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  • I agree, this is over the top. But, as athiests and agnostics, how do you explain nature and its destruction that is taking place?
  • They ate it fermented and didn’t have GMO crops.
    in Soy Controversy Comment by alpdesigns
  • Monsanto genetically modifies the seeds, makes people ill and owns several drug companies that, amazingly, have come up with some medical treatments for the diseases. I’m not a conspiracy theorist am I? I actually think I’m a conspiracy realist, bas…
    in Soy Controversy Comment by alpdesigns
  • Have you heard of Morgellen’s disease from GMO food consumption?
    in Soy Controversy Comment by alpdesigns
  • Yes. I didn’t say anything negative about her, just that I think she’s back. You can have several Yahoo addresses and I have two myself for eBay, one to buy, one to list.
    in To RawKidChef.. Comment by alpdesigns
  • I think RawFoodChef is actually RawClaire incognito. Too many similarities. Same kind of cat, same food sensitivities to grains, same vocabulary, same fondness of sweets.
    in To RawKidChef.. Comment by alpdesigns
  • No. I didn’t even try to get a refund. The book was mentioned in another book that I read about the cause(s) of MS. It shows to go you that there is a lot of conflicting and false information out there! If experts can’t agree, then how is the public…
  • I bought a book by Monica Reinagel called “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”. I thought it was going great until she stated that Splenda was an anti-inlammatory food (p. 39)! She lost her credibility with me at that point and I couldn’t believe anoth…
  • Elevated insulin also causes weight gain (according to Jonny Bowden,Ph.D., C.N.S.).
  • I think it takes some health problems in a person’s life for them to make a change in their diet. It did for me and it did for my parents. Now they eat more salads and fruit instead of Fritos! My mom uses stevia in her green tea, no more coffee with…
  • She inspired me to drink green smoothies and to eat a wider variety of greens besides the same few that are available at typical supermarkets (which I try to stay away from now). I also think that I’m going to eat some weeds because of what she wrot…
  • I think Bragg’s is worse. Like you said, it contains free glutamates and they aren’t exactly truthful about how it’s made. I like Umeboshi plum vinegar, but I haven’t used it in ages. Eden brand uses no chemicals or dyes and it’s fermented in seasal…
  • I think it’s more about habit and reward. Don’t deny yourself fruits, but deny the canned food! I rarely eat the recommended calories. I just don’t get hungry, but sometimes I’m in the mood to snack if something sounds or tastes good whether or not …
  • Even some doctors suggest eating more raw fruits and vegetables. I had my blood tested recently and my B-12 was way over the median reference range. I’ve been eating raw for nearly 4 years. My blood tests, even with MS, were better than my mom’s (wh…
  • If a thief goes unpunished, the crimes could escalate, the drug problem worsen. You did the right thing by calling the police.
  • I don’t eat nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, but I do occasionally eat ripe bell peppers and jalepenos). No corn or legumes (jicama is in this category). Raw broccoli doesn’t digest well for me, but it’s better blended. I rarely eat other …
  • I’ve heard of the white seeds called Salba, not Antura, but both may be just brand names. The nutritional profile is similar, white seeds being slightly more nutritious and lots more expensive. I buy the regular organic chia online. 2 lbs, $20./ fre…
  • I’m not trying to talk you out of eating as you do. Being fruitarian doesn’t work well for me for the reasons I listed above. I’m trying to rebuild myelin and muscle and fight Lyme disease. Vegetables and dark greens are better for me (even fruit ve…
  • You aren’t getting EPA or DHA in avocado and they contain omega 9 fat, not essential. Walnuts contain essential omega 3. Fruit and veggie seeds aren’t the ones in which I was referring. I meant things like flax seed and hempseed of which both contai…
  • I agree with the mineral loss by not eating greens. Not everyone does well on a fruitarian diet, many just eat sweet fruit. You are also missing the essential fats from nuts and seeds. Why limit your diet so much? Why not include some salads or gree…
  • I think that you should just go along with it and have fun. You made your dietary choices and they’ve made theirs. You can’t make them eat as you do, but you can enjoy your time together.
  • You don’t overdose on food. The RDA is for synthetic/fractionated/isolated supplements based on less than the amount necessary to see improvement. Some people may need more, some less. Food is infinitely better than anything created in a lab.
    in nutrients Comment by alpdesigns
  • I love Bare Minerals, but I don’t wear it every day. just when I go out in public. Even that has some health issues such as nano-particles. I think it’s about the healthiest option for make-up though.
    in Make-up Comment by alpdesigns
  • There will always be conflicting information from the scientific world. I just had some blood tests and my B-12 was way over the median reference range and I’ve been a raw vegan for around four years. People who eat meat can be B-12 deficient. It’s …
    in b-12 section Comment by alpdesigns
  • Then you have equipment costs, location fees, utility costs, employee payroll, packaging, advertising, delivery costs, license fees, health dept.fees, waste/loss, supplies….
  • I agree that it seems as though they’re making a killing, but as Dain says, there is more involved than just the cost of the product. How much would it cost you to go get it (if you could)?
  • Eating it right away is optimal (oxidation and all), but if you have to make it the night before it should taste the same. I’ve had them ferment if left longer.
  • I eat lots of the things you mention. I used to have hypothyroid symptoms, hair loss, the ends of my eyebrowns didn’t grow I was always cold, (especially my ankles). I stopped having those symptoms awhile back. I recently had blood tests and they sh…
  • I eat fewer exotic fuits now than I used to and more greens (fewer varieties) and vegetable fruits. I also eat nuts and seeds, not necessarly in complicated recipes, but almost always ground or blended. I eat fewer bananas now than I have in the pas…
  • achin70, maybe if you took a raw foods prep class you would learn some tricks that would make your time in the kitchen easier and more fun.