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  • hmmm never thought of slightly warming the bowl.. cool digg zoe.
    in Hot Avocados !! Comment by ardesmond2
  • Thanx everyone.. I can’t wait to try it this evening.. now with my luck I will get to the co-op and they will all be un-ripe.
    in Hot Avocados !! Comment by ardesmond2
  • i knew the freezer storage of nuts didnt sit well with me, sorry to hear this.
    in Storing Nuts Comment by ardesmond2
  • Yeah it really depends on your digestion system, I have broke all the food combining rules and yes sometimes you get the occasional gas, but really nothing horrible. I think i stopped believing in food combining when everyone told me not to eat anyt…
  • lol @ sue —-> ” I use so much of it on my face because it smells so good and I can’t stop myself, that it ends up getting in my eyes and everything goes blurry.” Me to. its funny how it makes you squint no matter how much you try to wipe it off..…
    in Coconut Oil Comment by ardesmond2
  • I won’t comment on what you said because honestly reading it I know exactly where you are coming from. Just know that this post does not go in vain. Sometimes I wish when I first went raw that someone would have told me to eat a cup of cooked quinoa…
    in Bored with raw Comment by ardesmond2
  • First time ever just tried a jonagold…. they have a really nice cherry taste to them a must try…...
    in Favorite Apple? Comment by ardesmond2
  • yeah my csa also drops me the small ones .. LOL and you are right they are so small before u know it there gone. These asian pears I speak of come from the local farmers market and yes they are huge. They come with individual fruit coozies to keep t…
    in Favorite Apple? Comment by ardesmond2
  • pink ladies are the best with pacific rose coming in second and nothing is wrong with granny smiths . i used to hate pears until i bought 7 dollars worth of organic asian pears and hot damn it taste like a pina colada but sweeter… warning they are e…
    in Favorite Apple? Comment by ardesmond2
  • hey welcome back man… can’t wait 2 c what you come up with…..
  • WoW sorry to hear this news, sending out good vibrations to you WATERBABY ((((((((PEACE)))))))))))
    in Waterbaby.. Comment by ardesmond2
  • I would think that drinking tea is fine as boiling water doesn’t kill anything because water has no enzymes. As for whether tea is cooked down or naturally dried is still up in the air but I think for yourself you have to draw the line somewhere. I …
    in Is tea ok? Comment by ardesmond2
  • We have plenty of salt water pools in georgia…..
  • I tend to think that freezing is a little different then cooking or steaming. Think of it this way they freeze human eggs/sperm and they are still able to implant those to make babies. So freezing can’t be that bad. Not really science I know but jus…
  • Just be careful not to eat a 1000 pounds of nuts.
  • pianissima so you were able to kick the wine habit….. lol u must have passed it on to me … I have been indulging lately
    in Raw Wine? Comment by ardesmond2
  • HYSSOP TEA is also a good remedy for this
  • its best to cut the sticker from your veggies then it is to peel it off, the residue nevers comes clean.
  • Damn 4 hours and still not soft… wow sound inedible for the raw foodist.
  • im with u trouble i do use agave in my tea in the mornings, dates I just got sick of them after awhile it seemed like everything had dates. Stevia tastes as bad as the name. So i guess with all the post we still are not to a good conclusion ..LOL
  • u have to love goneraw for post like this ….
    in For Thinkers! Comment by ardesmond2
  • loving this post …. bump….
    in For Thinkers! Comment by ardesmond2
  • I find the WHOLE FOODS here in Atlanta stock to be the worst ever most of the things look pretty but nutritionally wise all there fruit which most is not organic is half past dead. Sorry I haven’t shopped there in ages, I buy all of my food on Satur…
  • Yeah i have the urban rebounder we just leave it be in the middle of the sun room, the kids get a kick out of it. Its a great tool for the in home workout. Takes very little time and you can even do a high intensity run in place on it for a great wo…
  • all Nama shoyu has a cooked base, although it says its raw on the label.
  • omg I could spit and cuss right now…...
    in Corn Syrup Comment by ardesmond2
  • Dont’ forget about SLACKER.com .. Its a great radio station for people who love music you can go on and create your own stations to your liking.. ITs great.. I love the CHILL radio station on there its soothing but yet has enough beats and drums to …