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  • I LOVE BEETROOT!! I make a BEET ROOT cake that is so awesome!! Similar to carrot cake but has a more earthy taste and the color is great fun for the Halloween holiday! I call it Blood cake for the kids parties. Great with a vanillia bean icing or ev…
  • I have always felt that straight sunshine for 20 mins a day is the best!! Also do not wash with soap a small area or it washes off the effects,plain water is ok but leave a small area that was exposed to the sun with no soap! HTH Jodi
    in Tanning Comment by ladyfiremedic5
  • I understand !!!! AI went through a really bad spell of potatoes! I just tried to keep it as raw as possible in that I used olive oil instead of butter and sea salt and pepper. It only lasted about 2 weeks and I felt so bad that I stopped. Your body…
  • I would suggest trying Raw crackers or nuts ect. that could be shipped in a less expensive manner and last longer etc. HTH Jodi I live in the US or I'd offer to come help you.
  • I keep mine soaking in water in the refridge to help make the easy to slice!! HTH Jodi
    in beet root! Comment by ladyfiremedic5
  • It needs a sweetener. I like to mix mine 1/2 and 1/2 with raw cocoa and the raw carob and add plenty of sweetener. HTH Jodi
  • I had that issue and got nutritinal yeast to add to my food. It is basically B-12 and worked wonderfully not to mention it makes a GREAT cheese sauce as well as a coating for RAW popcorn!! YUMMY. HTH Jodi
  • I have that issue if something I am eating that I think is raw is not or is less raw than my body requires. When I first started out I was eating a brand( Eziekial)(SP?) of frozen sprouted bread and wraps... They would do this to me every time I had…
    in sore gums Comment by ladyfiremedic5
  • For me it has been when I am out to eat and need something that I can find like black olives on my salad instead of dressing. Or a baked potato with olive oil and sea salt and black pepper, or a baked sweet potato with raw honey and cinn,cloves. The…
  • Do a google or yahoo search for a raw family... the mans name is Storm and his wife is GINGEE Or Jingee Not sure on the spelling of her name. They have a lot of great info on raw with a family. If you feel you are using so many nuts to try to make r…
  • 12 organic valencia oranges squeezed into juice YUMMY! as well as 1/2 gallon sized bag of RAW Popcorn with cayenne pepper added as I like a lot of spice!! Thats it so far today, but I am planning on a smoothie of banana and strawberries mixed with r…
  • 2 glasses fresh squeezed OJ 1 banana walnut Cocoa shake 2 sliced tomatoes with sea salt and pepper 14 Peruvian black olives ,raw of course 1 pear 1 glass of water infused with lemongrass, lavender,thyme,and mint Jodi
  • I am in Tampa Florida. There are quite a few Raw Foodist here in Tampa/ St.Pete area. Nice to meet everyone. Kim
  • I am so glad this site is here!
  • Hi I am Kim and I did 3 days 100% Raw and than Lost it and did cooked food today… I will start again in the morning… I did this before for 2 years and don’t know why it is harder for me this time. Anyone else been there?