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  • today: 3 bananas/strawberries/cacao/e3live smoothie arugula salad with avo/pine nuts/tomatoes TerrAmazon cacao nibs and coconut snack (got these bags on sale for 3 bucks each at WF! Usually 7 each) Later, some fresh orange juice for a snack, and din…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by nycgrrl
  • FrUit!!!! a big banana smoothie with like 4-5 bananas, strawberries bluberries whatever you have...the best thing for me.
  • oh, and joanna-meant to say, I am not following 811 right now--i like olive oil too much right now and as I mentioned, I can get a bit obsessive about things so I am trying to find a balance that works for me. 811 is right for lots of people, partic…
  • hey bitt nice to see you again! Yea, in the winter, i found the lack of local fresh fruits to be really hard to take, and because of the hair loss I got worried. I think it might have been due to insufficient calories, as opposed to insufficiency of…
  • hey mimo! it was great to meet you, sorry i couldn’t get there early (and that i had to slip out early). my husband was kind enough to watch the kids at his office, but i really couldn’t impose on him for more than an hour and a half. how long did t…
  • ardesmond-nah, i am going to try and stick to 811 pretty much-not exactly, but close!
  • you’re welcome bitt-I love your new avatar! you’re so pretty!!
  • thanks everyone!!! I had been easing up on running, doing some elliptical and what not to spare my hips, but today I am inspired to go for a 5 mile run when hubby gets home from work (I have 2 young boys so it’s hard for me to find the time to run).…
  • i think you’re wrong, lulushka—it’s not a “pasta” like spaghetti, but it’s definitely not a grain… Just like whole wheat spaghetti is still a pasta, but made from whole grains. Here’s the wiki on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couscous I could be …
    in Cous Cous Comment by nycgrrl
  • couscous is simply a pasta—it is NOT a grain at all.
    in Cous Cous Comment by nycgrrl
  • LOL. NOthing like some trolls to get the juices flowing. You crack me up Rawvan. I know you’re not raw and your intention is to make waves, but still, you’re funny.
    in Raw raw raw! Comment by nycgrrl
  • no questions are stupid!! and it IS hard to change years and years of conditioning. I am sorry anyone here made you feel stupid or not commited. change takes time.
    in Raw raw raw! Comment by nycgrrl
  • hey ofek. I am an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist, trained for 4 years and know a lot about chinese medicine. As far as I know, Chinese Med never advocated a raw diet. It does not, in my perspective, support a raw diet. BUT. It helps to look at …
  • I do!! I love it there. I find the prices reasonable too, if you’re CAREFUL about what you buy and watch for sales. I got my cacao nibs two days ago there for 7 dollars for 8 oz, which isn’t bad at all. And the agave is cheap! Their fruit and veggie…
  • ugh, the reviews at HSN are not that great LOL…for the urban rebounder i mean.
  • thanks annabelle—that might be the one i go for!
  • okay, thanks all! i need one that folds up—does the urban rebounder fold up? Thanks! Oh, and I’ve been looking on craigslist, but so far, just the Urban Rebounder there.
  • I also found this one on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Stamina-InStride-38-Inch-... scares me cuz it’s so cheap, but it got good reviews… also there’s the ‘urban rebounder’ which is about 100 bucks.
  • Hey there waterbaby—i just found the alleyoop at http://www.jumpsport.com/pr-Trampolines-Rebound… it’s cheaper than the rest, but looks pretty good….Hope someone chimes in!
  • nycscraps @ gmail dot com just went to bonobos tonight yum!! we can make a yahoo group for everyone if you want. it’s easy.
  • I am going Karmyn and mimo!!! We should definitely meet up beforehand!
  • weekends are better for me, but restaurant-wise, maybe a weekday is better so it’s not so crowded (my guess is there will be a crowd of us LOL)..either way, I’m easy as long as I can get my husband to babysit.
  • hey canarsie-we’re in the east village alot. my husband works over there, and we have lots of friends there. we should all arrange a meetup at bonobos!!
  • sunfoods nutrition has great cashews.
    in Raw Nuts & Seeds Comment by nycgrrl
  • Man, it’s taken me until today to even begin to feel better from indulging in crap on Saturday. Today I had a big banana strawberry cacao smoothie for breakfast, a huge salad for lunch with romaine, tomatoes and a bit of oil, and for dinner I am goi…
  • well, let me just say FOOD HANGOVER today from my indiscretions yesterday. I feel tired and foggy, even though i slept much more than usual. i am craving a cup of coffee, and i can see where the vicious cycle would resume itself. I had a 4 banana sm…
  • today was a bad day—i had a day long craft meeting with about 50 other women,a nd while i brought stuff to eat, the food table was FULL of pasta salad, cookies, chips, sodas…blech. I ate a small amount of chips and a candy (!!) as well as some pasta…
  • today was a bad day—i had a day long craft meeting with about 50 other women,a nd while i brought stuff to eat, the food table was FULL of pasta salad, cookies, chips, sodas…blech. I ate a small amount of chips and a candy (!!) as well as some pasta…
  • sorry i haven’t been around-for some reason i haven’t been able to log on to goneraw for like a week. i will read all these posts and catch up! last night had a cooked vegan meal, but i could barely have more than a few bites, but i still feel bloat…
  • littlegems-i totally agree about flexibility. I have 2 boys, and if raw is going to be my lifestyle, i have to be able to accomodate my kids and their desire for healthy cooked foods. Last night, we went to possibly the best vegetarian korean restau…