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  • Hi Maryssa, regarding making kombucha, how do you get/make culture? It'd be nice if you'd post it here... :)
  • After purchasing a couple days ago, mold emerged on top and discolor (pinkish purple) at bottom. I opened and checked. I even tasted the coconut water. It tasted just fine. Just like playing Russian roulette, indeed!
  • Thank you deborahann, I’ll keep calling! :)
    in Raw Food World Comment by dodile
  • Hi Sky Princess, check out the salt cleanse thread http://www.goneraw.com/forums/6/topics/1837
  • I’m gonna go for Global Juice Feasting but I’ll be tagging along two days behind since I have an important committee meeting on the 1st and will be eating at Cafe Gratitude (yum!). I’m thinking of doing a quick salt cleanse on the 2nd before startin…
  • itourist, interesting about stevia. I myself have used it before going raw. Stevia powder (or liquid extract) is not raw. It is highly processed. Here are a few clip ‘n pastes from FAQ stevia website Q) Does Stevia contain vitamins and minerals? A) …
  • How long would you suggest dehydrating them? Halves or slices? I’m gonna plant some tomatoes soon!
  • Does the DVD have closed-captions? Or English subtitles?
  • If it’s thick, dehydrate for another day. There are cracker recipes that call for dehydrating 24-48 hours. Good luck!
  • They can be found in bulk bins at the health food store, they’re somewhat colorful, light greenish, light pinkish beige. I’d soak them then dehydrate to make cereal. Crunchy and yummy!
  • Yep, I absolutely have! Not to worry! I rinse in the morning when I wake up and in the evening after dinner. Sometimes I forget but never went longer than 24 hours to rinse them, can get away with it in the wintertime when it’s chilly out. But when …
  • Buckwheat, brassica, sunflower…
  • Not raw but contains sixteen essential and non-essential amino acids.
    in Braggs Amino Comment by dodile
  • Renoir, I always buy Sciabica olive oil! =D My favorite is the jalapeno one. I like the lemon, too.
    in Dead foods??? Comment by dodile
  • It took me about 1-2 months, too. Cooked food/baked bread smells wonderful but doesn’t necessarily make me crave for it. I think perhaps the smell is a trigger to childhood memories of mommy cooking in the kitchen hence the “warm feeling”.
  • I buy mine from amazon.com (cacao, coconut oil, hemp seeds, agave nectar, maca, etc…) with free shipping if over $25. I have ordered items from naturalzing.com (but they’re expensive). Just google on raw foods and you’ll get a list of links to check…
    in BUYING RAW ITEMS? Comment by dodile
  • Well, shgadwa, for a person who is slowly transitioning from SAD, I think fish is better than meat and poultry. Even tho I’m 75-90% raw, I’d have salmon (wild, King, not farmed), sashimi or ceviche once in a while. My body craves it and it feels goo…
  • How funny! I do use pomegranate juice! =D Organic from Trader Joe’s. Yeah, I know, not raw since I believe it’s been pasteurized.
  • Oh, I know how annoying it is to have spirulina stuck to the side of the blender so I came up with a trick – I mix it with blueberries before adding water.
  • Wonderful! I had horrible perimenopause symptoms for the last couple years. Since starting raw last summer, my hormones are now balanced and my menstruation has been back to normal, clot-free and pain-free! =D
  • Me, too, I love arugula! As a matter of fact, I’m addicted to it! Also, Earthbound Farms has a variety of mixed greens, ask your local grocer for more selections!
  • Non-organic avocado is safe. Check the “dirty dozen” and “safe” lists out at http://community.gaiam.com/gaiam/p/Top-Produce-... I buy avocado at Food 4 Less for 69-79 cents each. I can’t live without ‘em!
  • Hilarous! Thanks =D LOL… Regarding peas, how true. My kitty Snowie had CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) and had been having constipation problems. Organic baby food snow peas helped her tremendously. She loved it so much, she looked forward to a dish of …
  • YARRRR! Cats rule!
    in PYRATE KITTY Comment by dodile
  • I have the book and I love it. I bought it immediately after eating at the restaurant. It’s worth every penny! =D
    in Tiramisu I miss U! Comment by dodile
  • I’m a Christian, too! =D
  • Applications (computer) programmer.
  • Smile, I also have Oster beehive blender. I use Vita-Mix to pulverize/blend such as nut mylk, thick smoothies (such as Green and Gone Smoothie) and soups (such as butternut). I use Oster to blend delicate smoothies (such as blueberry smoothie) and s…
    in Vita-Mix?? Comment by dodile
  • I have an older model, over 10 years old, “Maxi-4000”, and it’s still robust and durable. I love it! Vita-Mix are really reliable and worth the price. Good luck!
    in Vita-Mix?? Comment by dodile
  • Same here, I noticed I’m less hungry and eat way less than before I started raw. I eat way more fruits and veggies than ever. And I love green smoothies.