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  • The main reason I won't eat fish is because fish makes you stink like fish, lol. Eggs...they actually make my stomach hurt. I just can't eat them anymore. You should tell him to start checking after he eats stuff for how it makes him feel, how it's …
  • maybe you'd benefit from doing the 811 experiment, if you go over to 30bananasaday.com, they're all very athletic and regularily gush at how fast their recovery time is... I mean, since you're in to experimenting.
  • There are lots of recipes in the 80/10/10 book that meet your criteria.
  • If you are obese as you say, then that is within normal range. You'll notice it slow down gradually, the smaller you get!
  • This page says that all unsprouted nuts and seeds contain mucous-forming enzyme inhibitors necessitating soaking to deactivate these enzymes. http://www.simplyraw.ca/livingfoods.php
  • I truly think, besides a healthy balanced raw diet is to Stay Out of the Sun and Wind. ...I've also heard cucumbers and avocados are especially great for the skin.
  • It is said that all sprouts have a toxin to prevent the overconsumption of new budding plants....to protect the species.
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  • Oh...don't not try it. If you can track down some onion sprouts, it's best with those instead of onions I think. They key is the apple, avo, tomato combo...and perhaps the dash of salt too. I feel your pain though...just tried to do a honey mustard …
    in Dressing Ideas Comment by Bananna1333
  • So did you try it, and if so, how'd you like it, and how did you spin it?
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  • http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=36956&highlight=waldorf This is my favorite salad.
    in Dressing Ideas Comment by Bananna1333
  • leah celeste -loved that post too. I am currently starting out 'all' raw, but once I reach some milestones I hope to do exactly what you are doing. It's very interesting to read your journey with it.
  • Chris...this is Not a knock...I totally respect your views...and I think it's fine if people talk in percentages to describe themselves. It is fairly common to hear people call themselves raw at 70-80%. Whatever. People who call themselves raw are S…
  • I'm with leahceleste....we need a comprehensive title, if only for our own brain, lol.
  • I order from upayanaturals.com. They are out of toronto and ship quick, fast and have a vast selection of stuff.
  • I wonder if you could sustain 5-6 hours of sleep everyday, assuming you get yourself out of bed…do you think it would catch up with you? And that you can’t get out of bed because you actually do need more sleep? If you sleep for 8 hours, but woke up…
  • They do have b12…it’s because of the dirt that’s still on them…if you eat any wild unwashed fruit or veggie, it will have b12 right…so that’s the reasoning I guess.
  • If you are already trim, then that’s one thing. From what I’ve gathered around here in the raw food circles is eat a lot of fruit for calories and veggies for nutrients/building blocks. Spinach, and most dark leafy greens are as high as 20% of easil…
  • you mentioned lemons....that would do it, if used on a daily basis.
  • tanmatra, I am! ....but only more midday eating rather than morning eating.
  • I wouldn’t restrict her fat intake or anything, and sounds already like she’s getting far more nutrients than the average american child….kids have this great untampered with approach to food. They are the best intuitive eaters ever. I purposely be …
  • Ceaserea – You are right, we will always end up with stress sometimes, but there is a Lot you can avoid as well. People get caught up in the rat race, fill their plates with errands, traffic…all that little stuff adds up to a low level of chronic st…
  • Yeah that’s what I was wondering…where in the cycle is it being interrupted. If there is still ovulation then it is possible that the a ceasing of menstruation could be perfectly fine, maybe even ideal? I have heard that if we are clean and toxin fr…
  • hmmm, I thought you could only get cholesterol from animal sources, or manufactured from our own bodies! ....ya I just checked with wikipedia…I would talk to your doctor about that. Cuz I’m right…you shouldn’t have cholesterol problems, you aren’t g…
  • Ya I guess…what a vegan would tell me is that they are trying to take care of their health. I would be looking for that desire to care for one’s body….just because, like superfood says, wanting a partner to change, is toxic to the relationship….so I…
  • Such an interesting discussion! Sometimes I think, if I were ever forced to be in the game again, vegan would be a must. That being said, my omnivore ‘soulmate’ is just irreplacable! So he is ‘gandfathered’ in….which means since he was already my so…
  • apples with cinnamon tastes just like apple pie. ...and feels like a whole experience if you sit down with your plate, knife, cinnamon…and make the prep part of the snack.
  • ya….just remember, we as a culture have been taught to believe this stuff. Whenever I encounter calcium conversations I stick to referencing Asian countries…who have virtually No osteoporosis problems and eat virtually No dairy either. It’s a real l…
  • ya…as soon as I saw Wolfe I rolled my eyes with a ‘but ofcourse….’ ....money, money, money. Seekers, I believe, those investigating raw foods, will largely be people who recognize it for what it is, being that that ability led them here in the first…
    in Superfoods! Comment by Bananna1333
  • very clever elbo, lol….
    in Superfoods! Comment by Bananna1333
  • mmmm noone’s calling on my abundant coconut observation…lol. I agree with the onion, garlic thing…I am finding both much more objectionable…I suppose a tiny amount of green onion would fly still, but that’s it. In nature, I would certainly chew on a…
    in fats? Comment by Bananna1333