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  • thank u. i read somewhere it’s a b vitamin thing. so many i should take a b12. i ate a high raw fat diat while prego and i decreased my fat by over 1/2 after birth, so many i should up those again. thanx
  • no i really wasnt able to eat much the first 3 months. but no worries, i tried to drink a smoothie here and there or a veggie juice. i usually threw it all up. but after that hump all was fine and my son came out perfectly healthy. It’ll pass 4 u. n…
  • i just finished a high raw pregnancy. i got very sick the first 3 months and vomited the whole time, but when i got to the second trimester i was fine. then the last two weeks of pregnancy i had digestion problem but that was due to him being presse…
  • Come into my dreams, Let me show you where i’ve been. It’s you and me i’ve seen, Let me tell u what i mean. In the deap blue sky, there were rainbows in the night. U and me could fly, and the ocean shines so bright.
  • thats neet. a few years ago i promoted for profuzion production, and they were putting on a earth dance but ….... we got busted :(
    in earth dance Comment by Tzefira
  • common people help me out ….
    in candida cleanse Comment by Tzefira
  • Breast Milk is still best, no matter what!
  • Mmm i love this chz. i make a kale salad with black olives, avocados and sun dried tomatoes. then i blend up a greek dressing, pour it over the kale salad then mix in some if this pate(chz) Mmm…. my fav right now :)
  • yea u do have to be raw for quite some time before jumping into quantum eating.
  • it’s about CRON ( calorie restriction with optimal nutrition). limiting your intake of food throughout the day. example the author she eats one meal at 6 am and then her lat meal at 2pm and maybe a piece of fruit in the middle or maybe not…. the boo…
  • i read that ,a very wonderful book, and make since. i havnt been able to do it, but my dad does it. he doesnt eat anything all day and then has dinner after work and maybe a little snack later that night, but he’s also been doing it for 3 years. But…
  • I love it! i use a shoe brush :) and i do it twice a day maybe more, if i feel dry during the day i’ll brush that spot of if i feel something popping up i’ll brush that spot too, after shower apply coconut oil….. Mmmm wonderful!
    in Dry Brushing? Comment by Tzefira
  • Step one, by David wolfe’s book “Eating for Beauty” wonderful book on foods that make you beautiful. My fav! Drink lots of fresh veggie juices, esp. cucumber juice, my skin glows so nice when im drinking fresh cucumbers in my juices. Also dry brush …
  • Congrads! Im excited for you, i just finish a raw pregnancy myself. I dont use chemicals on my baby. I use cloth diapers and cloth wipes with a mixture of : 1 T coconut oil, 1 T castile soap “light blue bottle” and 1 1/2 c water, and i sprinkle that…
  • So it took the young lady 3 hours to prepare her meal FOR THE DAY. Does anyone know how long it takes to make a pot of spagetti( homemade) ...... ALL DAY! 3 hours verse all day … Hmm…
  • oh yes, my goal is to breastfeed til he weans himself. And Yes this is my first :) and honestly i cant wait to do it again, natural child birth is so beautiful!
  • I might do that….. people need all the help they can get. I could only find two women that had info on raw pregnancy….. Good idea about the breastmilk!!!
  • I love Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe…. always go back to it for info. Green for life is my second fav :)
    in Favorite Raw Book Comment by Tzefira
  • When i’ve been 100% raw vegan for sometime, i start to feel weak and sick.. dunno why. I still feel good over all but i’ll start to feel as if there is something im not getting? So i’ll eat some raw fish… not all the time only when i feel i need it.…
  • i’ve been raw vegan this whole pregnancy, which my due date is the 10th of this month :) i havnt had any “prego” issues, no mood swings, pimples, constipation..ect. my ankles just now started swelling a little but i think thats b/c i’ve been craving…
  • I agree Cucumbers are amazing. I had a large amount of blackheads too and i started dry brushing my face (via- Tonya Vasta, great book!) twice a day and using coconut oil. I still have af ew that linger but over all there has been much improvement :…
    in blackheads!!! Comment by Tzefira
  • chriscarlton that sound ideal, ihope to get there one day :) I sleep on my side most o the time, but i’ve read it’s better to sleep on your back. Is that correct? if i get a futon for the floor, does it matter if i have hard wood floors or carpet…. …
    in Uncomfortable Comment by Tzefira
  • yea im really thinking of a futon mattress on the floor….. i found a all cotton one thats a nice price…. Yea it’s been a steady process to get to this point and now that im prego.. it’s just that much worst. Zoe… how thick is your futon mattress?
    in Uncomfortable Comment by Tzefira
  • I was thining of a firm futon matress on the floor… or has anyone heard of those hand made grass mats?
    in Uncomfortable Comment by Tzefira
  • Aww…. when i give in and have a crappy issue like that.. i drink a while lot of green juices to cleance my self out. That and the green juices make me feel better about myself. dont beat yourself up…... it happens. Like you said “lesson learned” :)
  • Yea i know what you mean there…. r u making your own? i get a couple of different ones and they dont have many globs…. My two fave….. Kombucha wonder drink.. Asian pear and ginger and High Country Kombu Cha
    in kombucha Comment by Tzefira
  • Yea i notice the same stuff when i started to eat a few cook items. Crazy isnt it.
  • I was doing some research on blue green algae.. and it seem as if it’s really really good for you, yet i came across alot of info against it…...
    in Green Superfoods? Comment by Tzefira
  • Mmm.. good ideas! keep me posted :)
    in Balsamic vinager Comment by Tzefira
  • I dont mind that it’s not raw.. i dont use it much, but finding out it’s made from grapes presents a problem for me. Does anyone know of a good substitute?
    in Balsamic vinager Comment by Tzefira