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  • Happy Birthday!!!!!
  • That is great, I have wondered this myself many times.
  • They were great, Angie's advice is the perfect way to prepare them. I will definitely be ordering a case from Sea Tangle as soon as possible.
  • I have my first batch marinating in the juice of 1.5 lemons, a big pressed clove of garlic and a little sea salt ... they seem to be doing well. Can't wait to try them tonight, having them as a "pasta" under the raw caponata from this site.
  • I ordered 2 packages from Natural Zing yesterday and can’t wait to try them, they are actually due to arrive today. If I like them I will order directly from Sea Tangle to save money and split the order with a friend locally.
  • Thank you 1sweetpea, that is perfect information and helps me a great deal!
  • That’s the one thing that has me hesitating with buying a case … Space in the fridge!!!
  • Do the kelp noodles need to be refrigerated?
  • Thank you Kandace – all your hard work is truly appreciated.
  • I’m on LI and don’t get in to the city that regularly however I would love to be on your mailing list and if I can make it sometime I will ! 
    in NYC hang.... Comment by AKAAuburnEyes
  • Welcome Pet! GoneRaw is such a great supportive place – you are going to feel right at home here.
    in Hi! Comment by AKAAuburnEyes
  • I don’t have kids, so I cannot say this from my own personal experience, however I have a client who I recommended green smoothies to. She had recently had a baby and the weight wasn’t coming off quite as fast as she had hoped it would so I suggeste…
  • I stuff dates with cashew butter or raw tahini or raw almond butter. That does the trick.
  • I couldn’t find the lentil recipe on his blog, does anyone have a link to that recipe? The other recipes look amazing!
  • We have a green star juicer and are very happy with it. We can juice wheatgrass, all kinds of greens and vegetables and even fruits, though we don’t juice much fruit. Mainly apples with sweeten vegetable juices once in a while. The chute is not huge…
  • Hi KathyKath, I brought a post up to the top for you to see, here’s a link in the event you miss it http://www.goneraw.com/forums/4/topics/4483 it is an amazing post that gives information on all the raw restaurants. Have a great trip! My favorites …
  • Welcome from NY Sevensraw!
  • I don’t live in Canada (I am in NY) but I do order raw nuts, sundried tomatoes and raw carob from http://www.realrawfood.com/raw-food-products.htm and they are located in Canada. I have done so a few times and am very happy with their service and nu…
  • My favorite are sunflower greens, I start from a seed with the hull in a jar (soak overnight) then transfer to a sheet tray with an inch of soil and cover for 3 days, then let them grow watering as needed. They make GREAT salads or a great addition …
  • The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck is an excellent book, basically a compilation of her own studies reading and interviewing just about anything and anyone out there related to the raw food diet.
    in RAW BOOKS Comment by AKAAuburnEyes
  • After spending some time on the Cosmetics Database by EWG I went through our place with a fine toothed comb and got rid of anything and everything personal care and house hold that was toxic. Including all my great smelly perfumes. Whole Foods carri…
  • Thank you Zoe :) I requested it and am looking forward to receiving it.
  • Rebounding strengthens every cell of your body simultaneously. It provides a cellular stimulation that makes it a more efficient exercise (more benefits with less workload) than any other exercise offers.
  • Springfairy brings up a good point :) As with any type of new exercise it is important to start slow and gradually increase intensity and duration. Begin with bouncing only (no jumping), the feet don't even leave the mat of the trampoline. Reboundin…
  • Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) helps varicose veins. The changes are tremendous with regular use.
  • I feel the same way as you do about watermelon steamboatkatie. Last night it was dinner :) my husband and I split a whole midsized organic watermelon from Whole Foods. Incredible flavor! When I eat watermelon, I always eat it alone, and I make sure …
    in watermelon Comment by AKAAuburnEyes
  • Hi Andreas, Soak dried fruit (apricots, raisins, etc.) in 1 quart of water over night, drain and save the fruit for after your workout. Use the sweetened water for your workouts. Blend a banana in 2 quarts of water and use for your sports drink. I h…
  • This is great orgfoodaddict, thank you for the information.
  • I don’t have MSN messenger but I do have email AKAAuburnEyes@aol.com
  • I bought my juicer from www.discountjuicers.com and they have a host of articles on juicers. I don’t know how legitimate the information as they don’t list studies, however the reading certainly was interesting and it felt to me like it made sense. …