pitcairn or that use homeopathics. They will pro…
  • I was reading this thread earlier today, and I’m not okay with Pam’s comment: “There is one seafood restaurant where I found a raw waitress who hooks me up with raw veggie sushi. But if she isn
    in Dining and Dating Comment by lstorz
  • Hi citrusgirl, I read your post earlier today and really heard everything you were saying. I wasn’t sure how to respond, because your parents’ resistance and lack of respect for your choices in your life hits very, very close to home for me. You’re …
    in parents are a reck Comment by lstorz
  • Great info!!! I just saw one of these in Whole Foods the other day, and there was no label with its name or anything. It was so cool, I picked it up and checked it out but had no idea what to do with it. Amazing fruit….
  • Good to know!! Thanks, Elizabeth, for the confirmation!
    in purple coconut? Comment by lstorz
  • Well… the water didn’t taste sweet, so I tossed it, although the purple meat was really quite pretty. I was really looking forward to a nice fresh coconut this morning, but I’d rather not be sick. I was so surprised, though, and didn’t know what it …
    in purple coconut? Comment by lstorz
  • Ever since this thread was posted, I’ve had clementines on the brain… I finally have a pile of them on my ktichen counter and look forward to devouring several this afternoon.
    in Tangerines! Comment by lstorz
  • Great work! The site is really fast now. Thanks so much!!!! .... although I have to admit, I did get more work done these past few days…..
    in We're back! Comment by lstorz
  • ditto. i thought it was my crazy mac.
    in Site is so slow Comment by lstorz
  • i think the most important thing to remember is that each person on this planet has his or her own unique journey that they have to figure out for themselves. just because you have found a path that is amazing for you does not mean that everyone els…
  • very interesting… also, very accessible and readable… this would be good to pass along to non-raw doubters who want to understand.
  • oooo…. good idea! and good use of an empty bottle. i’m about to finish off a bottle of olive oil, so fruit flies, beware!
    in Fruit Flies & Juice Comment by lstorz
  • Thanks for the advice, pianissima & ecvraw! It sounds like there’s no real easy way to tackle these guys….
    in Fruit Flies & Juice Comment by lstorz
  • ahh….. pizza addiction. i had a mac ‘n cheese addiction… breaking any addiction or pattern of behavior takes time and A LOT of gentleness and love. forgive yourself for being human and susceptible to the allure of hot pizza. it is NOT a failing—it i…